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22 Jun 2009 05:05 pm



Life has been hectic lately but I must take time to express my support for the Iranian protesters who are risking their lives and their treasure on the streets of Iran.

Some have already lost their lives.

After all, those of us who live freely think nothing of our abilities to get out in our cars to shop, visit family, go to work, go to the church of our choice and simply live our hectic (and in some cases, unexamined) lives.

This is not the lifestyle of those who live in Iran and hasn’t been for thirty years. A very inept and passive president helped to arrange that debacle and it appears that another Democrat president is also embracing passivism.

It appears that making tough decisions on foreign policy makes Obama squeamish. So far, regarding the chaos in Iran, he has chosen not to choose. Hat tip: Sissy Willis

Had Barack Obama not sided with the evil regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from the first, the revolution would be on sturdier legs today.

Obama’s hesitation to speak out strongly in support of the Iranian people demonstrates that he is not a strong leader and/or that he agrees with the Iranian despots. His own administration is not all that open after all and attempts to quash any and all dissent within our country (and investigations of Obama cronies) are ongoing.

Warning. Heartbreaking.

The Gateway Pundit has more news and links.

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