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31 Aug 2011 12:28 pm


(The photo comes from a UM Facebook page via Bill Cooke at Random Pixels)

Donna Shalala, who served for eight years as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton has been President of the University of Miami since 2001.

First, Shalala’s history with powerful men.

Soon after the sex allegations about Clinton’s involvement with White House intern Monica Lewinsky broke, Clinton had a meeting with his cabinet. Afterwards they met the press on the White House lawn.


Clinton did meet this morning with his Cabinet and afterward, his appointees voiced their support. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, “I believe the allegations are completely untrue.” Commerce Secretary William Daley added “I’ll second that. Definitely.” “Third it,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala.
Albright and the other Cabinet members said the president told them “to remain focused on our jobs.”

Shalala’s tenure as President of the University of Miami.

At Miami, Shalala claimed to always be on alert for violations against NCAA rules.

Again, others might not laugh. At Miami, president Donna Shalala personally hires each coach. She studies the NCAA rulebook and weekly compliance reports. During football games, she scours the sidelines for suspicious guests. “I’m on alert all the time,” she says.

Obviously not too alert. The photo below belies Shalala’s claims. She is gazing down at a $50,000 check from Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro who is now in jail and has been singing like a bird.

In 100 hours of jailhouse interviews during Yahoo! Sports’ 11-month investigation, Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro described a sustained, eight-year run of rampant NCAA rule-breaking, some of it with the knowledge or direct participation of at least seven coaches from the Miami football and basketball programs. At a cost that Shapiro estimates in the millions of dollars, he said his benefits to athletes included but were not limited to cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play (including bounties for injuring opposing players), travel and, on one occasion, an abortion.


As school president, she is involved in the Nevin Shapiro sports recruiting scandal which broke in August 2011. Shapiro, who is convicted of a $930 million Ponzi scheme, allegedly provided cash, goods, prostitutes, and assorted favors to University of Miami football players and even purchased a yacht on which sex parties were held, again including prostitutes. 72 players have been implicated. Included in the case is a photograph of Shalala with Shapiro and Miami basketball coach Frank Haith receiving a $50,000 check from Shapiro in 2008. In an interview with time magazine earlier in August 2011, Shalala is quoted by Time as saying that such depravity “would not have lasted two minutes under me,” and that under her leadership there would be “no tolerance for breaking the rules.” [6] There is currently speculation that the scandal may prompt the NCAA to impose the death penalty on Miami’s famed football program.[7][8]

Guess Shalala’s been “thirding it” all along. She can’t tell those powerful football coaches how to run their teams.

Oh my, according to Wikipedia, Shalala was a friend of Angelo.

In June 2008, Conde Nast Portfolio reported that Shalala allegedly got multiple below-rate loans at Countrywide Financial because the corporation considered her a “FOA’s”–”Friends of Angelo” (Countrywide Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo).

Forbes is calling for Shalala to fall on her sword. It’s really doubtful that she has a sword, being a feminist. I love college football but it’s getting harder to watch, knowing there is so much cheating going on. Allowing and encouraging it via “boosters” and others is sickening. Shalala, in her quest for a big seat at the top either didn’t have a sense of discernment when dealing with Shapiro or any of the coaches or players when she claimed to be so alert. Since she failed at that she should resign.

08 Jun 2010 12:16 am


Obama holds no brief for pelicans.

Thoughts that have occurred to me lately while I was away from the keyboard…

It seems to me that the White House has worked harder at offering jobs to Democrats they want out of the way than in actually doing the things that will ignite our economy and create real jobs.

How many weeks did it take for Obama to respond to the tragic oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf? Was there ever any kind of Obama administration response to the floods in Nashville?

I came to the conclusion that Obama couldn’t care less about the South after the presidential election in 0-8. Arkansas and Louisiana rejected Obama even more strongly than they did John Kerry in the 0-4 election. I suspected then that there would be hell to pay for the states that voted strongly for McCain. It seems to me that the Obama administrations’ belated response to the horror in the Gulf has been grudging to say the least. Obama seems to be annoyed that he has had to travel south to see the impact in person.

