21 Nov 2010 11:18 am

My niece, Marlane Barnes made her first appearance on television Friday night. She played the role of Tina in iCarly, iStart a Fan War. I admit I am biased but I think she was a smashing success.

Marlane graduated from the University of Texas (Austin) in May this year with a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting and moved to LA in June. By July she had been cast in iCarly.

She moves on to Twilight this December when she plays Maggie, an Irish Vampire in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

We all wanted her to go to law school but instead she went to Hollywood. Marlane is following her dreams and more power to her.

21 May 2009 10:31 am


Kris Allen, American Idol

Kris Allen "Falling Slowly" (TOP7 - MOVIE WEEK) - Funny videos are here

Kris Allen won American Idol last night. It’s my opinion that he actually began to win back in week 7 (April 14th) when he sang the Irish song, Falling Slowly.

That’s really the first week I began to watch this season’s Idol. I’ve always been a fan but this year I was just too busy to commit but my niece, Maine urged our family to please watch and support Kris Allen, of Conway, Arkansas. Kris’ wife, Katy is a good friend of Maine’s, in fact, before Idol, Katy was the star of the family. At the University of Arkansas, Katy was homecoming queen.

I was actually in the hospital when I first saw Kris performing Falling Slowly. I was recovering from two surgeries in one week. I won’t go into the details because I am now back on the road to health and everything turned out well (and benign) but it was a good choice for me to start watching American Idol again. Music is truly good for one’s soul. I know it’s been good for me. When I saw the above video of Kris, I saw a winner.

Kris Allen won American Idol without once assaulting American ears with screeching, something both Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey cannot claim. Kris didn’t have to cloak himself in the stylings of Aerosmith or Queen or raid his mother’s makeup bag for her tube of extra-strength mascara.

Kris Allen took every song he was presented with, sang them and made them into his own. With Kris Allen, American Idol viewers discovered a new and unique, and unaffected talent. I predict that Kris will be big. America bypassed the obvious preferences of Simon Cowell and the rest of the AI judges and made the right choice.

25 Nov 2008 06:54 pm


It’s so sad. Kids today know very little, if anything about the comic strip Peanuts. It’s doubtful that kids even read the comic section of newspapers since readership has tanked so the only way they will get exposure to the late, great Charles M. Schulz is through his Peanuts’ specials. But there is a scarcity of that lately. When I mention Linus in my art classes I get blank looks. Kids don’t know anything about Snoopy. Or Charlie Brown. Or Lucy.

It’s tragic.


Kids know about Mega Man and Iron Man but to me, Snoopy was always the Man.


My favorite of all of Schulz’s holiday specials was A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

I guess it’s just the child in me, but back in the eighties when I first saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown lay out Buttered Toast, pretzels, popcorn, jelly beans and ice cream for Thanksgiving Dinner I thought, yeah, that’s just what I’d want if I were a kid.

On the day before the mad-Turkey-rush in the kitchen, I’m thinking that still might be a nice alternative.

Tonight ABC is airing the classic again. I’m going to sit down and pretend to be a child again and hope that there are some children who can put away their Nintendos and Wii’s and just watch the timeless magic of Charles M. Schulz. To me, the Thanksgiving special is the best one and all of them are wonderful. I watched the specials with my kids when they were little ans they still love them today.

Charles M. Schulz’ A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” airs tonight at 8:00 PM EST on ABC.

11 Apr 2007 05:43 pm

Don Imus made some idiotic, hateful, and racist comments when he called the fine young women of the Rutgers Womens’ Basketball team, “nappy-headed hos.” After all these years of trash-talk by Imus, it’s about time someone called him on his not-funny-at-all and over-the-line personal attacks on people.

TVNewser reports that MSNBC is dropping Imus’s show. Maybe this will put an end to adult men making misogynist statements. (yeah, right.)

