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09 Sep 2010 11:29 pm


Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been very outspoken since the beginning of the Obama administration, defending against the Obama administration’s attacks on the Bush administration’s conduct of the War against Islamic terrorists.

More power to him. While the phony search has gone on since January 20th, 2009 by the media for a new and approved-by-the-media Republican Leader, ( one preferably like Colin Powell) Vice President Cheney has bravely stood against the media and the lefts’ political onslaughts, offering wise commentary and criticism of the Obama administration.

Throughout the eight years of the Bush administration, Dick Cheney, was dauntless in his stand against the left’s criticisms of all things Bush. He was treated by the media and the left as if he were the dark and evil Lord Sauron when in reality, all along, Dick Cheney was the wise and cool head.

In short, Dick Cheney is Gandalf the Grey. Dick Cheney has always demonstrated wisdom and insight, from his tenure as Secretary of Defense under the first Bush administration to his role as Vice President in the Bush administration.

Some may have expected him to quietly retire to fishing in Wyoming when the Obama regime came in. I, for one, am glad he didn’t take the easier road. Vice President Cheney understands the stakes our nation faces.

We haven’t heard from him in a while, as he has been recovering from heart surgery. I look forward to his return and pray for his health.


05 Sep 2010 11:18 pm


This was the Frisco Train my great grandfather drove back when he was an engineer.

In this post I compare the nations’ electorate to a fifteen year old girl.

When I was a young teenager I spent a lot of time at the baseball fields. My brother played baseball and my Dad played fast-pitch softball. Our family was at the ballparks all summer long. That was convenient for me because I had a crush on a baseball player who played on one of my brother’s opposing teams. One summer night when I was fifteen my brother’s team was playing against my crush’s team. Several of my friends had come to the game with me. We were going between the ballparks to see the games. My Dad was also playing and the fast-pitch ball field was located at the end of the ballpark. Running through the ball fields was a train track which separated the field my brother was playing on from all the others.

The train was required to only go fifteen miles per hour through the ballparks and it was also required to blow its horn as a warning.

I’ve always loved trains, my great grandfather was an engineer for Frisco and always had a special whistle for my great grandmother to let her know when he was back in town. Hanging on the wall in my great grandparents bedroom was a certificate given to my great grandfather from the late President Truman and my great grandmother told me that it was awarded to my great grandfather because he had been the engineer who drove President Truman on his Whistle Stop tour.

When my siblings and I were little one of our biggest thrills was getting to ride on the miniature steam engine in Creekmore Park.

Hearing all the lore from my great grandmother and listening to the whistle of the train late at night in the summer when our windows were open made trains a fascinating and exotic mode of transportation for me.

So this particular night when I was fifteen I was watching my brother’s ballgame with my friends and I decided to go back to my Dad’s game to see how things were going. As my friends and I were climbing up the hill to the track I heard a cheer and turned around to see what was happening at my brother’s game. Apparently, I stopped right on the train track because all of a sudden there was a light in my face, stunning me. I couldn’t move. My friends had gone on across the track and must not have seen me standing there on the track with a train bearing down on me.

It happened pretty fast although to me it seemed to go on for quite some time. I don’t remember breathing or even thinking. Mind you, I was a very responsible young lady. I was the oldest child in my family and I felt a deep responsibility for my younger siblings. I was an in demand babysitter and yet, there I was, standing in the middle of a train track with a train heading right at me.

I couldn’t move.

Thankfully, the train stopped a few feet away from me. The engineer got off the train to check to see if I was okay.

I was okay. I looked down at the ball field and the game had stopped and everyone was looking at me.


I remember feeling relieved but very embarrassed. I never wanted the spotlight and there it was shining on me, simply because I was not paying attention to what I was doing. I had been too distracted by boys and friends and baseball. I was very lucky I was not killed.

Is that how Obama slipped into the White House?

