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26 Nov 2008 06:25 pm

Taking a break from cleaning the house before the return of the Charlotte and her Thanksgiving guest, a fellow law school student who is a fascinating young woman, born in Paris on Bastille Day, the very day a year after her older brother had been born in Lebanon in 1982 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The first birth was premature, brought on by the terror of the bombs in Lebanon, the second birth was also premature, brought on by the noise of the fireworks in Paris. The Christian Lebanese family eventually were able to move to the United States where they brought their children up in Alabama.

Anyway, the shopping is done, the cleaning is ongoing and I need a break.

Checking out the non-Turkey news I find this Instapundit link to Ed Driscoll who has a New Silicon Graffiti Video about anger in politics. I like the name “A Bee in the Mouth!”


Ed interviews Peter Wood, writer of the book, “A Bee in the Mouth!”, (hence the name of the video) and gives me a new book to add to my Christmas wish list. Peter examines the anger in politics which has been growing in the past four generations.

I plead guilty to being extremely angry at my fellow Americans when they bought what Bill Clinton was selling. I was appalled, shocked, saddened and yes, angry. But I didn’t take to the road with ugly bumper stickers on my car, nor did I join an outfit like which was started up after the impeachment of Clinton. I did use what opportunities I had as a citizen and wrote one letter to the editor of a newspaper during the 1996 Presidential election arguing against the reelection of Clinton but that was before the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton had done enough in my book to be sent home to Arkansas but the American people didn’t see it my way. Did I experience some bitter moments after that? Yes indeedy. But I still didn’t become a hater because I wasn’t raised that way.

Ed Driscoll linked to this review of Peter Wood’s book by Stanley Kurtz that is very illuminating and has more indepth thoughts that capture what I have been thinking lately.

Peter Wood’s book is about political anger in America but not specifically in the past election and reading Stanley Kurtz’ thought’s about Wood’s book set me off on an inferential jaunt.

I’ve been thinking about why the American people have turned against the Republicans in this election year. It wasn’t a mandate for Obama because in some states in the South, McCain won over Obama with larger percentages than President Bush beat Kerry.

The South is still very traditional but the midwest and Northeast is just about gone in that respect. Midwesterners and the Northeast might be able to take tough winters but they don’t like mean talk. After all these years of polarizing political speech, they’ve had it with politics. Whoever yelled the loudest got their attention.

The Democrats have been yelling loudest with the help of the media. They got the attention. The message was repeated over and over. The Bush Derangement Syndrome of the extreme left of the Democrat Party went mainstream. People who one would think would have been resistant to such delusions bought into that message because there really wasn’t any pushback from the White House or Bush surrogates or heaven forbid, any Republicans in Congress.

The angry message stuck. The American people bought it. Obama arrived and did his Humphrey Bogart-best. The American people bought it. The media whispered that John McCain seemed angry. The American people bought that.

Ronald Reagan was never the angry type. President Bush, God Bless Him has never been the angry type. Barack Obama seems more angry than both of these men in reality but reality matters no more.

Everything is perception which is why the Peggy Noonans of the world are working hard to make Sarah Palin unelectable. She is not an angry person, just extremely successful as a governor.

Gotta go make a pie.

I’m back from the kitchen. My husband has been watching movies in the computer room while I was blogging so I was unaware of the terror attacks in India today. Horrible.

Oh yeah, I probably won’t get back here for a while, so Happy Thanksgiving. May God comfort all the civilians and the families of those killed and injured in the terror attacks.

05 Nov 2008 10:41 pm

“The longest wet kiss in American history.”

That’s how Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour described the media’s coverage of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign yesterday on Fox News. About a year into the two year long presidential campaign it became apparent that one time media favorite, Hillary Clinton had lost her annointment with the press. The media had a new crush and the dropping of Hillary by the media became a slow motion divorce.

I remembered Barbour’s words late last night as I watched the pundits literally jumping with joy over Obama’s victory.

I’ve been going through the national and individual state vote data and have discovered something interesting. Contrary to what some are asserting, although John McCain lost almost seven million voters from 2004 he didn’t lose them in the southern states he won.

