January 2005

31 Jan 2005 05:52 pm

Michael “Conner” Humphreys, the young actor who played the young Forest Gump has joined the army. He is at Basic Training now.

30 Jan 2005 11:19 am

There are some very interesting and enlightening quotes here.

30 Jan 2005 10:14 am

Dana Lewis of Fox News speaks about having to walk the streets of Iraq to report on the election. He said that it was the first time that reporters had to get out of their hotels and walk because cars were banned from the roads. Lewis said that it was really different having to walk in the Iraqis’ shoes.

He said that there are great hopes in Iraq.

30 Jan 2005 07:21 am

Last night as I was preparing to go to bed I decided to leave the television on to check on the progress of the vote in Iraq. I had to sleep in the pink room because my husband is sick with a cold so I was able to sleep for a while and wake and check on the news. Before I went to sleep the election had just begun and Tony Snow was showing the President of Iraq voting but there didn’t seem to be anyone else venturing out that early in the morning in Iraq. It sort of worried me but I went to sleep. I awakened an hour later and there wasn’t much new to report and Fox News was just interviewing various people so I went back to sleep again. Around three A.M. the news seemed a bit more positive. I woke every thirty minutes after that to see the news get better and better. Then around seven A.M. I heard the report that a high number of Iraqis had defied the terror threats and gone out to vote. It is reported that 72 percent of the eligible voters voted. When will the vicious Ted Kennedy eat his despicable words?Posted by Hello

29 Jan 2005 06:44 am

Fred Barnes gets it. He says that the media encourages Democrats rage but the White House cannot afford to. Barnes writes that the 1994 Republican Revolution which won the House of Representatives was due in part to Newt Gingrich’s tactics according to congressional Democrats.

“This is madness, but there is method in it. The talk among congressional Democrats is about the tactics Newt Gingrich used as House minority whip in 1993 and 1994. As they remember it, Gingrich opposed, blocked, attacked, zinged, or at least criticized everything President Clinton and Democratic leaders proposed. It was a scorched-earth approach, Democrats believe. And it worked, crippling Clinton and resulting in the 1994 election that gave Republicans control–lasting control, it turned out–of the House and Senate. Now Democrats, after losing three straight elections, hope brutal tactics will work for them.”

29 Jan 2005 06:08 am

This is a nice article to start the day…..I didn’t know that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg did the swearing in of Condi Rice.

Rice Salutes Family ‘who Believed Day Like This Might Be Possible’

27 Jan 2005 07:05 pm

Betsy Newmark of Betsy’s Page Blog has a brilliant post about President Bush’s heroic, freedom loving ancestors. This is in response to an article in The Guardian about another ancestor of President Bush, Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke - known as Strongbow. According to the Guardian, Strongbow was a land-grabbing warlord who brought generations of grief to Ireland but I’ve been to Dublin, Ireland to Christ Church Cathedral where Strongbow is buried and he is in a place of honor. The fact that Strongbow, along with ArchBishop O’Toole in 1172 initiated the building of the Church is perhaps another strike against him according to The Guardian.

Betsy presents two other ancestors of President Bush besides Strongbow who are of heroic renown, William Marshall and Anne Hutchinson. These two people from different eras stood each in their own way for freedom and honor.

Dr. Samuel Prescott, brother of Lucy Prescott, a direct ancestor of President Bush helped Paul Revere warn the Lincoln minutemen that the British were coming. He actually finished the ride.

There are many more great ancestors in President Bush’s lineage of course, (and plenty of marauding kings) but The Guardian must seize upon the most warlike with their anti-Bush agenda.

26 Jan 2005 07:26 pm

I just saw two Iraqi political ads on Hannity and Colmes and they sent chills down my spine. Very impressive.

26 Jan 2005 07:19 pm

Why is it that I have so many thoughts that I would like to convey during the day when I am at work, or driving in my car and then when I have the opportunity to finally sit down to blog some I can’t remember what it was that I wanted to write about?

26 Jan 2005 05:04 am

Hillary Clinton is running in 2008 and for the past three years has been trying to moderate her image. Perception is important to Hillary and recently she spoke about the tragedy of abortion. (to appeal to evangelicals) She has also announced that she is a praying person. She can turn herself into a clone of Ann Coulter but it’s not going to work.

For eight years as first lady she vehemently defended abortion rights and then as senator from New York she voted for partial birth abortion.

Although moderating her positions might make Hillary Clinton seem less shrill we still remember William Safire’s comments about her. She is a congenital liar he said. Now she is repackaging herself as a convivial liar.

The British press reports breathlessly about her.

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