Golden Hammer Award

29 Apr 2007 01:30 pm


Gateway Pundit has the post of the weekend. His reader, Cornhusker came up with the idea of sending a postcard to all the surrendercrats who voted for the war surrender bill.

He wrote…

Here is my final idea! I think that mailing postcards will be more effective than sending feathers or e-mailing these idiots…BESIDES I am sick to death of them ignoring me! So I will snail-mail them postcards that others can see and that will put it right out front how we feel. A letter arrives in a sealed envelope which gets immediately thrown away or ignored. This we can send to all kinds of people in the media, on the internet…etc etc! Sound good?

By the way, if you look closely after the words “SURRENDER BILL” at the bottom of the postcard, you will see a worm. I can’t think of anything more appropriate to send to these people, can you?

This is the best idea. Sending a white feather alone to the surrendercrats might put the sender in jeopardy because of postal concerns in the recent past with envelopes of white powder mailed by cranks.

We don’t want to be listed in that odious category but we do want them to get our message.

A postcard with a white feather pictured on it will get the message across.

I’m going to order some postcards to send to all the politicians who voted for the shameful bill, in particular our states two democrat senators, Lincoln and Pryor.

Blanche Lincoln has always been a Hillary clone and Mark Pryor was elected on the premise that he was a conservative. Hogwash. Pryor is up for election in 0-8 and his vote of shame will not be forgotten by those of us in Arkansas who support the troops.

Many Arkansans are in Iraq right now, fighting for our country while their senators and representatives have been voting against their victory. Readers who don’t know the history of the sending of white feathers to cowards can go here to read about it.

Cafe Press is selling a package of eight postcards for $6.95.

I suggested sending white feathers to our white knuckled, round heeled politicians, both Democrat and Republican back on January 26th. This is an idea whose time has come.


I would even like to see some Minnie Pearl-like hats, decorated with white feathers and the ubiquitous price tag that reads “$1.98″ hanging off the side, sent to the defeatocrats.

This, of course, means no disrespect to the immortal Minnie Pearl. I saw her perform live when I was a kid and there is not another more authentic, unique and funny female comic living today.

Gateway Pundit has posted an address list for your White Feather postcards.

Michelle Malkin has more.

Lorie Byrd also endorses the campaign.

Jules Crittenden documents the March of the Morons. A Golden Hammer award to the great Jules.

We live in a time of great moronitude. Morons, everywhere, rising from their morasses, massing and moving forward. In their multitudes, the morons march inexorably to the moronocy. The road is not easy. Some will fall by the way. Others, struggling moronically, will rise to blithering new heights of moronality.

11 Jul 2006 01:06 pm

Kim at Musing Minds posts about an incident that happened on Fox News on June 30th that has her wondering about the Republican pundit, former congressman, John Leboutillier.

Leboutillier, not his counterpart, Democrat strategist, Kirsten Powers had this to say when questioned about whether the Geneva Convention should be applied to the detainees at Gitmo……

Well Mike, you know, my view on it is, I think we all believe in a system of how to charge criminals - and these are criminals. And there’s something un-American about taking people, not trying them and just locking them up wherever. Now the worry I have is - next week, next month, next year - what if some American soldiers are taken - by some terrorist group - or some country - and they don’t charge them, they don’t give them back, they just say. “Ah, we’re keeping them for as long as we want.” We have lost our ability to say, “you’re wrong for doing this.”

Criminals kill, steal, embezzle and rape for their own sick, stupid reasons, Mr. Leboutillier. They sometimes run for congress and are elected Senators from Massachusetts or New York.

Terrorists are different. They steal, kill and destroy out of a fanatical loyalty to a belief or cause. The detainees at Gitmo are dangerous, evil terrorists who cannot be rehabilitated and in most cases are not even wanted back in their home countries.

Then there’s the New York Times. There’s no doubt that with their leaks they’ve helped the terrorists so this news organization straddles the abyss between criminal and terrorist. How does Bill Keller sleep at night? Dennis Lormel at the Counterterrorism Blog explains why Keller’s nights ought to be filled with nightmares.

