25 Oct 2011 02:59 pm

I recently wrote about the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) making an appearance in the Civil War after the Battle of Fredericksburg in December, 1862. Some soldiers called the celestial occurrence God’s Windows.


( Billy Rogers Photography via Facebook / October 24, 2011 )

It happened again last night in Northern Arkansas. I went outside when I heard about it but the lights didn’t appear in our sky. I wish I could have seen it but we are too far South.

I saw the Northern Lights for the first time when I was twenty six years old and on board an airliner somewhere above Iceland. My husband and our two year old son were on our way to Augsburg, Germany for our first overseas Army tour. When the pilot announced to all the passengers that we had a wonderful light show outside our windows I was awed but also very frightened. I had never seen nor heard of the Northern Lights. The sky was on fire with blue, yellow, green and red lights dancing all over it. I will never forget the sight.

06 Jul 2010 12:41 am


Reminiscing about my excursion to the country a few weeks ago. While driving out with my husband and his friend to my sisters’ house in the woods we had to slow down to let two deer cross the road.

We were up early and arrived in the country around nine a.m. My sister, Lucy was our guide, leading us down the mountain through the woods to the place her husband had set up as a make-shift range.

The guys had quite a few different kinds of guns. They were carrying way too much gear so I ended up helping them out by carrying one bag which got heavier and heavier as I went down the hill.


The guys had forgotten to bring a target so a small white sticker was stuck to the wood.


My husband’s friend, Mike knows how to shoot. He is a former Army officer and is now a policeman.


Lucy tried this gun and so did I. It didn’t have as much recoil as I expected which was fun.


We spent about an hour down at the range in the woods and then packed up to make our trek back up the hill. It was hot and we were all tired, except for my tiny Amazon sister, Lucy, who beat us up the hill.


I took a slow walk up the hill, taking photos along the way. Bob and Mike decided to go on back to town but I stayed to visit with Lucy. She made me a cup of Irish tea. We practiced singing a song we were to sing at church the following Sunday for Fathers Day.

The tea was so good. Then came a lunch of bacon, eggs and tomato juice. Yum. We enjoyed our very American day even though a thought came to me at the time…Guns, bacon, eggs, tea. None of these delectations and items of self defense are popular with the political elite and yet most Americans enjoy some or all of these American standards.

30 Jan 2009 02:49 pm


Stepping outside this morning the first thing I noticed was the sound of popping and snapping of wood and birds singing. This was the first day the temperature broke the freezing mark.

Nature’s singing.


For the past three days the trees and surrounding shrubbery have been bowed down heavily with ice.


The sun makes its appearance for the first time this week to set the captive trees free from the ice.

Garrett Lewis, KFSM-TV’s Chief Meteorologist, has a Weather Blog at 5NEWS and he drove around the area taking a video of the damaged trees. It’s a really sad sight.