Were Americans so busy with their lives that they only heard Obama’s message of Hope and Change subliminally? Could it be possible that working Americans, distracted with their busy lives and jobs depended on the news media to inform them about the Senator from Illinois and when nothing surfaced that made them change their minds the nations’ electorate made the easier choice, the media approved selection. That way, 52% of America’s voters could do something historical, and popular and feel good about themselves, thereby ignoring the rumble in the distance.

Many of us were alarmed by the man who revealed nothing about himself during the Presidential campaign and we tried to warn America, but to no avail.

I’m no longer a teenager and I react when I see danger coming my way so I will just say it like this:

America, a train has been blazing down the track against all things American’s treasure since January 20th, 2009. The engineer is Barack Obama, the conductors: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Will Americans keep standing on the track looking transfixed at the light or will they get off the track and do what they can to derail the devastation that has been wrought on our economy, our national security, and our standing in the world?

I’ve been hearing the rumble underfoot for months now.

08 Nov 2009 02:02 pm


Photos by Rachel Rodemann · Times Record
A statue of the Greek goddess Hebe, goddess of youth and happiness, is backlit by sun streaming through yellow leaves in front of the Crawford County Courthouse in Van Buren.

Autumn continues in its beauty despite all the ugliness in the world.

The murderous rampage at Fort Hood this past Thursday, committed by an Islamist Army officer who had made his hatred of our country quite apparent, is a stark reminder that we have enemies in our midst who take advantage of the freedom and opportunities our country offers in order to plan and carry out their jihadist attacks.

The response by the media and the political elite to the horrific terror attack on our nations Best class of American was unfortunately, quite predictable.

President Obama, who quickly jumped to conclusions when his friend, Henry Louis Gates was arrested by a white law officer, instructed his shocked fellow Americans to not jump to conclusions about the killing and the killer.

Jules Crittendon suggests that purple hearts should be awarded to the dead and wounded at Fort Hood because they were attacked by a a traitor who should be charged with desertion, treason and terrorism charges. (as well as murder)

Is any of the above very likely to be offically recognized? No. No matter what is learned about his motivation, in all likelihood he will be treated as a murder defendant in either a civilian or a military court … possibly with an insanity or bullying defense such as we’re already seeing explored on his behalf … rather than as a committed jihadi, an unlawful combatant, a terrorist, a deserter who aided and abetted the enemy, and a traitor who took up arms against his nation. It’s a push Republican lawmakers and those Democrats who agree could take up, that would command a lot of public support. Politicization of justice? Tell me that hasn’t happened already in this country. I’d call it a simple demand for justice. We owe it to the dead and the wounded to acknowledge why and under what circumstances they died and bled.

Kevin McCullough at writes about Obama’s apathetic response to the terror at Fort Hood.

In his remarks President Obama called for everyone to remain calm and to not jump to conclusions about the cause, rationale, and motivation behind the shooting incident.

Evidently what President Obama meant was for the average American to disengage their mind from the truth his lying eyes and ears easily showed them.

Within the hour Stephen Hayes reported on “the panel” on Fox News’ Special Report that sources inside the Obama administration’s FBI leadership had confirmed that the investigation was not to be giving any discussion to the possible merits of connecting the shooting at Ft. Hood to terrorism.


The news media immediately sought out the relatives of Major Nidal Malik Hasan to get their response and it was typical. Hasan was a gentle soul said his cousin. He had been harrassed by his fellow soldiers said his aunt.

Hence, the template: America is to blame. We can’t be trusted to come to our own conclusions.

The New York Times followed the template like a ballet dancer practicing her choreography.

Soldiers are violent and the violence they commit in the name of their country can cause their minds to snap. So says Erica Goode of the New York Times.

There is no evidence of terror says the Times.

None at all. Just a shortage of therapists, saith the shriveled old gray lady.

Evan Thomas didn’t express his outrage over the domestic terrorism at Fort Hood, instead he was more concerned that the killer is a Muslim and the right wing will be inflamed.

CAIR brought up the rear.

On Thursday night, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad told a news conference the alleged Fort Hood attacker’s motive remained unknown.