Austin Bay expands on the nightmarish quality of the terrorists who are benefitting from the editors of the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times’ careless disregard of our national security.

We need fierce and swift responses to terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bombay, India, or wherever evil acts of terror are perpetrated.

I’m hoping Mr. Leboutillier was just having a bad day, or indigestion or was afraid that Mz. Powers was going to hurt him and (please God) not thinking of running for congress again. We don’t need that kind of thinking in the halls of congress.

Terrorists don’t respect nice. Osama bin Laden witnessed Bill Clinton’s withdrawal from Somalia and saw a paper tiger. Islamic Jihadists don’t even think in modern western terms but medieval ways. Ralph Peters understands this and has a very strong piece recommending that we kill the terrorists on the battlefield.

Ravaged societies crave and need strict order. Soft policies may appear to work in the short term, but they fail overwhelmingly in the longer term. Wherever we’ve tried sweetness and light in Iraq, it has only worked as long as our troops were present - after which the terrorists returned and slaughtered the beneficiaries of our good intentions. If you wish to defend the many, you must be willing to kill the few.

For now, we’re stuck with a situation in which the hardcore terrorists in Guantanamo are “innocent victims” even to our fair-weather allies. In Iraq, our troops capture bomb-makers only to learn they’ve been dumped back on the block.

It is not humane to spare fanatical murderers. It is not humane to play into our enemy’s hands. And it is not humane to endanger our troops out of political correctness.

Instead of worrying over trumped-up atrocities in Iraq (the media give credence to any claim made by terrorists), we should stop apologizing and take a stand. That means firm rules for the battlefield, not Gumby-speak intended to please critics who’ll never be satisfied by anything America does.

The ultimate act of humanity in the War on Terror is to win. To do so, we must kill our enemies wherever we encounter them. He who commits an act of terror forfeits every right he once possessed.

I daresay that most of the military in Iraq would also agree.

A Golden Hammer Award to Kim at Musing Minds and to Ralph Peters.

22 May 2006 08:41 pm

The Anchoress has a must read. I haven’t awarded a Golden Hammer Award in a while but now it’s time. See for yourself. Here is a sample………

I think the throwing-under-the-bus-of-George-W-Bush by “the base” is one of the most shameful things I have ever witnessed in all my years of watching politics, from both sides of the political spectrum.

There is so much more so get over there.

31 Mar 2006 01:22 am


Two Gulf War Vets, One West Point grad and now Captain in the Arkansas National Guard and One Marine are four examples of the kind of men our nation produces. Two of them are deploying to Iraq.

I’ve been sort of off my feed lately of Peggy Noonan articles but she provides plenty of intellectual nourishment in the following piece…….

We fought a war to free slaves. We sent millions of white men to battle and destroyed a portion of our nation to free millions of black men. What kind of nation does this? We went to Europe, fought, died and won, and then taxed ourselves to save our enemies with the Marshall Plan. What kind of nation does this? Soviet communism stalked the world and we were the ones who steeled ourselves and taxed ourselves to stop it. Again: What kind of nation does this?

Only a very great one. Maybe the greatest of all.

Do we teach our immigrants that this is what they’re joining? That this is the tradition they will now continue, and uphold?

Do we, today, act as if this is such a special place? No, not always, not even often. American exceptionalism is so yesterday. We don’t want to be impolite. We don’t want to offend. We don’t want to seem narrow. In the age of globalism, honest patriotism seems like a faux pas.

And yet what is true of people is probably true of nations: if you don’t have a well-grounded respect for yourself, you won’t long sustain a well-grounded respect for others.

UPDATE: I will be adding more posts today bolstering Peggy’s contention that our nation is exceptional and other posts about why our kids are not learning about our great history in school.

Here’s a post that in its own way explains why our nation is a great one.