On Day forty nine of the oil spill Louisiana fisheries, oil industries and the hospitality industry are suffering and will be hurting for many years to come. There hasn’t been much in the way of constructive concern coming from the White House for the economic devastation that will most certainly occur.

My daughter-in-law’s father was killed in a horrible accident on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana when she was thirteen years old. Her family has suffered from that good man’s loss. It’s very sad that there has been very little mention of the deaths of the eleven men who died in the explosion on the oil rig.

Knowing how much my Louisiana relatives love everything to do with fishing, boating and all the unique ways of life the state offers, it makes me sad that their world as they know it is upside down. Now the livelihoods of so many in the Gulf states are threatened.

Then there was the Helen Thomas outing this weekend. She was finally revealed as the anti-semitic, pro-Palestinian hag that she is. I never understood why the White House press corps sat in the same room with the woman during the years of President George W. Bush. She was so over-the-top biased against President Bush that it was sickening.

This woman’s downfall was a long time coming but it was inevitable. Yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day and my husband and I watched one of the few tributes to it on the Military Channel. Kind of ironic that Ms. Thomas met her doom on the 66th anniversary of the allied invasion to free Europe from Hitler.


“Most people in the White House don’t share Helen Thomas’ anti-semitic views,” press secretary, Robert Gibbs said today. “Obviously those remarks are — do not reflect certainly the opinion of most people in here, and certainly not of the administration.”

Hmm. Wonder who in the White House does share Helen Thomas’ views?

11 May 2010 11:39 pm


Just Biden their time at the White House until their friends in the media set the nations’ heads straight about Obama’s choice of Elena Kagan, the super friendly and fun new Supreme Court nominee. There is not much of a paper trail for the nominee which might explain the focus on her great personality. It’s as if Barack and friends were trying to convince the nation to take Kagan out on a date. She plays basketball (or maybe she plays the basketball?) she plays a mean straight (or maybe it’s two of a kind) and she loves to go to Halloween parties.

The White House would certainly have us believe that Kagan is not vapid and hollow even though she used those words to describe the Supreme Court nomination process of Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

However, the White House has thus far provided little meat (or potatoes) to the biography of nominee, Kagan. It’s as though the Gates to the brain trust are Locked. Just ask the reporters who questioned Robert Gibbs about a White House produced interview of Kagan posted today on the White House website.

We know that Kagan didn’t want military recruiters anywhere near her beloved Harvard but when she was challenged before the Supreme Court, she lost. Perhaps that is why she was selected by Obama to be the nations’ solicitor general. (I’m being Sebelius)

After all, Obama doesn’t even know how to pronounce corpsman. It appears from the dearth of a paper trail that Kagan has been grooming herself for the court for years. So what if she’s had a few photo ops with military members? Sometimes the elite do have to mix with their perceived enemies. But the attempt of the clueless president to paper over Kagan’s bias against our nations’ military fools no one except reporters. It makes no Rahm or reason.

It’s all about perception.

I read in the Wall Street Journal that Ms. Kagan had mixed grades as Dean of the Harvard Law School. To her credit, she was inclusive with conservative speakers and law faculty. She even had praise for the Federalist Society. But, according to the article Kagan was given more credit than she deserves for adding more conservatives to the law faculty. The credit should be given to her predecessor, Robert Clark, dean for 14 years.

On the other hand, there are all the goodies Kagan provided for Harvard Law, a skating rink, a renovated gym, even tampons in the bathroom!

Here is more about Kagan’s Harvard Law days as Dean.

Then there is Kagan’s “Socialism Thesis.” Not much of a blip in the news but very revealing. Even though there is much to be learned about Elena Kagan the Washington liberal fog machine blows on.

