Cartoon Madness

25 Nov 2008 06:54 pm


It’s so sad. Kids today know very little, if anything about the comic strip Peanuts. It’s doubtful that kids even read the comic section of newspapers since readership has tanked so the only way they will get exposure to the late, great Charles M. Schulz is through his Peanuts’ specials. But there is a scarcity of that lately. When I mention Linus in my art classes I get blank looks. Kids don’t know anything about Snoopy. Or Charlie Brown. Or Lucy.

It’s tragic.


Kids know about Mega Man and Iron Man but to me, Snoopy was always the Man.


My favorite of all of Schulz’s holiday specials was A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

I guess it’s just the child in me, but back in the eighties when I first saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown lay out Buttered Toast, pretzels, popcorn, jelly beans and ice cream for Thanksgiving Dinner I thought, yeah, that’s just what I’d want if I were a kid.

On the day before the mad-Turkey-rush in the kitchen, I’m thinking that still might be a nice alternative.

Tonight ABC is airing the classic again. I’m going to sit down and pretend to be a child again and hope that there are some children who can put away their Nintendos and Wii’s and just watch the timeless magic of Charles M. Schulz. To me, the Thanksgiving special is the best one and all of them are wonderful. I watched the specials with my kids when they were little ans they still love them today.

Charles M. Schulz’ A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” airs tonight at 8:00 PM EST on ABC.

27 Feb 2006 01:07 pm

My daughter pointed out to me that I say that a lot. It’s not from a loss of words but a restraint. When things really PISS me off I try not to curse or get obscene.

Good grief means I am really irritated, shocked, annoyed or disgusted. This time “good grief” means just that. Good Grief. This is just unbelievable.

And actually, there is nothing good about grief.

07 Feb 2006 08:58 am

Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

Yep. There’s a line in Ferris Bueller for almost every situation in life.

From the HiWired Blog who got this from Michelle Malkin and Instapundit who heard it from Gateway Pundit who knows this Dennis Nixon guy. I don’t know if Glenn passed out at 31 Flavors but it is pretty serious.

From Peter at HiWired Blog

I had never heard of Dennis Nixon and it is likely that you haven’t either, but this person saw the image above and recognized it. He was able on the net to dig up what it actually was. He published it on his web site, it was picked up by Gateway Pundit which was picked up by Instapundit and Michelle Malkin and will eventually be picked up by the media as a whole. Tens of thousands of people now are informed who were not. If and when this gets out in the areas of the riots it will (hopefully) make a difference.

It’s going around some more. Now Lorie Byrd has heard it.

03 Feb 2006 01:28 pm

Yes, we are still living in Western Civilization but from the reaction of the Muslim demonstrations throughout Europe protesting cartoons (of all things) it makes me wonder for how much longer. The demonstrations are not what is worrisome but what is on the signs the demonstrators are carrying.

I’m finding that this whole thing makes me nervous and why should that be? Why shouldn’t we have a right to demonstrate our freedom of speech?

The answer is that with the right to free speech comes the responsibility to refrain from seeking to insult out of sheer hatefulness. As a Christian I have been offended mightily by the media and others denigration of Christianity.

While the press in Denmark had the right to publish the cartoons they had to know that it would inflame. And now, some Jihadists are playing right into our preconceived notions of a sector of Islam.

Michelle Malkin has a big roundup of bloggers brave enough to post the cartoons first published in Denmark.

Hugh Hewitt has some very wise thoughts.

And Sisu has the last word.

03 Feb 2006 08:23 am

You Betcha I’m a Proud Army Mom links to a great heartwarming site everyone who supports the troops should see.

02 Feb 2006 07:09 pm

Tom Toles - Cindy Sheehan in a beard

Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles ( reliable liberal) drew a cartoon depicting a soldier without arms or legs (quadruple amputee) lying in a hospital bed with a “Dr. Rumsfeld” at his side “listing his condition as “battle-hardened.” Really funny huh? Oh yeah, that had me choking I laughed so hard.

Every one of the six Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote a letter of protest to the editor of the Post. Michelle Malkin has all the goods, including the original cartoon and the letter. The Washington Post response? It sees nothing wrong with the cartoon and no apology will be forthcoming.

Imagine the reaction if Tom Toles had chosen to skewer the late Christopher Reeve?
What is the difference between today’s anti-war protesters and those of the Vietnam era? Nothing. They just don’t own the media anymore.

Neither does Tom Toles.

UPDATE: Instapunk is having a “rewrite the cartoon contest.”