The remnant states of the Old South resisted Obama and the state of Arkansas grew redder in yesterday’s election.

John McCain beat Barack Obama 59% to 38% yesterday in Arkansas.

In 2004 President Bush defeated John Kerry 54% to 45%.

A record number of Arkansans voted in yesterday’s election, up some 22,585 from 2004.

Checking out the map of the counties in my own state of Arkansas was interesting. My own county, Sebastian, voted for McCain 66% to 31% for Obama. Just north of Sebastian County, Crawford County voted for McCain 72% to 25% for Obama.

Obama’s stronghold, if you can call it that, was in Pulaski County and it includes Little Rock where he beat John McCain 55% to 43%. Phillips County, which borders Mississippi in Southeastern, Arkansas brought Obama his highest percentage of the vote in all of Arkansas’s counties, 64% to 34%. Phillips County borders Tunica County, Mississippi on the East, home to casinos but Phillips County itself is one of the poorest counties in Arkansas.

Pulaski County, Arkansas, home to the state capital, Little Rock was virtually surrounded by counties that grew much redder in 2008 in comparison to the presidential election of 2004. Lonoke County, on the eastern border on Pulaski County went for McCain to the tune of, 73% to Obama’s 25%. White County, just north of Lonoke County voted for McCain 72% to Obama 24%.

Traditionally, the Northwest region of Arkansas has been a Republican stronghold. While McCain won all of the Northwest region with sixty percentage points or more, seventy percent or more of the vote went to John McCain in the central counties of Arkansas. This was a big rejection of Barack Obama. President Bush did not garner as much support in the central counties of Arkansas in 2004. As a result of the election yesterday, Arkansas is much redder.

Could race have been an influence in the vote? Possibly but more likely it was the result of the rejection of Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama. People have a collective memory here.

The citizens of Arkansas are a traditional, church going, flag saluting people and even the Democrats here are more conservative than many Northeastern Republicans, which explains why most people supported Mark Pryor’s re-election to the Senate. It’s sad to note that there are now no Republicans representing New England in the House of Representatives.

It’s difficult to discern what is wrong with the people of John Murtha’s district. He can insult them, call them racists, rednecks, ignoramuses, etc, and like battered women they will still vote him back into Congress.

They don’t seem to mind the insults as long as they keep getting the checks.


That’s just not the way things are done down here.

It seems that Haley Barbour got it right. The media throughout the presidential campaign did give Obama a big smacker and more. They turned their heads away every time news broke that didn’t paint Obama in a good light.

The Southern states, while more rural and with smaller state budgets, have already gone through a Civil War, and have a collective memory handed down from their ancestors of the carpetbaggers from the North promising forty acres and a mule to the freed slaves and then breaking that promise as the Reconstructionists forced their punitive government on the blacks and the whites.

We’ve been there and done that. We know damn yankees when we see em.

The story that is not being told in this election is of how the South made a stand last night, resisting Senator Government’s sweep through the country.

That Florida, North Carolina and Virginia wouldn’t stand with the the rest of the South is not surprising as the states’ demographics have become more East Coastal than southern.

The South still respects heroes and there can be no more authentic American hero than Senator John McCain.

Obama seems to be more of an invention of the media, a hollow man with a slogan.

We’ll see how he will govern but we don’t have much confidence that we will see an Obama administration that is centrist.

Or even left of center.

Or even left of left.

Or left of left of left.

04 Nov 2008 08:22 pm

I grow less courageous with every election it seems. The one that nearly broke my heart was Bush-Gore in 2000. We were living in Germany and the fact we were seven hours ahead and had only NBC or CNN International reporting the election returns made the waiting miserable. Having access to the internet and Hugh Hewitt’s radio show was a lifesaver.

My husband and I decided to turn off all news reports tonight and put on reruns of NCIS. That is how we are getting through the election returns.

When we know, we will know.

But I will allow myself occasionally to sneak a peak every once in a while and I checked out this Corner post.

Not much really but I like the subdued crowd line.

I’ve been to Grant Park and Hyde Park before, on visits to Chicago to see my cousin, Peggy Sue. She knows all the ins and outs of Chicago. Once when we were at a red light she pointed out that Phil Jackson, then coach of the Chicago Bulls was driving through the intersection on his Harley.

