11 Jun 2009 12:33 pm


Laura at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, in Paris, France in 1978. Photo by Robert R. Donoho.

No, I wasn’t posing as a caryatid for Frank Lloyd Wright as the awesome and audacious Professor Althouse was captured doing the other day.

I was just thrilled to be in Paris. Notre-Dame was (and still is) the length, width, height, and depth of my favorite architectural structure in the entire world.

Long ago and faraway (in 1978) my husband and I were stationed in Augsburg, Germany, our first tour abroad. We had a young family, but managed to travel to France, Switzerland, Belgium and England. Sometimes we were lucky enough to have trusted babysitters to stay with our children. We had a great babysitter when we made our trip to Paris.

Some conservatives are incensed that President Obama took his family to Europe during his most recent overseas trip. I can’t be critical of the Obama family’s travels to Paris and London as long as the taxpayers are reimbursed.

On the other hand, this is the worst economy since the Great Depression and it’s odd that while regular Americans are scratching their own vacations Madame Obama is going full steam ahead with her own. She seems not to care about her fellow struggling Americans.

And yet, the Obamas are the First Family.

It is a wonderful experience for any American to see “the old country”. I would advise the Obamas to check out the history as well as the culture of the countries. Read a good historian like Paul Johnson.

Furthermore, it would have been my choice had Obama himself chosen to stay in Europe longer to just loll around. Get in some good smokes. Take the ice train to Berlin. Get some rest. He seems tired a lot. Or maybe Obama could hang out at The Côte d’Azur and take some topless strolls on the beach. He can surely spend his time thinking of more things he hates about America to add to his Apology Tour Act.

Obama should just leave Americans alone.

Alas, he left his wife and daughters in Europe.


Something tells me that Mrs. Obama is having a great time overseas. She caused quite a stir in London yesterday with her daisy outfit. There is something quite childlike in her choice of clothing. It seems that First Lady Michelle Obama likes to play dressup. At least in Great Britain.


My little girls always loved to play dressup. (These sweet little girls grew up to become tough lawyers.)

Perhaps Michelle Obama’s daisy outfit was some kind of in your face message to her fellow Americans.

What must Robin Givhan think?

29 Apr 2009 02:38 pm


“Oh, Rob.”

Ann Althouse laments:
What’s the point of writing about fashion if you can’t say cutting, critical things?

The old Robin Givhan, the snarky, reliably leftist fashionista at the Washington Post, assigned to cover Michelle Obama, finds herself with little critical or even interesting tidbits of snark. Not one piece of snark can Ms. Givhans give up.


Has Michelle Obama really scaled the heights of fashion in our nations’ capital? Is she really America’s answer to Princess Diana? Are scads of American women running out to purchase clothing like Michelle’s as they did when Jackie O reigned as our nations’ First Lady?


Is Mrs. Obama more of a Laura Petrie or an Aunt Bee?

My fashion advice to Mrs. Obama: wear less black, and more colors. Watch your hemline. Smile more. Enjoy fashion. Keep weeding the garden.

Americans enjoy having a first lady who looks good, smiles a lot and has interesting causes. We don’t care for pushy women (or any unelected spouses) who intrude themselves into the business of the government.

Stay out of the West Wing. It’s definitely not good for fashion.