This week, perhaps it was tonight, I witnessed magic. It wasn’t the magic you see in Walt Disney movies nor was it David Copperfield sleight of hand. No, it was real magic! It happened on a video I saw on Youtube.

In England they are having a talent competition called, Britain’s Got Talent. My wife kept bugging me to listen to a video she heard a couple of days ago. I eventually succumbed to the badgering. Since I’ve been married for over thirty years I knew it would be a losing proposition anyway. Sitting back, I resolved to face this burden with the same noble patience I have always displayed before.

I sit behind my wife in our little computer room at home, therefore, she was unable to see the total disgust on my face when the contestant stated that he was going to sing opera. I hate opera. Not dislike. Not distaste. I hate opera. Now I was going to have to listen to what appeared to be a small, fat man, with crooked teeth, yell out a song at the top of his voice.

Oh thrill.

Then, this being began to sing. Did I say I don’t like opera? Well, I don’t. But, the music and voice that came into my computer room was unbelievable. At first, I was stunned. Then, I was amazed. Then, I was profoundly moved. Finally, there was magic.

Chills went up my spine and I could not help but gasp as this little man made sounds that thrilled my soul. It was magic.

For anyone who possess the ears to hear, do yourself a favor and listen to one or all of the videos of Mr. Paul Potts in this competition. Some English media outlets have stated that the Welshman, Mr. Potts had training and therefore, should have been disqualified. Fine. Don’t take the magic. Just leave it for me and any other individual intelligent enough to realize what real magic is.

Robert R. Donoho (opera hater)

Paul Potts won the competition!