16 Jan 2007 12:55 am


When Jack made his escape from the terrorist, Fayed, last night he did it by way of biting his guard in the neck, something any cat would do. Jack obviously got the man’s artery so was able to make his escape. When life is at stake most human beings are capable of murder.

I had an experience that frightened me so badly when my kids were little that had I not taken some deep breaths to regain my presence of mind, I might have found out what I was capable of too.

I was taking my children in our big red Chrysler van to Greenfield, IN to see the James Whitcomb Riley home. On the way there, while driving in the right lane of a four way highway the car directly to the left of me decided to take my lane.

The woman just sailed right into my lane, evidentally not even noticing that we were in it and had I not driven off the road she would have hit us. I had to swerve so quickly that my youngest daughter, who was about eighteen months old at the time, fell out of her car-seat. (Back then the car-seats were pretty pathetic)

Luckily, when I pulled off it was into a gas station so I stopped the van to check on my daughter. My son jumped out of his seat and lifted her up off the floor and we checked her to be sure she was okay. We put her back into the car-seat and tightened the seat belt.

Then I got back into the drivers seat and saw the woman making a right turn as the light turned green. I made a right turn too and followed her, adrenaline pumping through my veins. “What are you doing Mom?” my son asked worriedly.

I can’t remember exactly what I said but it’s probably best that I can’t. It was something in the vein of, no one messes with my children. I continued to follow the woman until she noticed our van. She pulled over and so did I.

But I just sat in the van, fuming and trying to calm down. A little voice inside me said, “your children are okay, that’s all that matters.”

The woman, who was probably in her early twenties, came to my window. She said, “Are you okay?” I rolled down the window and said, “you nearly killed my children. You should pay attention when you are on the road.” The girl looked pretty stricken and apologized and I thanked her and we went on our way.

That took a lot out of me and instead of going on to Greenfield I turned the car towards home, glad when I got there that my children were safe and that I had held on to my temper.

24’s premier last night and tonight provided a real world view into what real people, trained and untrained, will do when faced with extreme situations such as that of Jack Bauer and civilian, Ray Wallace.

Ray had cautioned his wife about all the bombings happening all over America, wanting to keep their son, Scott home from school but his wife and their son wouldn’t have any of it. Scott was a good friend of Ahmed whose father soon after that conversation was picked up by the FBI for some kind of possible terror connection. Scott and his mother refused to listen to Ray’s warnings, going on in their kindly but clueless ways, believing the Islamic people next door would never harm them.

It turned out that one in the family was involved, the teenage son, Ahmed, friend of Scott Wallace. Ray, in order to save the life of his wife and son, Scott, was forced at gunpoint by Ahmed to deliver the remaining component (which would enable the one kiloton tactical nuke to be set off) to Fayed. But Ray didn’t have an easy time of it and resorted to killing the man selling the component when he raised the price. He did it to keep Ahmed from killing his wife and son and I found that very believable.

But wouldn’t you know it, Ray’s wife, like she did earlier, didn’t listen to him when he warned her not to call the police. For once, she did the right thing.

We moved to Panama just a few months after Operation Just Cause. The day after we moved into our quarters, my husband and I had to go meet his boss. We left our kids at home which was in an open government housing area on Morgan Avenue, making sure they locked the door.

Not long after we left, a Panamanian knocked on the door and when my 12 year old daughter opened it, tried to force his way into the house. Thanks to our son, who was fifteen years old at the time and a foot taller than the little Panamanian, he didn’t get in.

My son pushed him out the door, locked it and called the MPs. They came quickly and caught the Panamanian. There were a lot of incidents occurring like that in Panama City but it never again happened to our family.

During the time we were stationed in Panama an American couple was driving through the interior on their way to the Atlantic side when their car was stopped by Columbian bandits. The bandits took everything of value they owned. When they couldn’t get the diamond ring off the American woman one of the bandits bit her finger off. It’s true. It really happened. That is how far some people will go to get what they want.

24 might be just a little bit of exciting make believe from Hollywood but its nuclear scenario could happen, especially if more Americans don’t wake up to the threat.

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14 Jan 2007 03:36 pm


Sometimes I forget to do very important things, like taking my antibiotics, or grabbing my cellphone before I leave the house or forgetting to stop for gas and ending up driving seventeen miles on empty through unknown Pennsylvania highways with only cows on the sides of the road but no gas stations, but I am not going to forget something that is extremely to the max, big time important, and greatly anticipated. It’s the premier of the new season of 24! Tonight and tomorrow night for two hours each Jack Bauer is back!

I’m not forgetting. Until then, I’m refreshing my memory of last season and reading various blogs for more information. It’s like the Super Bowl but better. Will I like Choe’s new hair color? Will Jack shave his beard? Who’s new? What about Kim?

24 returns tonight on Fox at 8 p.m. EST.

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We will be DVRing tonights premier of Rome on HBO, another big favorite in our family.