“We urge all Americans to remain calm in reaction to this tragic event and to demonstrate once again what is best about America — our nation’s ability to remain unified even in times of crisis,” Awad said. “We urge national political and religious leaders and media professionals to set a tone of calm and unity.

“Unfortunately, based on past experience, we also urge American Muslims, and those who may be perceived to be Muslim, to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves, their families and their religious institutions from possible backlash.” (Rantburg)

J.R. Dunn at the American Thinker explains the role the left has played in our war on terror.

Here is an excerpt:

We know where it led to. We have reached the point where successful programs are being abandoned, where national defense has taken a back seat, and where decent men out to protect their homes and fellow citizens are being targeted for legal sanction. The left has gained a shoddy and partial triumph. Though they could not destroy the despised Bush administration or throw away Iraq, they have the consolation prize of shutting down all those evil programs and betraying the people of Afghanistan. No fall of Saigon or Watergate this time around, but they’ll make do.

Michelle Malkin asks, “Why do we have to read British papers to get Ft. Hood jihadist news?!”

How odd that the U.S. military and the lame stream media haven’t picked up on this very telling fact.

Report: Hasan attended same radical mosque as 9/11 hijackers;

Yet another British publication tells us what the American media will not.

Except Fox.

Sadly, there hasn’t been much news coverage of those killed and injured at Fort Hood. The names were just released by the Department of Defense yesterday but Fox News has a piece on the Americans who were killed.

Crickets chirp at MSNBC.

Nothing here either.

If you look really hard you can find the list at ABC.

Ditto, CBS.

Fort Hood’s Deceased

The fatal victims of the Ft. Hood shooting, as released by the Department of Defense on Saturday

* 1. Lt. Col. Juanita Warman, 55, Havre de Grace, MD
* 2. Maj. Libardo Caraveo, 52, Woodbridge, VA
* 3. Cpt. John P. Gaffaney, 54, San Diego, CA
* 4. Cpt. Russell Seager, 41, Racine, WI
* 5. Staff Sgt. Justin Decrow, 32, Plymouth, IN
* 6. Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, Kiel, WI
* 7. Spc. Jason Hunt, 22, Tillman, OK
* 8. Spc. Frederick Greene, 29, Mountain City, TN
* 9. PFC Aaron Nemelka, 19, West Jordan, UT
* 10. PFC Michael Pearson, 22, Bolingbrook, IL
* 11. PFC Kham Xiong, 23, St. Paul, MN
* 12. Pvt. Francheska Velez, 21, Chicago, IL
* 13. Michael G. Cahill, Cameron, TX [civilian]

Associated Press list of victims.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the soldiers and families of the dead and the wounded.

11 Sep 2009 12:13 pm

I awakened in the early hours this morning from a bad dream. Tears filled my eyes in that dark hour as I recalled the dream. It was full of grief and confusion and I found myself thinking of loved ones who have died recently. But as I was thinking of these greatly missed souls the thought came to me…today is September 11th.

A grief embedded deeply inside American hearts will never die as long as there are still threats of an attack from our enemies, Islamic terrorists. We have seen justice done through the war on terror and the war in Iraq, however.. Some 24,000 Islamic terrorists were killed in Iraq during the past eight years. Had they not been taken out there in Iraq would not many of them be here in our own land?

As I remembered that day, eight years ago, the dream quickly faded from my memory. I couldn’t recall the details at all but that is a blessing. But some nightmares need to be remembered clearly and the day the terrorists killed three thousand Americans is one such day.

So many people seem to have forgotten. That has to be the reason why the American electorate voted Barrack Obama into office. Obama made it clear throughout his short career as a senator that he did not support our war on terror and his many acts as president reveals him to be a weak horse, a paper tiger, a man who is afraid to confront our enemies. One of his first acts as president was to send the bust of Winston Churchill back to England. Apparently the great lion of Britain was no longer welcome in the White House.

Last night the most political of all presidents, Barrack Obama, proclaimed today, September 11th, 2009 as a day of service and remembrance.

