Mike Huckabee blamed Thompson supporters for his loss to John McCain in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. He also blamed snow.

Huckabee came a close second to McCain in the seven-man Republican presidential line-up, 33-30 percent. But Thompson took third place with 16 percent, and exit polls showed many of Huckabee’s and Thompson’s supporters shared the same priorities on issues like values, immigration and taxes.

“We obviously wanted and we honestly thought we would win. The fact of Fred Thompson’s being in the race took away some votes that we most likely had. I believe every analyst has looked at it that way,”Huckabee said. “The snow pretty much – not only froze the streets of the Greenville-Spartanburg area, but the votes came to a stop when it started snowing. That was an area where we had really looked forward to getting a heavy and significant vote margin.”

Huckabee said he wasn’t trying to make excuses.

Sure, Mike. Every analyst looked at it that way. You’re really in with the analysts aren’t you? Our good old so-called inside the beltway Republican analysts like Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol, are, for some reason, pushing for John McCain to be the nominee. They liked you for a while but you are getting a little too close for comfort for their favorite.

Of course, Bill Kristol’s favorite in the 2000 election was John McCain. He didn’t get his way then, either. The shuck and jive’s getting a little tired, Mike. I don’t remember anyone frying squirrel in their popcorn popper back in their college days in Arkansas either. That’s the kind of stuff we used to tell our Iowa cousins we did when they asked us what it was like to live in “the South.”
But it wasn’t true. We just liked to entertain them.

Arkansans do have the gift of gab though, but that is not to be mistaken for true leadership. Blaming others for one’s inability to win isn’t something a real leader does. My Dad always called whiners, Baby Rays. I think that’s a pretty good designation, Huckabee. So Huckabye, Huckabee.