Will we see Republicans in the Senate ask Kagan the questions she thought should have been asked of Justices Breyer and Ginsburg?

Not bloody likely.

14 Mar 2009 01:38 pm


We almost lost the yellow house with the bad perspective a week ago last Thursday.

I was out, and had an art substitute who was teaching for me in the “new” artroom which is inside the school. The elementary school has been undergoing a big renovation in the past two years. Many new classrooms, new offices and a lovely new cafeteria with a large stage have been added. The old auditorium has been divided into two parts and I have the largest part and the music teacher will have the part with the stage.

The reason why I was not at school a week ago last Thursday is because my daughter-in-law and son were experiencing the birth of their first daughter, (and my husband and my first granddaughter) Marlee Michelle, who weighed in at 8lbs, 1oz.

It was a joyful and most wonderful day.

Not so at my dear elementary school, which is the school that I went to as a child and the school I love and want to help. When I went to school there as a little girl there was no integration. The school was all white. There were no art, music or P.E. teachers. The classroom teachers taught everything. There was no air conditioning, we had windows around every room. We had prayer in school, a Jewish boy read the story of Luke when we performed the Christmas program. We were allowed to walk home for lunch and walk back to school afterwards. If we were in trouble with our teacher we were in trouble with our parents. My teachers encouraged me to write, draw, and create scenery for plays which we performed ofen. We ran track and were always the number one school in town for track meets.

The demographics at my old school have changed radically but the school is still beloved to me. The students are still the same at heart. They are like I was, with the same hopes and dreams and I am there to help them succeed at them. That is my personal goal for my school and so many of my fellow teachers feel the same way. I’ve heard my principal say often that our school has the hardest working teachers in our school district and I agree. I see them in action and I know that to be true. No one can count public education out when you walk through the school where I teach art.


I taught in this sunny mobile art room for the last three years.

Our grand Open House is coming up soon and everyone has been scrambling to get moved into their new classrooms. The moment the classroom teacher moved out of her temporary digs which was the half of the old auditorium into her new classroom I asked the principal for permission to move into the school from my mobile classroom outside. It was a wonderful place to teach for three years but truth be told, much too small and always worrisome when the children needed to go to the bathroom. I had to stand at the door to watch them go into the school and send another child along with my key to get inside the door to the school and hope the child didn’t drop it along the way, especially in the bathroom.

But I had lots of art in the room and I hung the yellow house chalk drawing along one wall and had glorious art prints along all the other walls and I made art history bulletin boards featuring wonderful artists who helped to make our world a more creative place to live. All around the room were the names of the great artists that I wanted the students to remember done in good calligraphy.

I am a neat-freak so I always had things where I wanted and that worked out well in such a small room. I only had one small bookshelf so I had to keep my books moving on a revolving basis and when the principal gave me permission to start to move in the big auditorium half the first thing I took with me were my personal artbooks. (too bad I wasn’t able to move the bookshelf)

Since most of the first grade, second grade and kindergarten teachers were also moving their rooms with only the help of the two school custodians I knew I was more or less on my own so during every school break I was heading back and forth to the old room, grabbing art supplies and paper, some art prints and miscellaneous.

All that had been left in the old auditorium was a tiny old oak desk, five small rectangular tables, and chairs. I had talked the principal into giving me the old teacher mail boxes since we now had a new office and it included a new mail center so when he said yes, I could have it, I was elated. It works well as a place to keep all my classes work and has cabinets below I can use for storage which is a good thing, considering what happened on that fateful Thursday a week ago.

While I was out rejoicing over the birth of my granddaughter, a big truck pulled up behind the school, and stopped in front of my old art room. In to it walked a bunch of men who began to carry out my art cabinet, desk, file cabinet, (full of art history videos) and everything else in the room. Our school custodian saw what was happening and asked them if they had been in contact with the principal and the head man said no, but he had been ordered by the official in charge of buildings and grounds to get the mobile building ready to be moved away so the school would be ready for the Open House on March 15th.