Volunteerism has nothing to do with this day. Americans were busy going to work on that beautiful blue sky Tuesday eight years ago. We were at war with no country but the attack, an act of war, woke us up for a time.

Now America seems to be dozing during the days of the sandman, Obama. The nightmare still exists, however, and it lies in wait. Evil acts against our country may be in the planning stages as the president hems and haws. One day we may be able to sleep safely in our land with no thought or fear of the enemies inside and outside our broken down gates.

But now is no time for sleeping or dreaming. We need to remember September 11th, 2001 in all of its grief, confusion, agony and unity. The truth is a stronger bulwark for our nations future and for our national security.

08 May 2009 01:59 pm


For the past forty years feminists have urged women to run for office because “Women are more honest, have more common sense, and empathy.” Another unspoken but obvious implication was that the softer side of women’s personalities, the emotions, would eventually bring a kinder - softer national life. Men in political office had to learn very quickly how to achieve success in the world of weepy women.

President George H. W. Bush successfully campaigned for president in 1988 by using the slogan, “A kinder, and gentler nation,” which was coined by former speechwriter, Peggy Noonan. (who has proven to be a disappointment to all who used to read her work for its common sense)

It’s been an interesting but also a discouraging sociological experience watching the nation take on the extra flotsam and jetsam that adding women into the political mix required. Sure, equal pay and all that jazz has been a great thing for women.

But how has it really worked out with women dominating political life for the past twenty or so years? I’ve watched some female Republicans go to Washington D.C. and after serving for a while, soften their policies and turn into moderates, like their fellow male Republican representatives. Others have remained tough but they are few and far between. Congresswoman, Michelle Bachman had a tough time of it during her recent re-election but she seems to be sticking to her guns.

How has it worked out for the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? What has she accomplished in her days as Speaker besides pushing through her extreme liberal agenda. Has she exhibited any of the qualities of the mythic, honest, common sensical female politician which supposedly makes them automatically superior to men, and would cause them to stand up and object to anything done on our nations’ behalf that is wrong?

Although Nancy Pelosi continues to deny that she was briefed by the Bush White House on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques as early 2002, evidence mounts that she is simply lying.

That she was briefed and did not object to waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques back in 2002 makes life uncomfortable for Pelosi today because she has to stick to the Obama Make Bush Pay script.

She didn’t make any objection back when she was playing an important oversight role on a congressional committee, so in essence Pelosi approved of the CIA Protocols.

Watching her deny the obvious is just more evidence that Nancy Pelosi is simply a hack who should be hounded out of office. If truth had any value in Pelosi’s universe she would simply have told it. That she hasn’t makes her a total shill.

04 Mar 2009 01:21 am

“He’ll only break your Heart.” What an apt title for this thoughtful summary of the past six weeks of madness of the Obama Administration.

Matthias Reynolds, like a kindly Dr. Marcus Welby, gently explains to those taken in by Barack Obama’s two year campaign of Hopenchange that this president is just not really into us, the America we’ve known for the past two hundred thirty years. Obama wants to construct a better, smarter, more socialistic Amerika, one which redistributes the wealth (as many of us warned he would) and is done with fighting the war on terror. We have no enemies, from without, according to Obama, our chief enemy is that big mouth entertainer Rush Limbaugh, who is telling the truth too loudly and too well, so must be stopped.

Matthias Reynolds writes:

Beyond the money issue, what about our personal safety? We are at war. The ghosts of three thousand murdered souls still roam the streets of Lower Manhattan and seven years later their dust is still kicked up by the late winter wind. They were annihilated by people who want us dead; but it seems that your beau feels that the war Islamic Fundamentalists have declared on our family, on our home, is not worthy of public recognition. Why else would his first speech to Congress not mention terrorism in a meaningful way? Why else would Janet Napalitano decline to mention terrorism in her first address to the House Homeland Security Committee? Wasn’t her department created to protect us in the wake of 9/11? Do they really think that choosing to ignore this problem will make it go away? Isn’t that the sort of thinking, or lack thereof, that has exacted such a heavy toll on the family?

