Pork Busters

21 Feb 2009 02:59 pm


Miss Katydid and her dolls, Wimples and Lumley and other friends are having a tea party. Miss Katydid is my daughter Kate, who, along with her brother, Drew and sister, Charlotte, inspired lots of artistic output from me in their childhood lives. Their unique outlooks on life and funny comments gave me all the entertainment I ever needed. What is wrong with parents today who have to have their cable television and ipods and Wii’s and all that other stuff? If they would just take the time to sit down and interview their children they would find a universe of wonder.


My brother trying to spoil my tea party

There was always a tea party in me. Perhaps it is genetic. My maternal (and some paternal) ancestors were from New England and were Revolutionaries. My direct ancestor, Ebenezer Whitmarsh built a house in what is now Whitman, Massachusetts in 1714 on ten acres of land (in what was then the wilderness) he had purchased for ten pounds of hard coin. Apparently he was a good builder because the house is still standing. It was up for sale last summer.

Our ancestors contributed to the growth and the goodness of this nation. The Whitmarshes, Haydens, Adams and Faxons were from Braintree, Massachusetts and the Rands hailed from Charleston, Massachusetts. In fact, Nehemiah Rand was a minister and a hatter and owned a part of Bunker Hill but after the British burned Charleston he and his family moved to Lyndeborough, New Hampshire permanently.

Having to flee the city didn’t mean they didn’t fight. Charles Whitmarsh, my direct great something grandfather took off to fight in the Revolutionary War at the age of sixteen and so did my great something grandfathers Benjamin Wright and John Wright. So did Mathew Payne and Josiah Payne. And it came down to taxation without representation. After all the blood, sweat and tears given to the building up of the nation the citizens weren’t willing to let a King from across an ocean send his army to terrorize the people and confiscate the goods the people had worked so hard to produce.

That brings us down to this very day and that so and so in the Oval Office who has in just one month brought such despicable change.

This is what Barack Obama intends to do with the hard working citizens of this country in this day and age. Barack Obama wants to mortage the future of our children and grandchildren, keeping them as renters, unable to take ten pounds of hard coin to build a house as my ancestor, Ebenezer Whitmarsh did and leave it to their children as he did. Why Obama wants to do this, we can only surmise, but stop him, we can, if we join together.

Apparently the American people have had it with the so-called hope and change Obama’s been forcing on the tax-paying, bill-paying producers in this country.

Sissy Willis writes about Rick Santelli, a CNBC host who roused the week with his revolutionary comments about Obama’s distributionist mortgage bailout plan: “Y’know, Cuba used to have mansions and a relatively decent economy. They moved from the individual to the collective. Now they’re driving ‘54 Chevys, maybe the last great car to come out of Detroit,”

Pajamas Media’s Roger Simon asks, Will there be a ‘Chicago Tea Party’?

Wanna Have a Tea Party?

I know I do.

We will have to be doing this while the MSM will be scrubbing the news for Obama, not something the Revolutionaries of Old had to deal with so much or did they?

30 Aug 2006 08:00 am

According to my own hometown newspaper,(buried pretty deep in the article) Ted Stevens is the unknown senator blocking Tom Colburns Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act.

Still, those senators have ways to stymie things. One of the senators most criticized for his personal projects, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has a hold of his own on Coburn’s bill to make public the spending patterns of the government. Called the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, the legislation calls for the creation of a database open to the public where citizens can track government spending.

“He’s the only senator blocking it,” Coburn said of Stevens.

Coburn and Stevens sparred earlier this year when Coburn attempted to block the so-called “bridge to nowhere,” a transportation project in Alaska to build a bridge that less then 60 people a day would use that would have received $223 million from the federal government.

Coburn said the purpose of the transparency act is to open up government so citizens can hold officials accountable.

“What we need is transparency and sunshine,” Coburn said.

Stevens is the stinking porker. He’s a Republican!

Hat tip: TPMmuckraker.com

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Pork tastes best served with potatoes and eggs, not with bridges to nowhere…..