During that visit Peggy took my daughters and me to her yacht club which was located near the Navy Pier. While Peggy was taking me on a tour of the club my daughters were in the lounge/bar with their cousin, Jamie, meeting and greeting people. They struck up a conversation with a man in thick black glasses who was really nice. He asked them if they were in town for the Democratic National Convention. (it was 1996) They said, no they had just come to visit. I found out later that they had been conversing with the late, great, Harry Caray.

I knew him. Didn’t get to meet him.

They met him. Didn’t know who he was. I reminded them he was the announcer for the Chicago Cubs in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off .

We never ran into Barack Obama.

I guess I will check the election returns again.


I just now checked the returns and Senator McCain has conceded to President Elect Obama.

I didn’t watch, I didn’t have the heart but that noble man deserved much better from the American people.

As for Barack Obama, I’m sorry. I’m not going to be a hypocrite. He was elected President by a majority of the American people but I believe the man will be very bad news for our country. For the sake of my country though, I wish Barack Obama and his family well.

04 Nov 2008 12:04 am

This political season brings to mind the years (1999-2002) we lived in Heidelberg, Germany and had the grand Armed Forces Network cable channel which included: the NBC Today Show, Good Morning America and that other network. (can’t think of the name) AFN ran the Today Show and The View twice daily. For entertainment there were a lot of down market sitcoms that I found boring.

Even though Fox News had been on the air for quite some time we were still in the Clinton years and there were no media outlets that were not approved by the Clinton administration except for one hour of Rush on the radio network.

Then there was CNN International. It was beyond awful.

I chose to watch the Sky News Network. (I enjoyed Sunday Live with Adam Boulton) Then there was a funny little British channel I enjoyed watching. I think it was the BBC, and during the day there were interesting shows about gardening. When I wasn’t perusing the news on the internet down in the basement of the house, I watched the gardening show. One day, for some reason, the host was talking about fertilizer and suddenly the screen froze on some very fresh looking, manure, i.e. stable dung. I tried to change the channel but it wouldn’t change.

I shrugged my shoulders and went outside for a walk. (this was my year of freedom, traveling, shopping and fun)

When I came back inside, the television screen was still frozen. I did some laundry and read a book. Later I checked Fox News on the internet and read my email. My daughters were coming to visit us soon for their college break and I was excited.

Late that evening, when my husband came home, I pointed to the television screen. He looked at the stable dung and turned the television off. He turned it back on. It was still there. He tried to change the channel and couldn’t. We had no other television in Germany and didn’t want to buy another one over there.

My husband put in a DVD of Horatio Hornblower and we watched it.

I remember, I made steak, baked potatoes, dilled salad and steamed broccoli.

After we turned it off he put the television screen back on.

The stable dung was there again.

So it stayed. It became familiar. I noticed that our cat, Captain would watch it sometimes, then yawn, turn around and lick himself.

When the girls were due to arrive I drove to Frankfurt to pick them up. This was their first trip to Germany since they were babies. I was excited to show off our house to them. We had big plans to travel that summer.

After the girls checked out their rooms and the house and had settled down into the living room one of them glanced at the television and took a second look.

“Mom.” Charlotte said, “Is there something wrong with the T.V.?”

I looked up at the television and then back at Charlotte and said, “Oh no. There’s nothing wrong.”

Charlotte said, “Well, there’s poop on the screen!”

“That’s the gardening channel.” I said.

Charlotte made an attempt to change the channel and couldn’t do it either.

We spent so much time traveling that summer it didn’t matter that our television had a screen load of manure. Not when we had been to Paris, London, Dublin, Kilkenny, Zurich, Salzburg, and Rothenberg.

When I think about that television screen of dung I see the out-of-their-minds, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews, and all of the rest of the supposedly, objective news reporters on the three networks, MSNBC and CNN. These people are just as frozen in their idealogies as that German television screen and many Americans have bought into their sales pitches.

One day when we turned on the television the manure was gone, we could change the channel and the girls enjoyed watching South Park in German.

Today the military and their families in Europe and elsewhere enjoy much more freedom of choice in their entertainment and news selections.