So far, Obama’s had the help of a willing media to carry his water, although they’re sloshing it more clumsily across the airwaves with every passing day. It must be getting tedious to report the falling away of another Obama-ite as with Jim Cramer’s statement today that the Obama “agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans.”

I never thought it would be merely six weeks before Americans would start looking back wistfully to the moral and sane days of the George W. Bush administration but it is already beginning to happen. In this post I predicted that it would happen within twenty months. How wrong I was. But perhaps not. This is just the beginning of the spiraling down of our country. How will it look twenty months from now?

09 Feb 2009 02:37 am


US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (not shown) read to children during their visit to the Capitial City Public Charter School to meet with the 2nd Grade Class and read the book ‘The Moon Over Star’ at the school in Washington DC., USA, 03 February 2009. EPA/GARY FABIANO / POOL

Approaching the keyboard in the age of Obama is becoming ever more dicey. What with dealing with the winter of our own discontent, disinfectants, and distress, there’s a slow realization that the dystopian society some of us suspected before the election might be the true construct behind the flashing neon lights of Hope and Change is indeed the audacious aim of Barack Obama and it’s beginning to unfold.

A scary time made even more scary by our Horror Story Teller in Chief, Scary Barry.

I’ve always been skeptical of the pushy car salesmen who insist that a car I am mildly interested in must be purchased immediately because there are so many buyers in line, there are no more like it, the price will go up tomorrow, etc…. but this is what we have been getting from Empire Obama re the Stimulus Plan.

If the rotting fish/lard/pork bill is not passed with all its earmarks and goodies the seas will rise, and we will be in for catastrophic times, according to Barrack Obama.

Things haven’t been going so well for Barack and Michelle in the White House, it seems, since most of the Obama cabinet selections have been found unworthy in one way or another. The day Tom Daschle had to bow out of the post of secretary of Health and Human Services due to tax troubles the Obamas took off to a charter school in Washington D.C. where they told the second graders they were ‘tired of being in the White House.’

Such an inspirational couple.

The escapist pair read The Moon over Star to the delighted and useful children all in order to divert attention from the bad news of the day which, truth be told, was all of Barack Obama’s making.

Obama’s impaired judgement in his selection of tax cheats, lobbyists and sleaze artists has hit full mass and even the puppy dog press has been forced to cover his mess of a presidency.

It’s bad enough that Obama and his Democrat Party are promising the country the trillion dollar pork sandwich will be good for the economy even though support for the stimulus is sinking, the rabbit eared Obama cannot take the heat of the criticism of the package and had a snit-fit at the Democrat Retreat in Williamsburg, Va.

Unsurprisingly, the writers at Newsweek have seen the rising socialism and have shrugged their shoulders.

We Are All Socialists Now

As the Obama administration presses the largest fiscal bill in American history, caps the salaries of executives at institutions receiving federal aid at $500,000 and introduces a new plan to rescue the banking industry, the unemployment rate is at its highest in 16 years. The Dow has slumped to 1998 levels, and last year mortgage foreclosures rose 81 percent.

All of this is unfolding in an economy that can no longer be understood, even in passing, as the Great Society vs. the Gipper. Whether we like it or not—or even whether many people have thought much about it or not—the numbers clearly suggest that we are headed in a more European direction. A decade ago U.S. government spending was 34.3 percent of GDP, compared with 48.2 percent in the euro zone—a roughly 14-point gap, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In 2010 U.S. spending is expected to be 39.9 percent of GDP, compared with 47.1 percent in the euro zone—a gap of less than 8 points. As entitlement spending rises over the next decade, we will become even more French.

Perhaps this is the reason why most of the Republicans in Congress are fighting against the stimulus.

But what of the things that matter without as well as within our nation? Not only have there been troubling foreign policy changes… Obama directed that charges be dropped against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the U.S.S. Cole bombing mastermind; in addition, the NSC will be restructured to be more like SpongeBob SquarePants.

