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11 May 2011 08:50 pm


Our lovely and oh, so cultured First Lady, Michelle Obama held a poetry event at the White House tonight. She invited the Rapper, “Common” to the event. N.J. Cops are outraged.

As well they should have been. The Rapper, Common grew up in the same church Michelle and Barack attended back in Chicago and those Jeremiah Wright chickens were roosting in the White House tonight.

Ten Detroit area students were invited to the event as well as the actor/poet, Steve Martin, and other contemporary poets.

No Cowboy Poets were in attendance. Neither were the poets Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Not even in spirit.

Although the White House claimed that Common was sidelined from the afternoon events, according to Facebook responses of those who watched the White House stream tonight, he was there and performed at the event.

President Obama welcomed the crowd to the White House with arguably the most poetic words he has ever uttered, “Hello, everybody. Please have a seat. Welcome to the White House. I am going to be brief, because on a night like tonight, my job is to get out of the way and let the professionals do their job.”

03 May 2011 01:04 am


Sunday night when I heard that Usama Bin Laden had been killed I remembered President Bush’s words after September 11, 2001: “We will not tire. We will not falter. We will not fail.”

When our goldfish died we flushed them down the toilet.

So, after Usama Bin Laden was taken down in his million dollar compound by Navy SEALs his body was tossed in the sea.

Buh Bye, you Monster. You had ten years to run and hide and you spent your last few moments of life hiding behind a woman.

Isn’t that just special.

You filthy, bloody, jihadist cretin. You deserved much worse than what you and your evil minions did to three thousand innocent citizens on September 11th, 2001, you disgusting piece of satanic, flesh.

Oh, sorry. Eaten by sharks by now, you piece of dead flesh.

May your soul suffer eternal damnation.

And, thanks, President Obama. Well done. Letting the military kill people and break things can be cool and may even help you get re-elected.

But, not if I have anything to do with it.

05 Sep 2010 11:18 pm


This was the Frisco Train my great grandfather drove back when he was an engineer.

In this post I compare the nations’ electorate to a fifteen year old girl.

When I was a young teenager I spent a lot of time at the baseball fields. My brother played baseball and my Dad played fast-pitch softball. Our family was at the ballparks all summer long. That was convenient for me because I had a crush on a baseball player who played on one of my brother’s opposing teams. One summer night when I was fifteen my brother’s team was playing against my crush’s team. Several of my friends had come to the game with me. We were going between the ballparks to see the games. My Dad was also playing and the fast-pitch ball field was located at the end of the ballpark. Running through the ball fields was a train track which separated the field my brother was playing on from all the others.

The train was required to only go fifteen miles per hour through the ballparks and it was also required to blow its horn as a warning.

I’ve always loved trains, my great grandfather was an engineer for Frisco and always had a special whistle for my great grandmother to let her know when he was back in town. Hanging on the wall in my great grandparents bedroom was a certificate given to my great grandfather from the late President Truman and my great grandmother told me that it was awarded to my great grandfather because he had been the engineer who drove President Truman on his Whistle Stop tour.

When my siblings and I were little one of our biggest thrills was getting to ride on the miniature steam engine in Creekmore Park.

Hearing all the lore from my great grandmother and listening to the whistle of the train late at night in the summer when our windows were open made trains a fascinating and exotic mode of transportation for me.

So this particular night when I was fifteen I was watching my brother’s ballgame with my friends and I decided to go back to my Dad’s game to see how things were going. As my friends and I were climbing up the hill to the track I heard a cheer and turned around to see what was happening at my brother’s game. Apparently, I stopped right on the train track because all of a sudden there was a light in my face, stunning me. I couldn’t move. My friends had gone on across the track and must not have seen me standing there on the track with a train bearing down on me.

It happened pretty fast although to me it seemed to go on for quite some time. I don’t remember breathing or even thinking. Mind you, I was a very responsible young lady. I was the oldest child in my family and I felt a deep responsibility for my younger siblings. I was an in demand babysitter and yet, there I was, standing in the middle of a train track with a train heading right at me.

I couldn’t move.

Thankfully, the train stopped a few feet away from me. The engineer got off the train to check to see if I was okay.

I was okay. I looked down at the ball field and the game had stopped and everyone was looking at me.


I remember feeling relieved but very embarrassed. I never wanted the spotlight and there it was shining on me, simply because I was not paying attention to what I was doing. I had been too distracted by boys and friends and baseball. I was very lucky I was not killed.

Is that how Obama slipped into the White House?

Were Americans so busy with their lives that they only heard Obama’s message of Hope and Change subliminally? Could it be possible that working Americans, distracted with their busy lives and jobs depended on the news media to inform them about the Senator from Illinois and when nothing surfaced that made them change their minds the nations’ electorate made the easier choice, the media approved selection. That way, 52% of America’s voters could do something historical, and popular and feel good about themselves, thereby ignoring the rumble in the distance.

