March 2005

21 Mar 2005 06:30 pm

Why can’t Mr. Schiavo be prosecuted for spouse abuse? And why can’t the judge of the case be sued or recalled because of his obvious bias? It seems to me that any judge should look for the truth. If this means sifting through different and conflicting opinions then that is what we should expect them to do. To refuse to hear other opinions which are of the same caliber, such as other medical opinions, seems to be an indication of pre-judgement. In all of this there seems to be a real rush to judgement even though this case has been worked off this judge’s bench for years.

21 Mar 2005 05:21 pm

Lately I have noticed people losing it in restaurants or drive-thrus because they did not receive the service that they expected or deserved. I have made a vow not to do that sort of thing having seen how ugly it is. (I have been known to do that in the past) I have a hard time waiting in line or dealing with incompetent people because my philosophy is that life is too short to deal with incompetent people or to wait in line. But, I know that waiting is just part of life and dealing with people who don’t care about their work is also a necessary evil occasionally.

But why is it taking so long for the federal judge to issue a stay and restore the feeding tube to Terri Schiavo? Why, when she has been without any sustenance for three plus days is she having to suffer longer so the judge can meet for cocktails, go home and play Halo or whatever it is that Clinton appointed federal judges do in their evenings?

The fact that the case is so dire and the judge has issued no relief gives me a bad feeling. My daughter is a clerk for a district court judge and has been able to write some of his minor decisions. I am sure that the judge has the help he needs so I am about to conclude that he is purposely delaying issuing a ruling so that time will pass and the chances for Terri to receive help from an appeal to a higher court will be denied.

I knew a male elementary teacher who, when he saw two of his male students fighting out on the playground would do the “slow walk” to stop them, because he wanted one or the other of the boys to get the pounding that they deserved.

I pray that this judge is not doing the “slow walk.”

And I am getting tired of waiting. But I am just a blogger who does not even know Terri or her family personally and I must pray for them in their agony.

21 Mar 2005 08:32 am

He is selfish because it didn’t take him long to take up with other women after his wife, Terri’s “collapse.” He has been living with another woman and fathered two children with her for the past ten years. He basically has gone on with his life but he isn’t willing for Terri to continue hers. That is at the very least selfish and at worst incredibly evil in my opinion. And this blog is full of my opinion……Thank heaven my husband likes my opinions. But I knew that when I married him.

Here is James Taranto’s well reasoned opinion.

I realize that I have been around suffering and/or damaged people all of my life. But the thing that I have learned throughout the years is that now underused cliche “where there is life there is hope.”

My cousin, who was so badly hurt by fire when she was five grew up, married and had two children. She works with children today. She spent two years in the hospital and for a year was on a feeding tube.

My college roommate and best friend developed Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 24. She died in 1995. About four years before she died she was in the hospital and her husband refused to sign the DNR and when she needed to be resuscitated it cost her family thousands of dollars. Her husband had to work desperately to save their home.

A year before my friend’s death, her husband collapsed while jogging and died. It was so sad but they were both Christians and left the choice of life or death to God. The three years that my friend lived after being resusitated were precious ones to her children and although she could no longer speak or move at all her presence in their lives was very important.

Then there was my Great Aunt Floss, who was my great grandmother’s sister. All I remember about her was her white hair, her smile and her helplessness. I don’t know what was wrong with her but I think it had something to do with arthritus. She was unable to walk and had to be carried everywhere. Her only child, Dorothy, put her life on hold to care for her mother in her home. Dorothy didn’t marry until her mid-forties, after her mother died. Remembering Aunt Floss brings to mind gentleness. She may have not had a great quality of life in her years of illness but those were the years that I knew her and she affected all who knew her with her kindness, gentleness and acceptance of what she could not change.

My maternal grandmother suffered from Alzheimers for about ten years and both my parents cared for her in their home the entire time. I remember after my grandmother died, my mother told me after we arrived at her house, “I did it.” What she meant was that she had cared for her mother throughout her illness and hadn’t turned her over to a nursing home. Those years were a sacrifice and hard in many ways for my parents but also a blessed thing. Love endures all things and my mother’s (and father’s) love for my grandmother was a wonderful example of love in action for our entire familly.

When I was growing up some of our neighborhood friends had an older brother who was in his twenties. He was in a bad car wreck which left him profoundly retarded. His wife divorced him so he lived at home with his parents. They had to care for him and feed him and change his diapers. I remember thinking how cruel his wife was to divorce him but now in light of the suffering of Terri Schiavo at the hands of her husband for the past fifteen years and possibly more I see that the wife did the right thing. She could have stayed with him of course but at least she didn’t try to have him killed.

But that was at least thirty years ago, when we were still a civilized country.

21 Mar 2005 08:16 am

53 Democrats voted to give Terri Schiavo death. Here are a few of them. Pretty sight huh? 5 Republicans also voted for her death sentence. 112 Democrats didn’t vote at all. Some Republicans were not there for the vote either. Our congressman, John Boozeman is grieving the death of his brother, Fay Boozeman, who was killed in an accident on his farm Saturday.

21 Mar 2005 07:37 am

I’ve been reading The Anchoress for some time now and she is quite a thinker and writer.

“Terri. John Paul II. Lucia. George W. Bush. Mary.

Something is happening. The synchronicity is just too, too odd. There is a palpable vibe, here, that can no longer be ignored.

What do these five names have in common?

Terri Schiavo

John Paul II


George W. Bush

The Blessed Virgin, Mary

Can you find the thread?”

21 Mar 2005 07:15 am

This is distressing at the very least. Must pray.

17 Mar 2005 09:14 am

This excellent piece, by Catholic priest, the Reverend Robert Johansen is a powerful and very readable article about the unholy trinity, Michael Schiavo, his attorney, George Felos, and Judge George Greer and their attempt to deny Terri Schiavo any second opinions.

17 Mar 2005 09:10 am

I just saw Henry Waxman on Fox making a statement about baseball players on steroids. I didn’t get what he said because his nose seems to have grown even larger since I last saw him on the television and I was distracted by it.

13 Mar 2005 12:23 pm

Mark Steyn tells it like it is about the IRA and Gerry Adams’ snub from the White House.

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

12 Mar 2005 06:59 am

That a thirty three year old, six foot one, former football player overpowered a five feet tall fifty year old woman and killed a judge, a court reporter, a deputy and now, possibly, a U.S. Customs Agent.

I have been listening with disgust as political, legal and law enforcement pundits downplay the fact that Brian Nichols overpowered the female guard, took her gun, shot her, shot the judge, court reporter and a deputy in his rampage. Most of these “pundits” claim that Nichols could have done the same thing to a man but most men of fifty are not menopausal. The unfortunate woman (from her photo) appeared to be overweight. She was not up to guarding the man. That is a fact. People died and may still die because of that fact.

I am definitely not placing blame on the female guard but on the policies that placed her in such an overwhelming position. I pray that she recovers completely.

I recall that not long ago the same thing happened in a prison. The female guard was overpowered and a long prison siege occurred.

Atlanta’s police department has egg on its face, and blood on its hands.

I have family members in the legal and judicial profession and am thankful that none of them are living in Atlanta.

Update…… This link has much more information about the murdering criminal…..

And here is an interesting take on it. And another one here.

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