The new structure, to be outlined in a presidential directive and a detailed implementation document by Jones, will expand the NSC’s reach far beyond the range of traditional foreign policy issues and turn it into a much more elastic body, with Cabinet and departmental seats at the table — historically occupied only by the secretaries of defense and state — determined on an issue-by-issue basis. Jones said the directive will probably be completed this week.

Melanie Phillips, possibly the wisest woman in Britain writes here about what she suspects is the true aim of the Obama presidency.

I have argued before however that, given Obama’s radical roots in the neo-Marxist, nihilist politics of Saul Alinsky, it is the undermining of America’s fundamental values that is likely to be this President’s most strategically important goal. I have also suggested that, since this agenda is promoted through stealth politics which gull the credulous middle-classes while destroying the ground upon which they are standing, his second-tier appointments should be closely scrutinised.

And here’s a humdinger. Obama has picked a man called David Ogden to be deputy Attorney-General. Ogden has made his legal career from representing pornographers, trying to defeat child protection legislation and undermining family values. As FoxNews reported this week, he once represented a group of library directors arguing against the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which ordered libraries and schools receiving funding for the Internet to restrict access to obscene sites. And on behalf of several media groups, he successfully argued against a child pornography law that required publishers to verify and document the age of their models, which would have ensured these models were at least 18.

Two + two = five?

The Dystopian world of Barack Obama approaches. His allies in Congress are calling for the fairness doctrine to Hush Rush and everyone else who opposes Obama’s policies. For the first time ever ‘the director of the Census Bureau will report directly to the White House and not the secretary of Commerce, according to a senior White House official.’ The centralization of power continues in the empire of Obama.

Perhaps there is still hope that there will be a change from all this doom and gloom rhetoric the new president has been piling on his fellow Americans. It’s not likely, the man is 47 years old and his character is pretty much formed for better or worse by now. He’s moved into the job of president with very heavy steps. Still, the two weeks of mistakes, embarrassments and temper tantrums are pretty breath taking.

President Obama is not unlike another leader who led at another time in history, King Ethelred the Unready.

Of all the kings in English history, Ethelred II has perhaps the worst reputation. By the end of his reign, he’d managed to lose almost all of England to Viking Invaders.

To fully appreciate the story of Ethelred II, it is important to go back to the reign of his father, King Edgar. Edgar was the great-grandson of King Alfred the Great, and it was during Edgar’s reign that, for the first time since before Alfred, all of England was united under one king. The Anglo-Saxon kingdom of England was at its height, seemingly free from dangers, internal or external. And thus, King Edgar was given the nickname “the Peaceful.” It was a much better nickname than would be given to his son.

Ethelred was born around the year 968, the younger of two sons of Edgar. Unfortunately, for England, the two sons came from different mothers, and from the moment of Edgar’s death in 975, a power struggle ensued. The struggle ended with the murder of Ethelred’s half-brother, Edward. In 978 Ethelred was crowned king of England at age 10.

It should come as no surprise that someone who was granted so much authority at such a young age might suffer from a lack of wisdom in how to wield that power. In fact, Ethelred’s reign was characterized by his inability to control or maintain the loyalty of his subjects.

Still, while the unity of England was slowly unwinding from within, the country faced a new threat from outside the island. In the early years of Ethelred’s reign, the Vikings returned. At first, they made small raids along the coast, but as the years passed their boldness grew. Their raids became bigger, more brutal, and struck deeper into the heart of England. Try as he might, Ethelred could organize no effective military resistance to the invaders. So instead, Ethelred took to paying them to go away. These payments were given the polite word of Danegeld, but in reality were nothing more or less than extortion.

Poor old Ethelred was only a young boy when he became king. President Obama is 47 years old.

Our country will be lucky indeed if Danegeld is all we will be paying in the next four years with Obama at the helm.