Our custodian informed them that the teacher hadn’t completely moved out of the room and needed the items so they needed to stop and leave the room alone until it could be emptied. But they didn’t stop. The custodian started to move things that he knew I would need such as the rolling art text book cabinet out of the room. One of the fifth grade teachers also saw what was happening and organized her students to get in the room and save the art prints, the art supplies, the white board, the yellow house chalk drawing, The Mona Lisa wall hanging, and many other important art items. The students hand carried all of the art text books (2nd grade - 6th grade) from the old art mobile building into the new room.


A lot of happy art happened in this room.

All this chaos was happening while the art substitute was teaching the students. She told the fifth graders where to put the saved items and luckily there was plenty of room for them at the end of the very large room. My computer was saved. That was a lucky thing as I had just recently gotten it and hadn’t even been able to install it yet. After five years as an art teacher I had been able to finally scrounge up a used computer and almost lost it.

The next morning, a Friday morning, as I was pulling into the parking lot, I noticed that the mobile building no longer had it’s steps. As I got out of the car and walked towards the school, I saw that the doors were open and the building looked empty. My heart started beating harder as I walked over to the building and looked inside. It was completely empty.

As I walked into my art class inside the building I saw a pile of items inside the room. I sighed a breath of relief when I saw my big black art cabinet sitting in the middle of the room. I looked for my desk and file cabinet and book shelf and art cart and other items but they weren’t there. They had been carried off and stored in a warehouse. Will I get them back? I have been told that I will. I won’t hold my breath.

I returned to the pile and began sorting through. On the table at the end of the room was the Yellow House chalk drawing folded neatly (it’s just made from butcher paper) and it had no damage done to it. I found the Mona Lisa wall hanging and my computer later on that day on the stage in the music room.

I know I can count myself very fortunate to have finally found myself included (along with my fellow music teacher) in a school which honors its art and music. We have a place now, not in closets, not on carts but in rooms of our own. We are also blessed with a fifth grade teacher who has always honored our efforts at our school (along with many other teachers) and in my opinion she elevated her students and taught them what a good deed really is. They did a lot of hard work by saving all the Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, and O’Keeffe prints (and many others) oil pastels, water colors, paper.

In a very small way the fifth grade students were re-enacting a race that took place during World War ll when the Nazis were destroying and stealing the great art in Europe. No, there were no stormtroopers rampaging through the parking lot at our school but the entire contents of the artroom would have been taken had the men not been stopped. At the very least, the students, their teacher and the custodian stopped a bureaucrat’s wasteful destruction.

The film about rescued art of WWII, The Rape of Europa, tells the story in documentary form about the heroic acts of individuals to save the art of our past, our art lineage, from defilement and destruction by the Nazis. I am going to try to find this film to view it. I hope it is being shown in high schools. For some reason, I am not extremely optimistic that it is, although it ought to be.

“The Rape of Europa” (based on the eponymous book by Lynn Nicholas) is a film that needs to be seen by every high school student, college student, history teacher, history buff, art teacher and museumgoer worldwide. It is not about the famous allegorical painting by Titian (1487-1576); it’s a riveting documentary about the theft, destruction and miraculous survival of many of Europe’s artistic and architectural treasures during World War II. “Europa,” by Richard Berge, Bonnie Cohen and Nicole Newham, elicits a visceral weeping for what could have become a total holocaust for Europe’s art and for its national treasures. The film details the race against the Nazi-programmed destruction and theft — mitigated by acts of heroism, sacrifice and determination — that underscores one of the film’s truisms:
“Art is what makes us human.”

26 Nov 2008 06:25 pm

Taking a break from cleaning the house before the return of the Charlotte and her Thanksgiving guest, a fellow law school student who is a fascinating young woman, born in Paris on Bastille Day, the very day a year after her older brother had been born in Lebanon in 1982 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The first birth was premature, brought on by the terror of the bombs in Lebanon, the second birth was also premature, brought on by the noise of the fireworks in Paris. The Christian Lebanese family eventually were able to move to the United States where they brought their children up in Alabama.

