March 2005

31 Mar 2005 08:49 am

Substitute the word bitch (which is supposedly the word that Michael Schiavo used for Terri according to one of her nurses) for priest and the quote would be quite apt. Michael Schiavo wrote Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo off in 1993and then proceeded to off her.

He had a lot of help. George Felos, the salivating lawyer, Judge George Greer, the obsessive-compulsive hand washer, a myriad of federal judges and the Supreme Court of the United States.

I am so troubled by this and saddened for Terri’s family that there are too many thoughts racing through my mind now. Will write more later.

30 Mar 2005 07:23 pm

I saw Catherine Crier on Hannity and Colmes tonight debating judicial arrogance with Sean and Jay Sekulow. I have never seen her so adamant. (and so wrong) Her neck bones stuck out in an odd way and she was close to shrieking. I guess the lady doth protest too much.

29 Mar 2005 07:44 pm

I am very glad that Jesse Jackson has joined the land of the living and I truly do hope that it is for legitimate reasons.

His eloquent and impassioned support for the Schindler family had to be a great comfort to them. It’s sad that not one Catholic Bishop has made a visit to Pinellas County.

I am a teensy bit suspicious of Jackson’s motives in his declared support for restoration of the feeding tube forTerri Schiavo. It could be more for political reasons than simply the right thing to do. One reason is that he is so late to the cause. His support may have been more important had he gone to Florida when the state legislature was trying to pass a bill to save Terri. (but he was too busy defending Michael Jackson)

Jesse Jackson may have just cynically waited until Terri’s situation was past the point of rescue so that he could “say” that he tried to help.

It sort of makes me think of a typical situation I experience. When I come home from the grocery store and unload all the bags, carry them into the house and then start to put them up, my husband magically appears and says, “Can I help?”

But that’s just me I guess. Cynical. I pray that Terri makes it through the night and the Florida legislature comes through tomorrow.

28 Mar 2005 07:59 pm

The Schiavo attorney, George Felos is really creepy. I was watching him today on television and he seems to be salivating at the thought of Terri’s death. He reminds me of one of the sinister characters in Rosemary’s Baby.

28 Mar 2005 02:54 pm

Some doctors say that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state and others say she is not. I don’t think it is knowable actually and if they aren’t 100 % certain they should side on the side of life.

In 1994 I had to have outpatient surgery. It was minor but I was put to sleep for it. I could hear everything the doctor was saying about my procedure and when I awakened I was very upset, not understanding some of the medical terms used. I asked my doctor about many of the statements that I had overheard and the doctor was pretty surprised that I had heard them.

I hadn’t felt any pain during the procedure but I could hear all. The funny thing is that I couldn’t speak. I remember wanting to ask the doctor what it was all about and tell him that I was hearing everything but I couldn’t.

So, if they can’t know if their patient is completely out when they are doing minor surgery how can they know if Terri Schiavo is hearing everything. I am wondering about that.

27 Mar 2005 04:15 am

I awakened early today. Everyone in the house is still asleep. I prayed for my family and loved ones and Terri Schiavo and her loved ones. I have always had difficulty sleeping when there have been burdens and heartaches and today was one of those days.

I found myself thinking about my late father-in-law. He had cancer. In his last days on earth he lost his appetite but not his thirst. Two days before he departed this earth we were standing at his hospital bed and he asked me to get him a coke with two straws. I followed his orders. My husband questioned me about the two straws and I told him that it was what his Dad requested.

He enjoyed that coke so much and I find myself thinking of that moment this morning. At least he gave me something that I could do to try to make it better for him.

I wish that there were something that I could do to help comfort Terri Schiavo’s parents and brother and sister. I have never had a loved one killed by order of her husband and courts and it must be even more horrid than deaths in the Middle Ages.

Terri’s is suffering a “trial by ordeal” which is the way people were tried long ago. If they survived the “ordeal” they were considered innocent, if they did not survive the ordeal they were guilty. I am joyful today because my Lord Is Risen. I know that He makes all things new. I pray that for the Schindler family.

26 Mar 2005 09:29 am

Terri Schiavo’s family were told no again. Terri is bleeding from her eyes and mouth. No pictures are allowed. The adulterous husband has been helped by Judges to kill her. This is not my country anymore.

23 Mar 2005 06:14 pm

This is sooooo maddening. So horrible. I got up early today to see if the court ruled for Terri Schiavo….and it was so depressing that I just went back to bed.

Terri Schiavo’s real name is Theresa Schindler Schiavo. Sister Theresa…..Daughter Theresa……Friend Theresa….Please God don’t let her be Lost Theresa.

22 Mar 2005 04:47 pm

LCpl. Roger “Butch” Cecil, USMC, KIA - Quang Tri Province, RVN, July 14, 1967.

The following letter was written to my grandmother, and is dated June 23, 1967

Dear Mrs. Fletcher,A few lines to let you know I still exist in the world. But, believe me, I am in a different world. Mrs. Fletcher, I didn’t know the Lord could change your life in 10 minutes. But he can. If you ever held somebody that was dying you would understand.

I don’t guess anybody really knows what war is until they’re right in the middle of it. Mrs Fletcher, since I’ve been here, I’ve seen about 13 or 14 marines die and many more wounded. When we get into a fire fight with the enemy, I look around and see dead people not two feet from me and thank God I am still alive.

And I say,” he was alive only five minutes ago.” The Lord can take your life so fast. If I ever get back to the states you will never catch me out of Sunday School and church.I’m just thankful that God has spared my life this long.

I’ve had nothing cold since I got here, all the water is hot. Not a bath in three weeks. People don’t know what you go through in war. Well, so much for that. Oh, yes. Every time you take a drink of cold water, think of me. Because, when we’re on patrol the only way we get water is to find a creek or river. Sometimes, we do without water for a day and a half.

It’s about 130 degrees. You are really hurting for water. We’re out on operations and patrol 28 days out of the month. Well, guess I’d better go. By the way, how is your family doing? Hope ok.

Well write soon,

Roger Dale “Butch” Cecil was killed in July 14th, 1967. He was a close friend of our family and died of shrapnel wounds.I’ve been thinking of him a lot lately and the contrast of Butch (who gave his all) to Kerry (who grabbed all the medals he could) is searing. (Yes, searing.)

I posted this letter last August when the Presidential campaign was raging. I thought about Butch’s wish today when I was thinking about Terri Schiavo’s hunger and thirst. She needs water above all. The one essential element that sustains life.

A lady was arrested for trying to take water into Terri. God bless her for her efforts.

22 Mar 2005 09:09 am

Federal Judge and Clintonite Whittemore has done what I feared. In his opinion and his non-action on replacing the feeding tube he did the “Slow Walk.”

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