Many of us were alarmed by the man who revealed nothing about himself during the Presidential campaign and we tried to warn America, but to no avail.

I’m no longer a teenager and I react when I see danger coming my way so I will just say it like this:

America, a train has been blazing down the track against all things American’s treasure since January 20th, 2009. The engineer is Barack Obama, the conductors: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Will Americans keep standing on the track looking transfixed at the light or will they get off the track and do what they can to derail the devastation that has been wrought on our economy, our national security, and our standing in the world?

I’ve been hearing the rumble underfoot for months now.

08 Jun 2010 12:16 am


Obama holds no brief for pelicans.

Thoughts that have occurred to me lately while I was away from the keyboard…

It seems to me that the White House has worked harder at offering jobs to Democrats they want out of the way than in actually doing the things that will ignite our economy and create real jobs.

How many weeks did it take for Obama to respond to the tragic oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf? Was there ever any kind of Obama administration response to the floods in Nashville?

I came to the conclusion that Obama couldn’t care less about the South after the presidential election in 0-8. Arkansas and Louisiana rejected Obama even more strongly than they did John Kerry in the 0-4 election. I suspected then that there would be hell to pay for the states that voted strongly for McCain. It seems to me that the Obama administrations’ belated response to the horror in the Gulf has been grudging to say the least. Obama seems to be annoyed that he has had to travel south to see the impact in person.

On Day forty nine of the oil spill Louisiana fisheries, oil industries and the hospitality industry are suffering and will be hurting for many years to come. There hasn’t been much in the way of constructive concern coming from the White House for the economic devastation that will most certainly occur.

My daughter-in-law’s father was killed in a horrible accident on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana when she was thirteen years old. Her family has suffered from that good man’s loss. It’s very sad that there has been very little mention of the deaths of the eleven men who died in the explosion on the oil rig.

Knowing how much my Louisiana relatives love everything to do with fishing, boating and all the unique ways of life the state offers, it makes me sad that their world as they know it is upside down. Now the livelihoods of so many in the Gulf states are threatened.

Then there was the Helen Thomas outing this weekend. She was finally revealed as the anti-semitic, pro-Palestinian hag that she is. I never understood why the White House press corps sat in the same room with the woman during the years of President George W. Bush. She was so over-the-top biased against President Bush that it was sickening.

This woman’s downfall was a long time coming but it was inevitable. Yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day and my husband and I watched one of the few tributes to it on the Military Channel. Kind of ironic that Ms. Thomas met her doom on the 66th anniversary of the allied invasion to free Europe from Hitler.


“Most people in the White House don’t share Helen Thomas’ anti-semitic views,” press secretary, Robert Gibbs said today. “Obviously those remarks are — do not reflect certainly the opinion of most people in here, and certainly not of the administration.”

Hmm. Wonder who in the White House does share Helen Thomas’ views?

03 Jun 2010 10:37 am

Yesterday a census worker knocked on the door of my parents’ house, even though they had already mailed in the census months ago.

The census worker asked my parents why they didn’t fill in the blank for race/ethnicity and instead wrote in “Two Americans.” My Dad answered, “We are two Americans. That is all the federal government needs to know about us. We are two Americans who pay our taxes.”

The female census worker then asked my parents to tell her their names. My Dad refused to do so. He did agree to write his initials on the form that stated that the census worker had spoken to them.

My Dad.

All Obama’s horses and all of his men better not mess with him.

21 May 2010 07:19 am


The color is good but the bodice looks too tight and the sparkly belt is out of place. As always the Washington Post gives Michelle Obama sighs and oohs and ahhs.

It’s doubtful that Michelle sampled the Chocolate-Cajeta Tart

11 May 2010 11:39 pm


Just Biden their time at the White House until their friends in the media set the nations’ heads straight about Obama’s choice of Elena Kagan, the super friendly and fun new Supreme Court nominee. There is not much of a paper trail for the nominee which might explain the focus on her great personality. It’s as if Barack and friends were trying to convince the nation to take Kagan out on a date. She plays basketball (or maybe she plays the basketball?) she plays a mean straight (or maybe it’s two of a kind) and she loves to go to Halloween parties.

The White House would certainly have us believe that Kagan is not vapid and hollow even though she used those words to describe the Supreme Court nomination process of Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

However, the White House has thus far provided little meat (or potatoes) to the biography of nominee, Kagan. It’s as though the Gates to the brain trust are Locked. Just ask the reporters who questioned Robert Gibbs about a White House produced interview of Kagan posted today on the White House website.