Anyway, the shopping is done, the cleaning is ongoing and I need a break.

Checking out the non-Turkey news I find this Instapundit link to Ed Driscoll who has a New Silicon Graffiti Video about anger in politics. I like the name “A Bee in the Mouth!”


Ed interviews Peter Wood, writer of the book, “A Bee in the Mouth!”, (hence the name of the video) and gives me a new book to add to my Christmas wish list. Peter examines the anger in politics which has been growing in the past four generations.

I plead guilty to being extremely angry at my fellow Americans when they bought what Bill Clinton was selling. I was appalled, shocked, saddened and yes, angry. But I didn’t take to the road with ugly bumper stickers on my car, nor did I join an outfit like which was started up after the impeachment of Clinton. I did use what opportunities I had as a citizen and wrote one letter to the editor of a newspaper during the 1996 Presidential election arguing against the reelection of Clinton but that was before the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton had done enough in my book to be sent home to Arkansas but the American people didn’t see it my way. Did I experience some bitter moments after that? Yes indeedy. But I still didn’t become a hater because I wasn’t raised that way.

Ed Driscoll linked to this review of Peter Wood’s book by Stanley Kurtz that is very illuminating and has more indepth thoughts that capture what I have been thinking lately.

Peter Wood’s book is about political anger in America but not specifically in the past election and reading Stanley Kurtz’ thought’s about Wood’s book set me off on an inferential jaunt.

I’ve been thinking about why the American people have turned against the Republicans in this election year. It wasn’t a mandate for Obama because in some states in the South, McCain won over Obama with larger percentages than President Bush beat Kerry.

The South is still very traditional but the midwest and Northeast is just about gone in that respect. Midwesterners and the Northeast might be able to take tough winters but they don’t like mean talk. After all these years of polarizing political speech, they’ve had it with politics. Whoever yelled the loudest got their attention.

The Democrats have been yelling loudest with the help of the media. They got the attention. The message was repeated over and over. The Bush Derangement Syndrome of the extreme left of the Democrat Party went mainstream. People who one would think would have been resistant to such delusions bought into that message because there really wasn’t any pushback from the White House or Bush surrogates or heaven forbid, any Republicans in Congress.

The angry message stuck. The American people bought it. Obama arrived and did his Humphrey Bogart-best. The American people bought it. The media whispered that John McCain seemed angry. The American people bought that.

Ronald Reagan was never the angry type. President Bush, God Bless Him has never been the angry type. Barack Obama seems more angry than both of these men in reality but reality matters no more.

Everything is perception which is why the Peggy Noonans of the world are working hard to make Sarah Palin unelectable. She is not an angry person, just extremely successful as a governor.

Gotta go make a pie.

I’m back from the kitchen. My husband has been watching movies in the computer room while I was blogging so I was unaware of the terror attacks in India today. Horrible.

Oh yeah, I probably won’t get back here for a while, so Happy Thanksgiving. May God comfort all the civilians and the families of those killed and injured in the terror attacks.

22 Oct 2008 12:52 am

Barack Obama’s eighty five year old Grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham has been suffering from a broken hip, was released from the hospital a few days ago, and apparently is in grave condition. Obama’s campaign has announced that he is going out to Hawaii to visit her for a few days later on this week.

Later this week???

Why hasn’t Obama high-tailed it out west yesterday or even earlier? I hate to be cynical but could this Little Red Riding Hood visit to Granny be more like a Colin Powell endorsement type of thing?

I was wondering if perhaps Obama might have called in Colin Powell for help on Sunday after his very bad week last week after his spreading the wealth comments to Joe the Plumber. After all, there have been rumors since last summer that Powell was going to endorse Obama. Why the wait? Surely it was a strategic choice, Powell being a general and all. After Joe Biden’s remarks on Sunday at a fundraiser it’s no wonder that Barack would want to gird his loins and get away for a while. Avoid the press. Create a new news cycle.