Hat tip: Wittingshire

23 Mar 2006 03:05 pm

Lorie Byrd has a brilliant piece today about the negative reporting in Iraq and the media’s attempt to get the troops to SAY SOMETHING BAD. As long as it’s negative the media will report it and in some cases the media and their polling outfits are push-polling to get the answers they want.

The fact of the matter is that the American Military have been striving for three plus years in Iraq and making an impact of historical proportions but watch NBC News and what do you get? David Gregory and his ilk. The same goes for all the rest of the antique media unfortunately.

Now Drudge has an email from an ABC executive who says that the president makes him sick.

The media have connected the American military with the Commander in Chief in their crazed effort to hurt the president ever since 911. Christopher Hitchens revealed on Hugh Hewitt last night that one senior executive on a network is beginning to have misgivings about that approach in their coverage of the war. He’s noticing that our enemy is taking heart from the negative coverage.

That’s the first time I’ve heard of anyone in the antique media having doubts about their coverage and this person didn’t even had the guts to do anything more than whisper it to Chris Hitchens.

If the left really wanted to know what the American military in Iraq think like Laura Ingraham said so pointedly on The Today Show they would get off the balconies and go out amongst the troops like she did.

Lorie Byrd hits this newest antique media attempt with the golden hammer of truth.

A strange thing has been happening on the Left over the past few months. For the first time in my memory, there seems to be a desire of those on the Left, and those in the media, to let the public know how the troops feel about an ongoing military operation. Now that many of our soldiers and Marines in Iraq are serving their second and third tours there, have been away from their families for many months, and some have even watched their buddies die, the Left and the media want to know what they think and how they feel. Well, isn’t that thoughtful of them?

She concludes…..

So instead of the media worrying about the troops’ feelings, and trying to determine them through polls, many of which are questionable due to the wording of the questions and the logistics of finding representative samples in a war zone, maybe they could just concentrate on honestly reporting the words and actions of the troops in the field. If they did that, the public would at least have enough accurate information to form a fair assessment. Until that happens, I will be reading the milblogs.

05 Mar 2006 12:03 pm

I haven’t read anything recently that really hits the hammer squarely on top of the MSM’s hopes of civil war in Iraq but this Mark Steyn piece does. In ‘Long war’ is breaking down into tedium Steyn writes of Patriot Act mythology, “media doom-mongering”, the fiction that the House of Saud is an ally in the War on Terror and “weathervane pols” denouncing the Ports deal with Dubai. Here are some choice nuggets…

Any day now, my little girl will wake up, look under the pillow and find a note from the Tooth Fairy explaining that before processing of financial remuneration for said tooth can commence, the Patriot Act requires the petitioning child to supply a federal taxpayer identification number and computer-readable photo card with retinal scan.

The press have been insisting Iraq is teetering on the brink of civil war for three years and yet, despite the urgings of CNN and the BBC, those layabout Iraqis stubbornly refuse to get on with it. They’re happy to teeter for another three years, no matter how many “experts” stamp their foot and pout their lips and say “I want my civil war now.” The New York Times ran a headline after the big bombing: “More Clashes Shake Iraq; Political Talks Are In Ruins.” The “political talks” resumed the day after publication. The “ruins” were rebuilt after 48 hours.

And, on the ports deal with Dubai, a number of other commentators I respect plus a stampede of largely ignorant weathervane pols have denounced the administration for endangering American security on the eastern seaboard. I can’t see that: The only change is that instead of being American stevedores employed by a British company they’ll now be American stevedores employed by a United Arab Emirates company.

However, I think we should do that as a conscious policy decision, rather than as reflex piecemeal oppositionism. What Democrats seem to be doing with Dubai Ports World, whether they realize it or not, is tapping in to a general public skepticism (to put it politely) about the entire Muslim world. In that sense, the ports deal is the American equivalent of the Danish cartoon jihad: increasing numbers of Europeans — if not yet their political class — are fed up with switching on the TV and seeing Muslim men jumping up and down and threatening death followed by commentators patiently explaining that the “vast majority” of Muslims are, of course, impeccably “moderate.” So what? There were millions of “moderate” Germans in the 1930s, and a fat lot of good they did us or them

The winner of the Golden Hammer Award goes to…….Mark Steyn!

