I grow less courageous with every election it seems. The one that nearly broke my heart was Bush-Gore in 2000. We were living in Germany and the fact we were seven hours ahead and had only NBC or CNN International reporting the election returns made the waiting miserable. Having access to the internet and Hugh Hewitt’s radio show was a lifesaver.

My husband and I decided to turn off all news reports tonight and put on reruns of NCIS. That is how we are getting through the election returns.

When we know, we will know.

But I will allow myself occasionally to sneak a peak every once in a while and I checked out this Corner post.

Not much really but I like the subdued crowd line.

I’ve been to Grant Park and Hyde Park before, on visits to Chicago to see my cousin, Peggy Sue. She knows all the ins and outs of Chicago. Once when we were at a red light she pointed out that Phil Jackson, then coach of the Chicago Bulls was driving through the intersection on his Harley.

During that visit Peggy took my daughters and me to her yacht club which was located near the Navy Pier. While Peggy was taking me on a tour of the club my daughters were in the lounge/bar with their cousin, Jamie, meeting and greeting people. They struck up a conversation with a man in thick black glasses who was really nice. He asked them if they were in town for the Democratic National Convention. (it was 1996) They said, no they had just come to visit. I found out later that they had been conversing with the late, great, Harry Caray.

I knew him. Didn’t get to meet him.

They met him. Didn’t know who he was. I reminded them he was the announcer for the Chicago Cubs in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off .

We never ran into Barack Obama.

I guess I will check the election returns again.


I just now checked the returns and Senator McCain has conceded to President Elect Obama.

I didn’t watch, I didn’t have the heart but that noble man deserved much better from the American people.

As for Barack Obama, I’m sorry. I’m not going to be a hypocrite. He was elected President by a majority of the American people but I believe the man will be very bad news for our country. For the sake of my country though, I wish Barack Obama and his family well.