Hopefully, the American people will see through the dung of the polls, the press, the execrable exit polls and that Charlatan, Barack Obama and get out and vote for John McCain tomorrow.


Man Parks Manure Near Democrats’ Campaign Office to Protest Obama.

That is a true headline.

Terry Reed, who owns a construction and excavation company in Whitehall, parked the trailer near the office on Saturday. He also posted a sign in the manure mocking Obama’s “change we can believe in” slogan as “a load of crap.”

“I think Obama’s plan is just one big old poop sandwich and we’re all going to have to take a bite,” he said.

I’m sorry, but this makes me smile.

02 Nov 2008 03:10 pm

Why is it that Barack Obama retreats to the blanket of his childhood when he is hit with hard questions? When asked about Bill Ayres, the founder of The Weathermen, the domestic terror group of the sixties and a cog in the wheel of the Chicago machine to which Obama made his initial act of obeisance when starting out in politics, Obama’s first response was he was only eight years old when Bill Ayers was committing his acts of terror.

Obama purposely misses the point when he grouses about Sarah Palin and running mate John McCain’s criticisms of his “sharing the wealth comments.” Boy did that get under his collar.

Obama’s response was to ridicule the charges of Joe the Plumber and John McCain and Sarah Palin’s comments on the campaign trail about his policies of tax redistribution by returning back even further in time to his years in kindergarten. He claimed that he shared his toys and his peanut butter sandwiches.

Then he went on to claim that the McCain-Palin tax plan makes a virtue out of selfishness.

Still, many Americans are getting the message about Obama’s socialist plans.

An interesting letter to the editor published in our local paper:

Church Venue for charity

I heard that some elementary schools have tried this out. At the first of the year, kids are given a list of items they will need for school. The wealthier families and the families that put a higher priority on what their kids took to school brought very nice backpacks, pencil, pen sets, markers, rulers and so on. The families that could not afford the nicer things or just had different priorities sent their kids to school with the minimum and the cheapest-quality items.

Here comes the socialism: The teachers had all of the students turn all of their school supplies in and then they were redistributed to the class. All of the items were handed out at random. (This is like “spreading the wealth around.”) The kids who brought nice things ended up with some junk, some OK things and maybe one nice item.

The next year parents found out that the school supplies would be taken up and redistributed. So they didn’t go and buy the nicer items. They all started buying cheaper goods because they would not be able to keep them anyway. The lower-income kids didn’t turn out to have better school supplies. Instead they all had to use cheap school supplies. They also ran short on supplies because everyone started bringing the bare minimum.

That is the same way that it works in any economy. If you do this enough, the hard-working people will give up and start joining the ranks of the people getting the handouts. I believe in charity, but charity belongs to the church. Giving to someone in need from a compassionate heart is charity. But when government forces you to give up your money, then gives it to others who did not work for it, that is socialism.

Steve Craine

I had this situation come up when I was teaching first grade for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) at Patch Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany in 2001. Being new to the school, the other first grade teachers told me that when the kids came in with their school supplies, since the desks didn’t have enough room to hold them, I was to just take the supplies and put them together and organize them to use as needed.

Boy, was that a mistake.

One of my students, Lizette, began to cry. In fact, she cried all day. I was finally able to discover that she loved art very much and had brought with her a sixty four box of crayola crayons and although I searched throughout the container in which I had put them, she could not identify her own box (they had already been opened and passed out and used) and would not be satisfied that her own box had been returned to her. She wanted her own box of 64 crayons with her, in her own desk. She knew each color and she was convinced that one particular color was missing. She would not be comforted.

I decided then and there that my own misgivings when told that the students own belongings had to be put in a class pot had been right and that the students deserved to learn about caring for their own things within an educational setting. I found a way to arrange all of the students’ supplies in their desks.

When I noticed that their crayons were starting to show wear and tear a few months later, I went to the PX and purchased boxes of 64 crayons and before school began, placed them on all of the student’s desks and then sprinkled some glitter around them. The crayon fairy had made her first appearance at Patch Barracks Elementary School but not the last!

And, that Lizette! What a tremendously talented and quick learner she was!

