Sad sight

Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference today did nothing to help him. In fact, from the excerpts that I’ve heard of it, he didn’t seem sorry about his affair with his Argentine hotty. Sanford seemed to revel in talking about his “dear, dear friend” and how he “sparked” her.


His poor wife.

I try to stay away from blogging about stuff like this but Sanford’s disappearance was just so odd. The fact that there were two stories floating out there and that his wife wasn’t “concerned” was eyebrow raising. I suspected there was more to Sanford’s game of hide and seek.

Good Dads just don’t leave on Fathers Day weekend. Not with four sons. Not with one son. Not with one daughter.

No way.

(unless they are going to war)

Fathers Day is the only day in the calendar that honors men. Mark Sanford may as well resign his governorship. He will never be elected again.


Jenny Sanford’s statement. (he doesn’t deserve her)