And of course, polls are tightening.

I remember my dear, great grandmother, “Nanny”. She died of a broken hip when I was twelve years old. My grandfather had moved her to a new nursing home because the previous home had been stealing from her. This nursing home was nice and clean but the air conditioning drove her crazy. She hated it. When she opened the windows the nurses would come in and close them. One afternoon, she discovered that not only did they close the windows but they also had locked them. She climbed up on a chair to unlock them and fell off, breaking her hip. That evening she died from the shock.

She was eighty eight years old. A broken hip is a very serious concern in an older adult.

And see how the legacy media is covering Obama’s visit to see his ailing grandmother. They have never been concerned that his questionable connections to Ayers, Wright and Rezko might tell us something about his character but now that Obama is suspending his campaign for all of forty eight hours to see his sick grandmother the media is consulting historians who are telling us it is nothing less than time stopping!

The Hosannas are starting.

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, the former director of the Lincoln, Hoover, Eisenhower, Reagan and Ford presidential libraries, said, “Never in the modern era has a candidate done anything like this,” referring to Obama’s decision to stop campaigning during the last stretch.

“For a lot of people, this will be a defining moment,” Smith said

This goes on for four, count em, four pages, with lots of wishing and hoping that Barack Obama’s visit to his grandmother will turn the independent voters to him.

I don’t recall any such article when John McCain suspended his campaign to go back to Washington to see what he could do to help with the financial crisis. Not one word giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps Barack’s intentions are simply to see his granny, his “Toot”. But that is not the way the MSM is playing it. Not at all.

Did our family wait a couple of days when we found out our great grandmother had fallen and broken her hip?


I am remembering Mrs. Dunham in my prayers.

21 Jan 2008 01:44 pm

Mike Huckabee blamed Thompson supporters for his loss to John McCain in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. He also blamed snow.

Huckabee came a close second to McCain in the seven-man Republican presidential line-up, 33-30 percent. But Thompson took third place with 16 percent, and exit polls showed many of Huckabee’s and Thompson’s supporters shared the same priorities on issues like values, immigration and taxes.

“We obviously wanted and we honestly thought we would win. The fact of Fred Thompson’s being in the race took away some votes that we most likely had. I believe every analyst has looked at it that way,”Huckabee said. “The snow pretty much – not only froze the streets of the Greenville-Spartanburg area, but the votes came to a stop when it started snowing. That was an area where we had really looked forward to getting a heavy and significant vote margin.”

Huckabee said he wasn’t trying to make excuses.

Sure, Mike. Every analyst looked at it that way. You’re really in with the analysts aren’t you? Our good old so-called inside the beltway Republican analysts like Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol, are, for some reason, pushing for John McCain to be the nominee. They liked you for a while but you are getting a little too close for comfort for their favorite.

Of course, Bill Kristol’s favorite in the 2000 election was John McCain. He didn’t get his way then, either. The shuck and jive’s getting a little tired, Mike. I don’t remember anyone frying squirrel in their popcorn popper back in their college days in Arkansas either. That’s the kind of stuff we used to tell our Iowa cousins we did when they asked us what it was like to live in “the South.”
But it wasn’t true. We just liked to entertain them.

Arkansans do have the gift of gab though, but that is not to be mistaken for true leadership. Blaming others for one’s inability to win isn’t something a real leader does. My Dad always called whiners, Baby Rays. I think that’s a pretty good designation, Huckabee. So Huckabye, Huckabee.

07 May 2007 01:42 pm

The Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune has killed James Lileks’ column and assigned him to write local news.


Lileks is the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s best asset and the reason why I even read the newspaper! What is wrong with the management of the Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune? It has to be more than the drinking water. Then again, maybe the water ought to be checked out.

