Joe the Plumber

21 Feb 2009 02:59 pm


Miss Katydid and her dolls, Wimples and Lumley and other friends are having a tea party. Miss Katydid is my daughter Kate, who, along with her brother, Drew and sister, Charlotte, inspired lots of artistic output from me in their childhood lives. Their unique outlooks on life and funny comments gave me all the entertainment I ever needed. What is wrong with parents today who have to have their cable television and ipods and Wii’s and all that other stuff? If they would just take the time to sit down and interview their children they would find a universe of wonder.


My brother trying to spoil my tea party

There was always a tea party in me. Perhaps it is genetic. My maternal (and some paternal) ancestors were from New England and were Revolutionaries. My direct ancestor, Ebenezer Whitmarsh built a house in what is now Whitman, Massachusetts in 1714 on ten acres of land (in what was then the wilderness) he had purchased for ten pounds of hard coin. Apparently he was a good builder because the house is still standing. It was up for sale last summer.

Our ancestors contributed to the growth and the goodness of this nation. The Whitmarshes, Haydens, Adams and Faxons were from Braintree, Massachusetts and the Rands hailed from Charleston, Massachusetts. In fact, Nehemiah Rand was a minister and a hatter and owned a part of Bunker Hill but after the British burned Charleston he and his family moved to Lyndeborough, New Hampshire permanently.

Having to flee the city didn’t mean they didn’t fight. Charles Whitmarsh, my direct great something grandfather took off to fight in the Revolutionary War at the age of sixteen and so did my great something grandfathers Benjamin Wright and John Wright. So did Mathew Payne and Josiah Payne. And it came down to taxation without representation. After all the blood, sweat and tears given to the building up of the nation the citizens weren’t willing to let a King from across an ocean send his army to terrorize the people and confiscate the goods the people had worked so hard to produce.

That brings us down to this very day and that so and so in the Oval Office who has in just one month brought such despicable change.

This is what Barack Obama intends to do with the hard working citizens of this country in this day and age. Barack Obama wants to mortage the future of our children and grandchildren, keeping them as renters, unable to take ten pounds of hard coin to build a house as my ancestor, Ebenezer Whitmarsh did and leave it to their children as he did. Why Obama wants to do this, we can only surmise, but stop him, we can, if we join together.

Apparently the American people have had it with the so-called hope and change Obama’s been forcing on the tax-paying, bill-paying producers in this country.

Sissy Willis writes about Rick Santelli, a CNBC host who roused the week with his revolutionary comments about Obama’s distributionist mortgage bailout plan: “Y’know, Cuba used to have mansions and a relatively decent economy. They moved from the individual to the collective. Now they’re driving ‘54 Chevys, maybe the last great car to come out of Detroit,”

Pajamas Media’s Roger Simon asks, Will there be a ‘Chicago Tea Party’?

Wanna Have a Tea Party?

I know I do.

We will have to be doing this while the MSM will be scrubbing the news for Obama, not something the Revolutionaries of Old had to deal with so much or did they?

10 Jan 2009 11:38 pm


Another fantastic Kaia Larsen photo

The question in the title asks, are we a nation of pigeons? According to the dictionary, the second definition:

Slang. One who is easily swindled; a dupe

As January 20th approaches, Wall Street’s investing in mattresses, flyover America is stocking up on guns, while the pigeons of America are elbowing their way to Washington D.C. to get their share of Obama’s pie. The citizens of Edwardsville, Alabama may as well rename its town Pigeonsville.

Still, Obama talks down the economy. No optimist is that one. Perhaps he has his reasons. When people feel panicky, they are not apt to think logically. Perhaps Rahm and company want to take advantage of that. Supposedly Rahm already took care of Howard Dean.

But to give the president elect credit, he knows a pigeon when he sees one.

Of course, Senator McCain reverted to moderate status the moment he conceded to Barack Obama and he let it be known through his campaign aides that he didn’t really like Sarah Palin all that much so now he’s back in the senate, coaching his fellow senators to be nice little moderates. Reaching across the aisle is apparently the only exercize the man ever gets.

Yes, just a few months back I was supporting this man with all my might. Do I feel like a pigeon? With the exception of McCain placing Gov. Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket, I would have to say yes but I am not sorry I supported that great lady for VEEP.