UPDATE: I have to give the Golden Hammer 1st Runner-up Award to Ralph Peters who writes this today in the New York Post ……

“They’ve staked their reputations on Iraq’s failure.” in an article titled Dude Where’s My Civil War. Hat tip: Instapundit

09 Jan 2006 07:56 pm

One New Years resolution I resolve to keep this year is reading more Paul Greenberg. I was reminded of his wonderful New Years Day column when I was reading sisu and she mentioned his encyclopedic knowledge of the Clintons. (having been the editor of the primary newspaper in the city where Clinton ruled for twelve years in Arkansas.)

There is so much more to Paul Greenberg than his gimlet eye, sharp wit and erudition on all things Clinton.

Read him and you will see.

04 Jan 2006 02:25 pm

Mark Steyn explores Western Civilization’s lack of confidence in this critically important article….. Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for linking this essential read.

A Must Read.

It’s the Demography, Stupid

The real reason the West is in danger of extinction.

Steyn warns readers that what he has written takes a strong stomach to digest. It’s important to read this article because his points are so chillingly veracious.

Most people reading this have strong stomachs, so let me lay it out as baldly as I can: Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive this century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most Western European countries.

There’ll probably still be a geographical area on the map marked as Italy or the Netherlands–probably–just as in Istanbul there’s still a building called St. Sophia’s Cathedral. But it’s not a cathedral; it’s merely a designation for a piece of real estate. Likewise, Italy and the Netherlands will merely be designations for real estate.

The challenge for those who reckon Western civilization is on balance better than the alternatives is to figure out a way to save at least some parts of the West.

This is a chilling bit of thought but having actually lived in Europe in the past five years and experienced the changes in its population I am compelled to recognize the truth of the matter. It is almost a reverse, subliminal crusade. We were stationed in Germany twenty five years ago and the changes in the population in the year 2000 (our second tour in Germany) were striking. A simple (but anecdotal) example is this……When we called the engineers on our Army post to send us plumbers to fix the flooding basement Lebanese plumbers arrived, not German.

London was full of people from India when we visited in 1978…… when we returned in 2000 many Londoners were from northern Africa. We noticed the same thing when we visited France. The hoteliers were not French but Algerian. On the way to a little village in Alsace in 2001 we made a bathroom stop and the place just outside of Strasbourg was a Muslim swimclub. I found it odd at the time but this was just months before 911 and I didn’t give it much thought.

The radically changing Demographics in Europe are what Steyn has addressed……. not Radical Islam, although it is the bullet that is placed in the gun. Muslims have a great track record of sticking to their centuries old hatred of and opposition to….. Israel, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians…etc. In other words, Radical Islamists haven’t had a change of heart for centuries…… they continue in their Jihads. They immigrate to the western world. And they reproduce. Much more than Westerners. There is nothing wrong with immigration, or reproduction for any population except that this particular group doesn’t assimilate or embrace Western values. As the riots in France have demonstrated, the rage against the culture of France carries with it demands from some of the Muslims to be allowed their own kind of government. Sharia.

Yet while Islamism is the enemy, it’s not what this thing’s about. Radical Islam is an opportunistic infection, like AIDS: It’s not the HIV that kills you, it’s the pneumonia you get when your body’s too weak to fight it off. When the jihadists engage with the U.S. military, they lose–as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. If this were like World War I with those fellows in one trench and us in ours facing them over some boggy piece of terrain, it would be over very quickly. Which the smarter Islamists have figured out. They know they can never win on the battlefield, but they figure there’s an excellent chance they can drag things out until Western civilization collapses in on itself and Islam inherits by default.