Socialism stifles not only human ingenuity, and innovation, but also creativity. But Obama wouldn’t understand that. What a sour, stiff person he is, really. He seems to care little about the human touches, the creative sides of life, the babies born who were intended to die, and even, his very own aunt who has recently been discovered living in a Boston slum on public assistance - illegally. He hasn’t bothered to dig into his own deep pockets to share his own wealth with his own family but turned away, forcing Americans, by way of taxation, to pay their own hard earned money to support his aunt.

Obama claims not to know his own aunt’s status.

Yes, his political operatives are trying to shield him with their complaints of dirty politics but what it says to me is that Barack Obama is really a cold, unfeeling, hateful man.

A man who can’t take care of his own family cannot be trusted to take on the leadership of this great country.

But it turns out it wasn’t dirty politics after all, just good journalistic foot leather carried out by our British cousins. I recall reading that when Edward, the Prince of Wales was carrying on with That Woman, Wallis Simpson, the British media kept a zipped upper lip, refusing to publish anything at all about the royal affair.

It was left to the American press to inform the Brits about what was going on under their noses. It turns out that the leftist media in this day and time have their noses so deeply implanted….. well, you know where I am going. So, it’s nice that the Brits are helping out.

An interesting development has occurred in the hills of Northwest Arkansas. Obama’s not getting all the youth vote in Arkansas. Prairie Grove High School students have handed Obama a resounding defeat in a presidential mock election, voting for McCain 319 votes to 150 votes for Obama. Read about it here.

Obama might want to get his favorite blanket ready for Tuesday night.

UPDATE #1 Someone Obama wouldn’t want to meet but maybe should. The Anchoress. I’ve been waiting for her to weigh in. It’s been worth the wait.

UPDATE #2 Sissy Willis reminds us that this election, with all its ups and downs in the polls, is still not over, and God, as well as the undecideds, moves in mysterious ways.

01 Nov 2008 05:56 pm


Run away. Run away.

Barack Obama cannot close.

He never did actually beat Senator Hillary Clinton in the primaries. The Democrat super delegates abandoned her and went over to Obama. In the last days before the primaries in several states although his polls promised a lot, he just couldn’t quite seal the deal.

Now McCain’s ahead of Obama according to the Friday Zogby one day poll. Perhaps that’s why Obama got so testy with the press last night when he was taking one of his daughters out trick or treating. They were going to a friend’s house. Apparently he didn’t want the press to know who exactly this particular friend was.

Could it be that he’s really bummed out by his drop in the polls?

I recall in an interview Obama’s wife, Michelle stating that Obama’s really a messy guy at home. I think that’s one reason why he can’t close. He probably never closes the bureau drawers either. There are probably socks all over his bedroom floor.

Does Obama ever close his mind to radical anti-Americans? Not likely.

But he certainly has a closed mind to all those bitter clingers out there in Pennsylvania.

Obama does have plans to close or maybe even confiscate most taxpaying American’s wallets.

Everytime an Obama surrogate speaks, middle class American’s taxes go up.

Obama closes the door on those who would blaspheme him.

Obama refuses to disclose the names of his small-dollar donors although, according to Slate, he could very easily, but that might reveal that some of his donors were, uh hmm, not really who they said they were.

Obama’s handler’s have had to put him back on the tele-prompter again for fear he might wade into the crowd and tell another embarrassing truth to another Joe the plumber.

One close secret the media has strived mightily to keep from the American people in order to secure an Obama win is, who is he really? Who are his associates? What is his philosophy? What is his genesis? Thanks to this Pajamas Media post we begin to understand Obama is not a man of hope but he will certainly be a man of change. Radical change most Americans will find startling and appalling.

Most important, Barack Obama has never come close to ever speaking this word…..VICTORY, unless it pertains to his winning the election. He’s not interested in winning the war.

I find it curious that of all the government officials who have been named that will be in Obama’s cabinet if he should (God forbid) win, the pentagon has not been mentioned. But what is happening already is pretty chilling. Just days after Obama banned newspapers which endorsed Senator McCain for President from his plane “FCC Probe Signals Democratic Attack Machine”: Hat tip: Protein Wisdom

A Federal Communications Commission investigation of on-air military analysts is providing a glimpse of what Democrats and an Obama administration will do to critics once they capture Washington.