ALLAPUNDIT puts up as quote of the day David Frum’s latest snark against Sarah Palin.

“She tells us she was a victim of sexism. She tells us she was a victim of class prejudice. She complains about her media treatment - then insists she never watched any of it. She deplores the unpleasant personal comments directed against herself, while offering up some equally unpleasant personal comments of her own. She repeatedly shades the truth in order to escape blame for her own mistakes. (She won’t for example let go of our claim that there was some insult to Alaska embedded in Katie Couric’s simple question: ‘What do you read?’)

A smart politician rebuffs all invitations to speak about his or her own hurt feelings. It’s not just that such talk sounds whiny and weak, although it does. Much more seriously, such talk betrays a self-involvement that alienates voters almost more than any other personal quality. Through the 2008 election, Barack Obama repeatedly said ‘It’s not about me. It’s about you.’ Exactly so! But Palin’s replies to Ziegler make clear that for her, the election was about her. The next election will be even more so, because she has collected so many more grievances along the way.”

A weak Frummian attack and I don’t understand why the allahpundit gave it any notice whatsoever. I have never seen the national media go on such a vicious personal attack against a candidate for national office, and her family.

It’s a definite first. The media hated Nixon, and Reagan and they went after Nancy Reagan on issues such as her wardrobe and the White House china but they left the kids alone. Not so, with President George W. Bush and his daughters. That should have been a warning to the McCain campaign but as McCain always said, he considered the media his base. I don’t recall during the campaign much in the way of outrage coming from McCain himself when Palin’s daughter, Bristol was attacked on the very first weekend Sarah Palin was announced as the vice presidential choice. It went down hill from there.

The fact that it is continuing to happen had to be a reason why Sarah Palin decided to speak out.

Where is it written that a politician can’t threaten to punch the lights out of someone who has insulted their children? (think Harry Truman)

“I have just seen your lousy review of Margaret’s concert. It seems to me you’re a frustrated old man. Someday I hope to meet you. When that happens, you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a jock supporter below. (signed) HST, President.”

It’s high time that Sarah Palin spoke out and that she did so with John Ziegler who is currently working on a documentary of How Obama got Elected is fine with me. Sarah Palin is no pigeon, in fact, in many circles she is known as a barracuda and the news media might as well learn their lessons right now.

Ziegler’s interview is at the terrific new, Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. I’ve found myself clicking over there several times a day.

Of course, Sissy Willis always gets there before I do, so read her terrific write-up of the genius, Roger L. Simon and his decision to hire Joe the Plumber to travel to Gaza to report on the Israeli-Hamas war. See the Rembrandtesque photo of Tiny and read Sissy’s insightful comments about Palin, Joe the Plumber and the cultural left.

“If a community organizer can be president and a Saturday Night Live comedian can be a U.S. senator, why can’t a plumber be a reporter?”, Michelle Malkin asks in her syndicated column. It’s a simple question.

The cultural left, as always, place themselves in boxes that perhaps may be targets for actual pigeon droppings but they are usually the kind of boxes they can easily bend and be made into other sorts of boxes when their ideas don’t pan out. May they box themselves in so well that they leave themselves no way out when the big bills come due.

Nancy Pelosi comes to mind when I visualize the pigeons in the above Kaia Larsen photo. These pigeons are minding their own business of course, just perching on top of a building downtown in the evening as the moon rises. But may their fellow pigeons in Washington D.C. somehow, someway, get a message from a certain blogger who would like for Ms Pelosi to have a very bad hair day at the very least if she wants to immediately raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans as she is urging Obama to do, because, as most people (if not pigeons) know, that is the worst thing that can be done in the middle of a recession.

Hugh Hewitt (definitely not a pigeon) writes:

I suppose there are a few crackpot economists who agree with the Speaker, but the vast majority of economist concur that any tax hike in a fragile economy is very bad medicine indeed. Nancy Pelosi’s demand for a punitive assault on the highest income earners may just be posturing for the benefit of the hard-left that supplies her troops with energy and money, but there’s a very good chance she really doesn’t understand this very basic truth about the business cycle: It takes business to employ people. Tax people at higher rates and fewer people will be employed.

The president-elect has a rare opportunity to extend the Democratic Party’s deep reach into the center and even the center-right. This opportunity worries Republicans –a lot.