I listened to Imus’s radio show back in the days of Clinton’s calamitous years in the White House and Imus’s comedy routines were funny. But when we moved away from the East Coast his show couldn’t be found on any radio station so that was that. Never listened again and I sure didn’t tune him in on MSNBC.

One late night, (around eleven o’clock) about a year or so ago, the phone rang and when I answered, the voice of a male African American was on the other end. He said, “Is Donna the Ho there?”

I laughed and hung up the phone, thinking that it was a pretty funny prank phone call. It was a play on our last name (Donoho) of course and I wasn’t insulted. I guess I should have been but I wasn’t.

UPDATE: This is sad news. Don Ho has died.

23 May 2006 09:45 pm

We went out tonight and just got back. No reason to stay home and watch American Idol. I just don’t care about the results anymore so decided not to waste my evening watching it.

But I was curious about how it went and checked at Lorie Byrd’s and she didn’t watch it either!

So then I tried Ann Althouse and she has a great write-up.

Lorie watched the Country Music Awards and was happy to see that Carrie Underwood won an award for single of the year. There used to be a local television commercial for Underwoods Jewelers in our city and Carrie sang the theme song for it when she was a kid. I never saw the commercial because we didn’t live here during the years my husband was active duty but my sister saw the commercial and tells me that Carrie was good and showed a lot of potential even then.

Carrie also used to compete (and win) in local competitions around our area of the country.

I just don’t see either of this years’ finalists doing as well as Carrie or Bo.

UPDATE: According to Dial Idol, there’s a clear winner.

18 May 2006 09:13 am


I watched American Idol last night in hopes that Elliot wouldn’t be voted off but he was. I no longer care at all about who wins because The American Idol should have been Chris Daughtry with Elliot in second place. Or vice versa. Both guys stood out. Elliot had the best voice and Chris the strongest presence.

Now who’s left? Moon-faced Katharine and Jay Leno-light.

The charm of American Idol is that every untalented loon in America can try out but the flaw of American Idol is that the best don’t always win. That’s become quite apparent this year.

This blogger has a wonderful tribute to Elliot.

The Anchoress has some more great links and says that Elliot is better off not being number one.

Lorie Byrd’s gone South on AI.

There’s more comment at Television Without Pity.

Ann Althouse (as always) has her own unique take.

12 May 2006 05:48 pm


Lorie Byrd links to a Robin Givhan article that I totally agree with.

Givhan writes…..

We Get the Idols We Deserve

The departure of rocker Chris Daughtry from “American Idol” means that the squishy middle has won once again. Daughtry was voted off the show this week, leaving behind three uninspired performers who may appeal to the masses but lack any distinctive personal style.

After weeks of patiently watching, obsessing and praying for Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks to reveal some sense of personal aesthetics, there has been nothing but disappointment. McPhee lacks zest and stage presence and the capacity to distinguish style from an assemblage of unedited trends. Yamin and Hicks lack Daughtry’s supremely fine bald head and ability to wear a thick, macho wallet chain and not look as though he should be bicycling across K Street making a super-rush delivery.

Daughtry glared. He glowered. He did the rock-star growl during which he looked to be at risk of popping his jugular. He wore cool shades. Oh sure, he was cocky. But he should have been. He was the best. America, have you no soul?

I can’t find any disagreement there. Givhan spells it out and well. It just gets better too so read on….

John Podhoretz weighs in.

And there is this.……..

At least one online petition, with more than 16,000 names attached, is calling for a recount of the “American Idol” votes. MSNBC.com has received numerous e-mails and bulletin board posts claiming that voters who dialed the first of Daughtry’s two phone numbers were greeted by a recorded message from “Idol” singer Katharine McPhee, thanking the caller for voting for her.

I attempted to vote twice Tuesday night (for Chris) and the phone was busy. I stopped calling after that because we had a storm and tornado warnings. Could there have been a weather factor involved?

He’s already gotten job offers.

Best of all The Anchoress loves Chris.