26 Nov 2008 06:25 pm

Taking a break from cleaning the house before the return of the Charlotte and her Thanksgiving guest, a fellow law school student who is a fascinating young woman, born in Paris on Bastille Day, the very day a year after her older brother had been born in Lebanon in 1982 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The first birth was premature, brought on by the terror of the bombs in Lebanon, the second birth was also premature, brought on by the noise of the fireworks in Paris. The Christian Lebanese family eventually were able to move to the United States where they brought their children up in Alabama.

Anyway, the shopping is done, the cleaning is ongoing and I need a break.

Checking out the non-Turkey news I find this Instapundit link to Ed Driscoll who has a New Silicon Graffiti Video about anger in politics. I like the name “A Bee in the Mouth!”


Ed interviews Peter Wood, writer of the book, “A Bee in the Mouth!”, (hence the name of the video) and gives me a new book to add to my Christmas wish list. Peter examines the anger in politics which has been growing in the past four generations.

I plead guilty to being extremely angry at my fellow Americans when they bought what Bill Clinton was selling. I was appalled, shocked, saddened and yes, angry. But I didn’t take to the road with ugly bumper stickers on my car, nor did I join an outfit like which was started up after the impeachment of Clinton. I did use what opportunities I had as a citizen and wrote one letter to the editor of a newspaper during the 1996 Presidential election arguing against the reelection of Clinton but that was before the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton had done enough in my book to be sent home to Arkansas but the American people didn’t see it my way. Did I experience some bitter moments after that? Yes indeedy. But I still didn’t become a hater because I wasn’t raised that way.

Ed Driscoll linked to this review of Peter Wood’s book by Stanley Kurtz that is very illuminating and has more indepth thoughts that capture what I have been thinking lately.

Peter Wood’s book is about political anger in America but not specifically in the past election and reading Stanley Kurtz’ thought’s about Wood’s book set me off on an inferential jaunt.

I’ve been thinking about why the American people have turned against the Republicans in this election year. It wasn’t a mandate for Obama because in some states in the South, McCain won over Obama with larger percentages than President Bush beat Kerry.

The South is still very traditional but the midwest and Northeast is just about gone in that respect. Midwesterners and the Northeast might be able to take tough winters but they don’t like mean talk. After all these years of polarizing political speech, they’ve had it with politics. Whoever yelled the loudest got their attention.

The Democrats have been yelling loudest with the help of the media. They got the attention. The message was repeated over and over. The Bush Derangement Syndrome of the extreme left of the Democrat Party went mainstream. People who one would think would have been resistant to such delusions bought into that message because there really wasn’t any pushback from the White House or Bush surrogates or heaven forbid, any Republicans in Congress.

The angry message stuck. The American people bought it. Obama arrived and did his Humphrey Bogart-best. The American people bought it. The media whispered that John McCain seemed angry. The American people bought that.

Ronald Reagan was never the angry type. President Bush, God Bless Him has never been the angry type. Barack Obama seems more angry than both of these men in reality but reality matters no more.

Everything is perception which is why the Peggy Noonans of the world are working hard to make Sarah Palin unelectable. She is not an angry person, just extremely successful as a governor.

Gotta go make a pie.

I’m back from the kitchen. My husband has been watching movies in the computer room while I was blogging so I was unaware of the terror attacks in India today. Horrible.

Oh yeah, I probably won’t get back here for a while, so Happy Thanksgiving. May God comfort all the civilians and the families of those killed and injured in the terror attacks.

01 Jul 2007 02:34 pm

Michael Yon has a must read on the savage practices of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. They killed an entire village, including the livestock and the children. This is a hard post to read but it is essential reading for anyone who has even an ounce of sympathy for Islamic terrorists.

Warning. The graphic photos are shocking and heartbreaking.

Yon provides a new insight into the much maligned (sometimes deservedly so) Iraqi police. When a soldier offered a glass of water to one of the terrorist suspects it enraged an Iraqi policeman. What would that policeman think of the Leahys and Schumers in our American Senate who offer much more than victuals and drink to these savage murderers of innocents?

Meanwhile in Londonistan the new government is seemingly shocked that savages are still trying to kill them.

UPDATE: Michael Ledeen at The Corner has much more.

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