The FCC has sent letters to some of the nation’s most prominent military analysts — some of them pro-President Bush and pro-war — suggesting they may have broken the law when they appeared on television stations to comment on and explain the war on terrorism.

The FCC investigation raises the question of whether a Democrat-controlled Congress and White House next year will investigate — and perhaps criminalize — all sorts of actions taken by the Bush administration. Obama is leading in all presidential polls, while Democrats are set to greatly increase their hold on the House and Senate.


John McCain, throughout his life has made the hard decisions, the wise decisions and in this election, in his brilliant choice of Sarah Palin for his veep, he made the one bold decision that united the Republican base, thus paving the way for a future Republican era and as Don Surber wrote in this brilliant post, removed from the Republican party the sticky entanglements, and the unneeded advice of the hangers-on, and the Peggy Noonans.

John McCain still sees America as a land worth fighting for, a land of opportunity.

Obama sees America as a land of too much freedom.

As my dear sister in thought, Sissy Willis writes,

The sometimes too sober Fred Barnes says McCain will win; the ever clueless Mort Kondrake says Obama. Fred cites “duty, honor and country,” McCain’s core values as explicated in a superb WSJ editorial this morning. Johnny’s core values were the very thing that finally allowed us to ‘learn to stop worrying and love John McCain” back last February. Our sister, our dear blogfriend Miss Kelly and our own gut are chanting “Landslide.”

John McCain is a Closer.

Obama has never been able to close his own back door.

Someone who has had a good gut reaction to how elections will go had his epiphany the other day. This is worth the hundreds of polls run in October, 2008 alone.

I had my epiphany the other day when I found out that my son and daughter-in-law are going to have a little girl. I thought, it’s going to be the year of the girl.

The year of Sarah Palin.

Sarah is helping John close.

Take that and smoke it Peggy.

29 Oct 2008 12:13 am


Pennsylvania’s the Keystone State for more reasons than one.

In 1981, as Lady Diana Spencer excitedly prepared for her wedding of the century to Prince Charles there were some warning bells going off in her mind. She’d discovered the secret gift of cuff links Camilla Parker Bowles had given to Charles and when she confided her worries to her sister that practical lady said, “Too late, Dutch (Diana’s family nickname), your face is already on all the tea towels.”


It’s a crying shame that that lovely woman never found love or even kindly companionship within her marriage and instead, tragically lost her life with playboy, Dodi Al-Fayed in a Paris tunnel.

Warning bells unlistened to. And bad choices made all around.

Now in 2008 on the other side of the pond, 232 years after we declared our Independence from Great Britain because of their egregious policy of taxation without representation the United States of America teeters on the edge of the clift.

The warning bells are ringing. Voices are sounding the alert.

Will a majority of the American electorate vote for Barack Obama a week from today knowing next to nothing about him? Will Americans continue to ignore the warnings many people have given about Obama’s leftist political leanings and his very questionable associations with people who despise this country? Are Americans so naive or so sheepish that they would have the government control their paychecks completely? Do they believe that taking money from the rich to give to the poor will make them any richer? Do they think that is really fair? Do they understand that the term “spreading the wealth around” means taking away money from one group of people to give it to another group, in other words, socialism.

A very important point from Lorie Byrd….

The economy is tied to national security. Anyone who doubts that just needs to be reminded of what the stock market did following the 9/11 attacks. Joe Biden said he believes there will be a generated international crisis in Obama’s first months in office to “test” him and he went on to say that many will question Obama’s response to that crisis. Like them or not, the actions of the Bush administration have resulted in not one terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11/01. No one would have dreamed that was possible on September 12, 2001.

Most people now take that for granted. When I recently attended the state fair not only was my backpack not checked, I didn’t even see a security guard when I entered the gates. I thought back on October 2001 and how thoroughly everything we took into the fairgrounds was searched. At the airport we are at least still checked almost as well as we were immediately following the 9/11 attacks, but I know I don’t really think much about it anymore. I just see it as routine without really giving much thought to it as I did when the new shoe checks and other new rules were first instituted. I no longer think about where the exits are as soon as I enter a public event as I did in the first years following 9/11. I suspect that most are like me in that respect and in many ways are now living in a September 10 state of mind. So far, this has been a September 10 election.

