Laura and the rest of her third grade class. We were in a mixed 3rd/4th group.

When I was a little girl I loved Valentines Day. One of my favorite Valentines Day memories involved my maternal grandfather. One very snowy, Valentine’s Day he brought over delicious valentine tarts he had purchased from our favorite bakery, The Grand. Some of the tarts were cherry, some were chocolate and some were petit fours. Papaw (which is what we called him) introduced us to Coco Cola and Oreos. He died when I was ten years old so my memories of him are few but vivid.

I remember having a crush on a boy when I was nine or ten and had made a special Valentine to give him but never got up the nerve.

I recall once getting an ugly, hateful Valentine from a boy in my class. He had also given the same mean Valentine to a few other girls in our class. Our teacher took us out of class and had a talk with us. She pointed out that boys of that age usually give negative attention to girls they like. I thought that was odd at the time but she turned out to be right.

The boy later tried to ask me out in high school but , of course, I said no.

I’m lucky with my husband who is my life-long valentine. He starts giving me valentines of some kind a few weeks before the actual day and has been known to write me poetry.

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A valentine from my niece.