I could understand it if they put Jim Boyd in charge of the classified ad section but take James Lileks’ column away?

As it happens, they’ve killed my column, and assigned me to write straight local news stories.


There’s been some talk that I might leverage my mad web skillz into a tech beat, reporting on the Internet. But a local beat about the Internet? How many stories can do you about six guys in a loft coding a hot new start-up? And heaven forbid we have to illustrate them, because then you get the inevitable geek-by-the-screen shot. Look! He’s customizing the drop-down location menu so it defaults to the United States instead of Afghanistan!

I don’t want to write about the Internet. I want to write on the Internet. I’d rather develop content than report about content developers. It’s that simple, and it’s also a matter of recognizing my failings: I am not Biff Deadline, Ace Reporter. I can do long stories with lots of color, all aslosh with subjective opinions, but writing straight news - clearly, simply, briskly - is a skill I lack, and I take off my hat to those who’ve mastered that discipline.

My column will end a week from this Friday. (There’s a series of pieces I can’t wait to write.) After that, it’s just-the-facts-ma’am - and I’ll no longer be telecommuting, either. This means I will start burning my share of hydrocarbons like a good American. Hell, I may leave the vehicle running all day outside the building just to make up for lost time. Maybe I will put a green roof on the car to balance things out. Some turf, some switchgrass. It’s murder on the paint but we all must do our part.

Would it matter if you contacted the paper? It very well might. Here’s the reader’s rep’s page.

The newspaper was bleeding subscribers before they pulled this stunt. Now watch the paper go out of business completely.

What a waste of genius. Lileks ought to be publishing his own newspaper anyway; his thought provoking and humorous commentary is always surprising and inspiring. Having never been to Minneapolis, Lileks was like my own private Minnesota.

This bit of nincompoopery by the suits at the Trib is not unlike assigning Katie Couric to the CBS Evening News. She already had her perky spot but moved on to a gig that never calls for smiles wider than the Kentucky Derby winner, Street Sense.

Come to Arkansas James. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette needs you.

14 Sep 2006 09:09 am

This fun video featuring Michelle Malkin and Mary Katharine Ham featured the young women at the kitchen table having coffee. Martha Stewart would have approved of the niceties.

Michelle and Mary Katharine vented about clueless Rosie O’Donnell, replacement for Meredith Vierra on The View, who, on the day after the fifth anniversary of September 11th, had the gall to compare “radical Christians” to Islamic terrorists.

Because, you know, these crazed Christian fundamentalists run around the world with boxcutters and hatchets, threatening to cut off the heads of people uninterested in salvation.

Michelle and Mary Katharine were engaging, and funny as they (acting like perfect ladies) easily tore Rosie’s loony ideas apart.

The Rosie O’Donnells of the world are not serious thinkers. Rosie was funny long ago but in a kind of September 10th kind of way.

13 Sep 2006 07:38 am

Waking early to good coffee and enough time to peruse the news brings some disappointment, no surprises but some relief.

Relief that nothing worse happened on this flight except another unruly passenger got beat up by the passengers. Annoyed that the FBI spokeswoman immediately claimed it had nothing to do with terrorism. UPDATE: A more detailed article here.

Disappointment that Republican conservative, Steve Laffey didn’t beat RINO Lincoln Chaffee in the Rhode Island Republican Primary.

A shrug of the shoulders to Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats who (unsuprisingly) had nothing constructive to say in response to President Bush’s statesmanlike speech on September 11th, 2006. But still, this leaves me a little unsettled that there are so many mentally ill people walking around

Disappointed to read that the Minnesota 5th District Democrats elected fringe Muslim candidate Keith Ellison as their nominee for the November general election. I’ve been reading about this shady character for quite a while at Powerline.

Tony Snow said “Ixnay for a day” on Fox and Friends.

Matt Lauer sees blurred lines….and President Bush sets him straight. This makes my day.

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