Steyn addresses the Wests lack of civilizational confidence and how it has been chipped away by liberal agendas in education and government.

That’s what the war’s about: our lack of civilizational confidence. As a famous Arnold Toynbee quote puts it: “Civilizations die from suicide, not murder”–as can be seen throughout much of “the Western world” right now. The progressive agenda–lavish social welfare, abortion, secularism, multiculturalism–is collectively the real suicide bomb. Take multiculturalism.

Please……take multiculturalism. It’s almost a dirty word to many teachers and eyes are rolled with dread at the hearing of it, because most have endured multiple multicultural workshops. These workshops are promoted in public schools using varied descriptions and terms but the bottom line is to “instruct” teachers not to be judgmental of other cultures no matter how self destructive, not to mention Christianity, to be careful about teaching about the Civil War because it could be considered too devisive ( a teacher friend of mine was actually counseled by her principal) and most importantly……never, never, ever attempt to engender pride in or love of country.

This has resulted in many teachers throwing up their hands in frustration and leaving the profession. And another generation of children grow up learning nothing about the great things that have been accomplished in the Western World.

We are left with educators more concerned with how many breaks the Union has been able to obtain for them during contract negotiations. These educators gripe about No Child Left Behind constantly but just try mentioning what happens to teachers of girls in Islamic societies and see the reaction.

Steyn writes that multiculturalism turns out to be the best friend of Radical Islam and its destructive culture. Since we are programed to be non-judmental we can’t judge the Mohammed Attas of the world….. after all they have their own grievances against our imperialistic, capitalistic, culture.

Another intersection with Radical Islam is called to mind…. progressives push for social change with the gay marriage agenda….and they’re getting results…..recently a man in The Netherlands married two women who are bi-sexual. Feminists may cheer but this doesn’t impower women…. it debases them. It puts the formerly Western culture in touch with the Mullah and his two, three, or four wives.

There is much more to this Steyn piece but I will just stop here with this stark, Steynian quote which should make us all want to stand up and take the culture back. Not with an angry Pat Buchanan scowl but with the realization that if we don’t we will be one day naming our children Mohammed…..but that’s really judgmental of me. So I will leave it to Mark Steyn’s profundity.

Well, here’s my prediction for 2032: unless we change our ways the world faces a future . . . where the environment will look pretty darn good. If you’re a tree or a rock, you’ll be living in clover. It’s the Italians and the Swedes who’ll be facing extinction and the loss of their natural habitat.

Welcome Hugh Hewitt readers. Hugh has links to many others commenting on Steyn’s piece. All very thoughtful and interesting. Read them. And read Steyn’s complete piece. And thanks for visiting.

14 Dec 2005 04:35 am

Some of my favorite quotes by people of valor. Paul Greenberg, (in my opinion a great writer) has them……….

22 Nov 2005 09:38 pm

Michelle Malkin in a quiet and simple way writes about an art project that her daughter did at school that made her think about who she is thankful for this year. She is thankful for our troops and is remembering those heroes who have sacrificed so much for us. Go read it.

“So, what did you do in school today?” It’s the question I greet my daughter with every afternoon after she returns home from kindergarten. Usually, she recycles three jaded answers delivered with 5-going-on-16-year-old aplomb: “I don’t remember,” “I did the monkey bars,” and “I drank chocolate milk.”

This week was different. She came home yesterday bubbling about a new holiday art project: The Thankful Tree. “You trace your hands and cut them out and then you write what you’re thankful for on the hands,” my enthused daughter explained, “and then you paste them onto a paper tree!” She eagerly recited her thankful list from memory: “Friends. Food. My fish, Rainbow. And my little brother.” (Yes, in that order.)

This morning before leaving for school, my daughter decided we should make our own Thankful Tree at home and left me this question to ponder: “What are you thankful for, Mommy?”

Staring at my construction-paper hand, here’s what I have written in the palm: Our Troops. And in the five fingers, I’ve written these names of heroes who we’ll honor this Thanksgiving: