August 2004

18 Aug 2004 04:37 pm

An ugly event happened at the Olympics today involving prominent members of the U.S. press. Arrogant jerks.

17 Aug 2004 08:18 pm

According to the New York Times “Senator John Kerry denounced an advertisement by the liberal group questioning President Bush’s Vietnam-era service in the Air National Guard yesterday, a move likely to raise pressure on President Bush to condemn a recent commercial accusing Mr. Kerry of lying about his war record.

The new MoveOn advertisement, running in three states, accuses Mr. Bush of using family connections to get into the Air National Guard to escape combat in Vietnam and revisits accusations that he did not adequately meet his service requirements - charges that he denies.”

Now that is sponsoring another hit ad on President Bush John Kerry has donned his bicycling shorts in an attempt to move away from any connection to the ad and/or group. Good grief! Kerry and company are trying to deflect the damage done by the Swiftboat veterans for the truth ad. I do think this indicates that the ad is making an impact.

Kerry, the sportsman may as well take up knitting. He really is a wussyman.

But this man is not. And he will win.

17 Aug 2004 05:55 pm

Some call him the Breck Girl, others call him the Silky Pony but his wife, Elizabeth apparently calls him John when she wants more french fries . John Edwards visited our city today but instead of appearing downtown at the convention center he showed up at UA-Fort Smith for a “town hall meeting” I’m sure they didn’t need as much space.

I read the write-up on the local t.v. channel and the writer was obviously crushingly thrilled. A few weeks ago when Vice President Cheney came to visit there was no such glowing report. ( although I provided a pretty good report myself.

16 Aug 2004 02:16 pm

What sort of man does Kerry think he needs to be to win the nations’ highest office? According to Kathleen Parker (quoted by Power Line) “He’s the sort of man who thinks to take a movie camera to war to document himself for uses now known to be political; who willingly exploits his heroism in ways real heroes never do; who builds a career on disgust toward a war he later characterizes as the crowning achievement in a life that seems more resume than real.”

Kerry is a poseur. Definition: One who affects a particular attribute, attitude, or identity to impress or influence others.

[French, from poser, to pose, from Old French. See pose1.]

Of course! French!

11 Aug 2004 06:03 am

John F. Kerry is revealing himself to be an odd duck. In several interviews, when asked about his “lucky charms” Kerry revealed that he has an old hat from Vietnam that he treasures. In a June 1, 2003 Washington Post profile of Kerry by Laura Blumenfeld “John Kerry: Hunter, dreamer, realist.” Kerry revealed that the hat was given to him by a CIA agent while they were on a mission to Cambodia.

This morning on Fox Kerry campaign spokesman, Jeh Johnson stated that the Kerry campaign is now claiming that Kerry was not in Cambodia… just close by and perhaps in Cambodia after Christmas, 1968. In other words, Kerry is backing off from his Cambodia story but not completely. He may have been in Cambodia after Christmas, 1968 but isn’t sure. So this “searing memory” is now discarded since the Vietnam Swiftboat Vets for Truth are speaking out. Odd. Maybe the lucky hat made him forget.

And this guy is running for President?

10 Aug 2004 07:28 pm
Senator Kerry states, “I remember spending Christmas Eve of 1968 five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas. The absurdity of almost being killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real.”
I understand that John Kerry repeated his claim of being in Cambodia for Christmas, 1968 several times. in 1986 he stood on the floor of the Senate and said he was in Cambodia.
It was reported on FNC tonight that the Kerry campaign is saying that Kerry was near but not in Cambodia. Near but not in. Or was it in but not of? Whatever! The Congressional Record from 1968 has Kerry’s account in which he stated that he had been in Cambodia illegally. On Christmas. He said it more than once and now he can’t un-say it. He’s busted!
All the band of brothers bought and paid for cannot put Humpty Kerry back together again.
07 Aug 2004 08:21 am

The cyber Wide Awake Cafe is but a shadow of the actual Cafe. The real Wide Awake Cafe was a corner cafe downtown owned by Greek immigrants. My grandparents had a dry-cleaning shop a few doors down from the Wide Awake and my mother and I would join my grandmother there for coffee. Of course, I was too young for coffee but the Wide Awake served cream in miniature clear glass tumblers. The red -headed lady who always waited on us made sure that I had two of the little tumblers of cream.

I savored every little sip of the cream as I listened to my mother and grandmother’s conversations.

The cafe no longer exists but the Greek family that owned it is still in the food business. They don’t serve cream in miniature glass tumblers anymore but now I am able to drink the coffee. So I name my blog the Wide Awake in honor of those long ago days.

07 Aug 2004 07:09 am

Up early. Two cups of coffee. Will be busy today helping to take my niece off to college. Have been listening to the news and have noticed that the “old media” are braying about the (what they term) “anemic” job growth for the month of July.

Unemployment is down but the liberal pundits and reporters focus on the negative, not the positive. I know why. They do this to try to help the hapless John Kerry. I doubt that this will help much, however. The man is just unsuited for the Presidency. (all the kings horses and all the kings men can’t help Kerry the Presidency win)

I saw the Swift Boat Veterans against Kerry ad the other night. Very effective ad. If it gets played on American televisions throughout the nation it will open many eyes in my opinion.

02 Aug 2004 09:44 am

When I read the other day that Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards and the Kerrys celebrated the Edward’s 27th anniversary at Wendys in Newburgh, New York I had my doubts. Now there is an article that puts the story even more in doubt. If they can’t even tell the truth about where or what they are eating for lunch what else will they lie about?

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