Without security there is no economy as we learned September 11th, 2001, and yet, we came back from it. Americans are better than sheep. We need not follow each other off the cliff.

Do the American people believe it is important to have a man of good character in the Oval Office? Are they aware that Obama and the Democrats are planning to downsize the military as much as 25%? Have Americans forgotten that we are still fighting two wars? Do they think the threats will end if Obama declares the wars over and brings the troops home? Do they really believe America will be respected and trusted by our allies and our enemies if Obama engages in such a naive foreign policy of appeasement?

Many Americans may say, give Obama a chance. After four years, we can vote him out. That may be difficult after four years of a Democrat Senate, House and Executive. As many as three new justices may be appointed to the Supreme court. How can we be sure there will be another election in 2012?

232 years of freedom was a pretty good run.

I would like to see 236 years please.

Warning given.

24 Oct 2008 01:42 am

Barack Obama won’t be calling the Hogs anytime soon.

John McCain will.

Obama can’t get over 36% of support from any kind of voter in Arkansas according to the annual Arkansas Poll by the University of Arkansas released today. Obama stayed at 36% of likely voters, registered, most likely, age seven, kind of dead, sort of dead, newly dead, or otherwise dead voters. Perhaps Acorn supports Obama more than 36%, but they weren’t polled.

Republican John McCain appears to be the favorite among Arkansans in the presidential race over Democrat Barack Obama, a poll released Tuesday shows.

The poll also showed a majority of Arkansans favoring a proposed state-run lottery and opposing a prohibition on unmarried and same-sex couples as adoptive or foster parents.

The annual Arkansas Poll by the University of Arkansas showed that 49 percent of those polled said they would have voted for McCain and 36 percent for Obama if the presidential election had been held on the day they were questioned. Among registered voters polled, McCain had 51 percent support while Obama stayed at 36 percent.

McCain’s lead grew to 53 percent among respondents who identified themselves as “very likely” voters, while Obama stayed at 36 percent, according to poll director Janine Parry.

With a sample of 1,628 completed surveys out of 3,786 people called between Oct. 1 and Oct. 21, the poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points. Eleven percent of respondents in the poll were surveyed by cell phone.

36% won’t help win in the electoral college or the popular vote for Obama. If the Messiah should win, Arkansas most likely will be among the states that will be punished with taxes and fines.

22 Oct 2008 10:33 pm

After work today my husband and I met up with each other downtown to go vote. The weather was beginning to turn when we met at the court house and went to room G-8 to stand in line. There was quite a line so we stood there for a while until we were called to sit down at desks where we were asked to present our I.D. cards.

The clerks checked our I.D.s and asked us if we still lived at our addresses. (they mentioned our addresses) Next, they asked us whether we prefered paper ballots or the electronic ballot. Independently, my husband and I both asked for paper ballots. I don’t know why. We talked about it on the way home. We both felt the electronic ballots could be tampered with. Paper ballots, we can hold in our hands. They are tactile. They won’t disappear into the ether.

We both went to sit down in little metal chairs in front of desks with three-part screens on top of them. We were next to each other so we whispered a few comments to each other about some of the ballot initiatives.

After we finished voting we placed our ballots into the lips of the machine like ballot box where hopefully they will stay until they are counted.

Afterwards we decided to celebrate our vote and go have an early supper. My daughter called me as we were sitting down to eat. “Geeze, Mom. You two really are eating early, like a bunch of old people. You two used to eat at nine o’clock at night.”

It’s really sad that in the state of Arkansas, Mark Pryor, the Democrat Senator incumbent had no Republican opponent. Thanks, a lot, Mike Huckabee.

Most of the voters in line were older. Early voting in our state has been going on since this past Monday. Today was the first day my husband and I could both make it.

McCain-Palin signs are everywhere around town and if that is any indication of the big turnout McCain-Palin will do very well in our part of the country.