We know that Kagan didn’t want military recruiters anywhere near her beloved Harvard but when she was challenged before the Supreme Court, she lost. Perhaps that is why she was selected by Obama to be the nations’ solicitor general. (I’m being Sebelius)

After all, Obama doesn’t even know how to pronounce corpsman. It appears from the dearth of a paper trail that Kagan has been grooming herself for the court for years. So what if she’s had a few photo ops with military members? Sometimes the elite do have to mix with their perceived enemies. But the attempt of the clueless president to paper over Kagan’s bias against our nations’ military fools no one except reporters. It makes no Rahm or reason.

It’s all about perception.

I read in the Wall Street Journal that Ms. Kagan had mixed grades as Dean of the Harvard Law School. To her credit, she was inclusive with conservative speakers and law faculty. She even had praise for the Federalist Society. But, according to the article Kagan was given more credit than she deserves for adding more conservatives to the law faculty. The credit should be given to her predecessor, Robert Clark, dean for 14 years.

On the other hand, there are all the goodies Kagan provided for Harvard Law, a skating rink, a renovated gym, even tampons in the bathroom!

Here is more about Kagan’s Harvard Law days as Dean.

Then there is Kagan’s “Socialism Thesis.” Not much of a blip in the news but very revealing. Even though there is much to be learned about Elena Kagan the Washington liberal fog machine blows on.

Will we see Republicans in the Senate ask Kagan the questions she thought should have been asked of Justices Breyer and Ginsburg?

Not bloody likely.

22 Mar 2010 03:30 pm


I watched the televised coverage of our nations’ descent into socialism this weekend, when I could stand it. I have never suffered under the delusion that Democrats can be trusted so when I saw the non-stop coverage about whether Congressman Stupak would say yea or nay I changed the channel. I knew he would pull a Lucy in the end.

And he did.

The Congress passed socialized health care 219 to 212.

The fiscal integrity of our nation, both private and public has been under attack since January 20th, 2009.

We are now going “down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.” Ronald Reagan

The thing is, a majority of the American people are against Obamacare. This has to be the most intrusive, invasive legislation in a hundred years. The biggest power grab; a mandate requiring Americans to buy health care insurance whether they want it or not and if they don’t the IRS will be sicced on them.

Will we turn over and go back to sleep? Will we allow Barack Obama and his pack of hellions to take our country down to the ant heap?

Hell No!

We won’t!

04 Mar 2010 01:11 pm


When Hillary Clinton stated last October that she had no plans to run for President again some political pundits coughed into their hands. From the looks of this photo of Hillary in Brazil recently I’m beginning to take her seriously.

Mrs. Clinton’s global efforts as Secretary of State are not working out so well. Brazil just snubbed the U.S. on sanctions against Iran. She’s caused trouble with Britain over the Falklands. She’s having bad hair days and “occasional overseas gaffes” all over the world.

Does this reflect on President Obama or is Hillary Clinton simply ineffectual?

04 Feb 2010 11:46 pm


Desperate Blanche Lincoln sought to distance herself from President Obama Wednesday in an “audience” (discussion) with Obama and Senate Democrats.

Lincoln, who faces a tough reelection fight, asked Obama to push back against “people at the extremes” of both parties, especially against Democrats “who want extremes.”

She also took a swipe at Obama’s White House, referencing a constituent who “fears that there’s no one in your administration that understands what it means to go to work on Monday and make a payroll on Friday.“

Blanche wants Obama to push back against extreme Democrats?

Dear me.

I’m wondering who in the White House gave Lincoln permission to go after Obama with her stinging payroll comments. A cynical minded person who has watched Lincoln’s not so centrist voting record has to consider the back story. It’s doubtful that her remarks were unscripted.

It’s ironic, actually, because Mrs. Lincoln has never had a job outside government her whole adult life.

Blanche Lincoln has also never had to make a payroll.

After graduating from college, Lincoln served as a staff assistant for U.S. Representative Bill Alexander, a Democrat from Arkansas’s 1st congressional district.[11] She remained in Alexander’s office until 1984.[8] In 1992, Lincoln defeated Alexander (who had become a major figure in the House banking scandal) in the Democratic primary, by a margin of 61 to 39 percent. She subsequently won the general election, beating Republican Terry Hayes with 70% of the vote. Her election to the House coincided with the election of fellow Arkansan, Bill Clinton, as President of the United States.

She was reelected to a second term under her married name, Blanche Lincoln, and served in the House of Representatives until 1997. Lincoln chose not stand for reelection in 1996; she was pregnant at that time.

In 1998, Lincoln returned to politics and ran for the Senate seat being vacated by incumbent Senator Dale Bumpers. She defeated her Republican opponent, Fay Boozman, the brother of future congressman John Boozman, by a margin of 55%-42%.

If Lincoln’s remarks were an attempt to win back the “boobus Arkansasus” she has very little hope.

But there will be change.

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