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09 Oct 2008 12:12 pm

Rush Limbaugh is reporting that the media is all out of shape that people are getting rambunctious at McCain-Palin rallies. Mary Mitchell at the Chicago Sun Times is complaining that Sarah Palin is bringing out the worst in her supporters but what about Obama’s friends, Acorn and their outright attempts to steal the election?

And yet, all the time, every day, on national stages and in local places, democrats lie, steal, cheat and do whatever it takes to win.

Something happened today that just totally disgusts me.

I went to the Republican headquarters yesterday to pick up a McCain/Palin sign. I proudly put it out in my yard near our driveway where it could be seen clearly. I came home for lunch today and it was gone.

Typical Democrats.

They can’t stand to see big support for Republicans. I called the Republican headquarters to see about getting another sign and the woman who answered told me that this has been happening a lot. She told me that one neighborhood out in Fianna Hills, (a very affluent area) woke up one morning and all of their McCain/Palin signs were gone. Not only are they taking the signs, they are leaving nails in driveways and doing some damage and malicious mischief at some of the homes.

One large sign on a fence in a neighborhood on the East side of town was torn off and thrown in a ditch. The person seen doing it in broad daylight was driving a Chevy Tahoe. The police were contacted.

Now, I’m not just automatically jumping to conclusions that Democrats were the culprits but there was an Obama sign a couple houses down from us that was untouched. Republicans are more tolerant it seems. We like to see Americans expressing their preferences and it can’t but warm our hearts when we see so much support for our candidate in our own hometowns. Even if that were not true I for one could not imagine taking some one’s sign. That’s not the American way.

I blogged the other day about the proliferation of McCain/Palin signs around town. It must be driving the Democrats crazy.

But they’ve been that way for a long time.

When my husband was a teenager his paternal grandfather was the state Game and Fish Commissioner of Arkansas, appointed by a Democrat. His entire family were Democrats. Once, when he was dismayed by something his uncle had done he was talking to his father about it. His dad said, “Son, we’re Democrats. You can get away with murder if you are a Democrat.”

That chilled his blood. Never did he ever want to become a Democrat.

Thankfully, later, my father-in-law, in his last vote in his last presidential election voted Republican.


The police are getting involved in these cases because it’s getting worse.

Another UPDATE:

It’s not just happening here. It happened to Ed Morrissey too.

23 Mar 2008 11:09 am


Eggs in the Clinton Library

Hillary may be planning to roll Obama this Easter and perhaps that will happen but come November, (or will it be Rovember?) John McCain will have all the eggs in his basket.

Happy Easter!

20 Jun 2007 04:56 pm


Eat your carrots.

Bill and Hillary playing Carmela and Tony. The problem is…which one is Carmela and which is Tony?

I don’t know who’s the worst actor but Hillary seems to have more chemistry with Johnny Sack than with Bill. What a look they gave each other.

Was this an attempt by the Clinton campaign to counter the Obama Girl video that’s so popular in Youtube land?

Another question I haven’t seen asked is where was Chelsea? Meadow was in the finale of the Sopranos. I mean, Meadow’s actual face was seen. Not Chelsea’s. I wonder why?

Hillary’s choice for her official campaign song, a number by Celine Dion has to have been a personal choice because the lyrics are so lame.

Something about the carrots in the video makes me think they didn’t come from Mr. McGregor’s garden.

03 Apr 2007 07:39 pm


I walked into the Charlotte Wing of the house today to say hello to Asta and Amos. I discovered this bunny sitting in the chair. From where did he come? Who sent him?


Later, when I came back into the room the bunny had turned his back on everything. I coaxed him to turn around.


Asta got curious about the bunny. He knocked him off the chair.


Amos joined in on the attack.


The bunny was surrounded.


I came back in the room later and the bunny was sitting comfortably by a bear on the bed.


I think Asta and Amos are trying to vex Sabby. The bunny is now in Sabby’s spot. (Outside the Charlotte Wing) How did that happen? Just wait until Sabby notices.

Stay tuned.

The Friday Ark #133 at the Modulator has many cats who might possibly be a little vexed this weekend with all the attention on bunnies.