January 2005

17 Jan 2005 07:16 am

I wish I could go to the inauguration.

15 Jan 2005 05:13 pm

I didn’t go to many movies last year because we were so busy but I hope to remedy that this year. Last night we rented Luther. I was very impressed and wonder why it didn’t get as much buzz. It was great!

09 Jan 2005 07:43 am

Last week was busy and except for playing around with great art and Hugh Hewitt’s new book Blog I didn’t have much time to read news or even listen to it. But I heard some of the Alberto Gonzales hearing and was shocked to learn that Lindsay Graham actually (inferentially) compared our military to Al Qaeda. Panties on heads is not torture. I didn’t realize Lindsay Graham was such a panty-waist.

Mark Steyn writes about the sore losers and their disruption of the Congressional Electoral Count. Barbara Boxer is such a embarrassment to her state.

06 Jan 2005 08:43 pm

From Hugh Hewitt’s Blog he states, “In Blog I predict that the first Las Vegas casino to throw a “bloggers’ ball” –with discounted rooms and perhaps a subsidized bar– will reap an ocean of free blog buzz. Other innovations are ahead. Fitness magazines are going to have to figure out how to deal with compelling free sites like TriGeekDreams. Wineries had better start figuring out a Bainbridge strategy. By this time next year, AdWeek or some other trade publication will have to create a new category for best blog campaign. 27% of Americans using the internet is a big piece of the impressions pie.”

Blogs have influenced politics, media, sports and communications in general. My wish is that one day blogs will also influence the world of Art.

06 Jan 2005 07:51 pm

Raising Arizona Blog 

06 Jan 2005 09:55 am

Venus Blog 

05 Jan 2005 09:38 pm


05 Jan 2005 07:23 pm

Blog Scream 

05 Jan 2005 05:04 pm

Mona Lisa likes Blog
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02 Jan 2005 08:57 pm

From the time I was a kid our family has had a football tournament during the holidays. My Dad created a football board game (which he has copyrighted) and every year for the past 30 at least we have played. The winner always wins one hundred dollars and the runnerup gets fifty. Plus, they get a piece of my Dad’s coin collection. My children were weaned on the football tournament and are pretty competitive. I love to play but have never won. But there are no females in our family who don’t know all about football due to my Dad’s game. This year the females dominated. My sister-in-law won and my niece came in second.

Here is the video which recaps the games. (at least of the semi-final and final rounds) It’s best viewed with an up-to-date Quick-time.

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