I heard today on the local news that an Oklahoma congressman was embarrassed recently to have received an unasked for endorsement from Barack Obama. Obama is very unpopular in Oklahoma and the Democrat congressman did not ask for and does not want to run under Obama’s seal of approval. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the man. When I do I will update.

And, yes, it should go without saying, both my husband and I voted for John McCain!

18 Oct 2008 12:00 am


Look at Sarah Palin, an American Patriot, and Proud of it.

Seven weeks Peggy Noonan’s given Sarah Palin. Seven weeks to express her deepest philosophical yearnings on the campaign stump in order to personally inform HRH Peggy Noonan where Palin comes from. Are her roots Reaganite or Bushian? McCainian or Palinian? Will Palin start a new movement altogether, a Joe Sixpackian Party?, Noonan would sniff. (Or maybe a Joe the Plumber movement?) I can just see this newly declared Democratic elitist growing pale.

In the fullness of time history now appreciates the hard decisions that the late President Harry Truman faced so Ms. Noonan writes appreciatively of his achievements. She doesn’t mention that when Truman left office his approval ratings were extremely low because of his policies.

Noonan switches to her poison pen to write about Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate who has single handedly revived concepts of reality, reform, love of country and duty to the people of the United States. (and really given a boost to the Republican base) Along with President George W. Bush the concept of patriotism becomes again a stirring of the heart and soul, instead of a simple political phrase.

Like President Truman, President Bush has experienced a drop in popularity, but no one can question his patriotism or his success in the defense of his country and the American people. Virtually from the beginning of President Bush’s administration, Noonan was there, writing missives to him in her articles, almost as if she were a stage mother. At first she seemed proud of his performance in the campaign, in the debates, and after the 911 attacks.

As the years wore on Noonan’s articles became more critical of the president, criticizing the pitch of his voice, the missteps in his administrations’ policies; the state of the union addresses that others found stellar. Noonan nit-picked but that was okay. She was involved in the Revolution as she wrote.

But something happened to Noonan. Somewhere around 2005 her writing turned moodier, darker, and she seemed to want more nuance from President Bush, less patriotism, less, shall we say, God.

When did she cross over into such cynicism?

Noonan’s anger is evident throughout this disjointed and emotional article which meanders around in many directions, lightly criticizing Obama, then mugging John McCain, but using the body of the text to attack Sarah Palin for spending the past seven weeks essentially campaigning for John McCain and withstanding an onslaught of attacks that would make any person break down and cry.

One suspects the real target of this article was President Bush and the conservative writers who have stuck with him these past eight years. That seems to really irritate Noonan. She never could lead any of these patriots off the ranch into her land of bitterness and that must frustrate her greatly. The last line in her article betrays her bitterness and deep anger.

But we have seen Mrs. Palin on the national stage for seven weeks now, and there is little sign that she has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office. She is a person of great ambition, but the question remains: What is the purpose of the ambition? She wants to rise, but what for? For seven weeks I’ve listened to her, trying to understand if she is Bushian or Reaganite—a spender, to speak briefly, whose political decisions seem untethered to a political philosophy, and whose foreign policy is shaped by a certain emotionalism, or a conservative whose principles are rooted in philosophy, and whose foreign policy leans more toward what might be called romantic realism, and that is speak truth, know America, be America, move diplomatically, respect public opinion, and move within an awareness and appreciation of reality.

But it’s unclear whether she is Bushian or Reaganite. She doesn’t think aloud. She just . . . says things.

Noonan’s bitter and acerbic attitude reveals a contempt which will not allow me to any longer give her articles the benefit of any link.

You have gone many lines too far Ms. Noonan. You have arguably lost the reason that it takes to think through the difficulties of the moment and you have taken the emotional way out. Instead of simply keeping your counsel about things which may have puzzled or hurt you in the past seven weeks (I’m certain Sarah Palin has had many of these thoughts) you made the unfortunate choice, to think out loud.

Thankfully, Sarah Palin is a patriot. She is a happy warrior.

Yes, to red-blooded Americans, Sarah Palin is the Statue of Liberty, holding up the torch, reminding us who we are, an exceptional people whose great deeds were done in this world because we are free and it is not time to let go of that freedom.

And we will not let go of that freedom.

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