But the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader seemed poised to insist on imposing the ideological purity of the hard left leadership on the new Administration. Bad for the economy, good for the GOP’s rapid recovery.

It may be the Year of the OX according to the Chinese but in Chicago it’s the Year of the Chicken. According to John Kass in the Chicago Tribune there will be a lot of chicken dancing and roosting when it comes to filling Rahm Emanuel’s vacant congressional seat. This is a very interesting and illuminating read.

The amazing thing is that Barack Obama managed to emerge so immaculately from the slime that is Chicago politics. But still, that politics has followed him to Washington like a three ring circus as P.J. O’Rourke puts it.

I dunno. Maybe Blago and the Chicago slime use carrier pigeons instead.

25 Oct 2008 01:02 am

A squirrel attacked the transformer in our neighborhood late this afternoon, thus preventing me from watching Sarah Palin deliver a policy speech on special needs children. The room went black. The computer died. The television went off. My husband left the room.

I felt my way down the stairs to the late afternoon light outside. I stepped off the porch and walked through the yard, crunchy with acorns, down to the street, making my way to our neighbors’ house. I knocked at the door. They weren’t home. I saw no lights inside so I went back into our yard. My husband called the electric company. They told him no one else in our neighborhood had notified them about any power outage. A fleeting thought went through my mind…. this is happening so often. Not as often as Iraq or China obviously, but we used to take for granted that we would have a nice flow of electricity on a beautiful sunny day.

We had a power outage last Spring and it turned out that a squirrel had touched the wrong prong and had been punished with great bolts of electricity for the trouble.

After my husband checked our power supply he walked around to the front yard. “It’s probably another squirrel attack,” he said.

We walked out back to look at the transformer up on the hill. The hill in our back yard is ringed with trees. My husband suspects that the reason why the squirrels keep attacking the transformer is their easy access to it due to the trees and the over population of the squirrels. He thinks we should have a squirrel hunt. Of course that is impossible in city limits. As to the squirrels, well, they can climb trees, so of course they can climb wooden poles.

Some young boys who live in the house behind us were outside near the transformer. They excitedly told us that they had heard what sounded like a gunshot. My husband told them that the transformer had probably blown. We looked around for fried squirrel but couldn’t find any. The boys who ranged from age eight to ten introduced us to their dog, Auggie and told us about their other dog, Frenchie (who is named after their Dad’s french fries) The boys are great public relations for their Dad’s restaurant, George’s, one of the best restaurants in town. They followed us back into our yard, chatting all the way.

One of the boys asked my husband about our McCain-Palin sign. He went on to tell my husband “that Barack Obama is from Iraq, that the Marines are chasing him, that they have chased him all the way from Iraq and that they will get him.”

Ahh. Kids. The things they will say.

So after we checked out the transformer my husband decided to make another phone call to the electric company. He spoke to the representative to let her know about the transformer and that the kids heard it blow and when he finished up the conversation he absent-mindedly ended it by saying, “love you”, which is what he says to me and our children. He immediately, said, “Oh, sorry.” and the lady laughed. I teased him that maybe that personal touch might get us some extra attention. Perhaps it did.

Within twenty minutes the electrical repair truck arrived and the repair guy confirmed that yes, the transformer had blown. He did his repairs quickly and efficiently. Guys like this, who come in storms, snow, and other calamities make citizens lives more comfortable and safe. He’s like Joe the Plumber, just a regular hard working man, out in his yard, throwing a football around with his son, when Obama and his media followers invaded his neighborhood and he innocently decided to ask a question to Obama. Because of Joe, many Americans are being led out of the darkness into the light.

Pretty soon our lights were back on.

My desire to cocoon on a Friday evening had left me after all that time being outside. I wanted to go out to see my children and grandchildren and break bread with them. That is what I did. Now, late at night, reflecting on the silliness of this post and thinking about that miracle we take for granted: electricity, I’m sitting in front of the computer screen while my husband sleeps, and finally catching up on Sarah Palin’s speech about special needs kids.

Now, I am satisfied with the day. I can let go. The squirrel didn’t defeat me. It wouldn’t have. If the electricity hadn’t returned tonight I would have just lit a candle and read a book. We do have our resources.