April 2005

17 Apr 2005 04:54 pm

This is odd. Has the man made himself disappear or was he helped?

On September 13, 2001 our Army doctor, Jon E. Baldwin went missing in Germany. (we were stationed in Heidelberg. Baldwin was a Major in the U.S. Army and there were many theories concerning his disappearance. Some who knew him thought he had committed suicide because he was thought to have been depressed.

Others who were in his Bible Study thought his wife was overbearing and may have run him off or been involved in his disappearance. But they had three young sons and one was a newborn baby. His car was found a couple of weeks later at a local train station with his billfold, all of his ID cards, money and credit cards inside.

His wife it was said had discovered his car at the out of the way train station and worked extremely hard to look for him. She had flyers that she placed everywhere but some said that the flyers were made almost immediately after his disappearance which was curious.

The doctor and his family lived in an area around Heidelberg that had a large Muslim population and some people were actually threatened by some Muslims in the days after September 11th.

My husband had been treated by Dr. Baldwin about four months before his disappearance and had received great care while he was in the hospital. Dr. Baldwin was careful that my husband not have too much pain meds (he had a kidney stone) and worked hard to send him to Landstulh and then on to Walter Reed when there were complications.

But I saw him a month before he disappeared for a problem and he seemed very distracted and disinterested in my care. I was shocked at the difference in his personality.

I did hear that Dr. Baldwin was very upset about September 11th and was heard to say, “Fuck that shit!” when told that doctors were going to have to prepare for a possible deployment to Afghanistan.

I also heard others say that Baldwin might have left his wife and children for a German woman and assumed a new identity.

Another curious thing that happened was that I thought I saw him months later in a train station in Stuttgart, Germany. I only got a glimpse in the rush of people and when I went home and told my husband he didn’t encourage me to tell the MPs. I think I probably should have though.

By the time we moved back home to the states in the summer of 2002 Baldwin had not been found.

The disappearance of the prosecutor made me think of this mystery.

15 Apr 2005 07:41 am

I found this photo here and it’s funny. God bless the soldier. Snopes verified that it is true.

15 Apr 2005 06:17 am

Robin Givhan’s usual fare. She must think of herself as a Maureen Down stand-in….or substitute….or clone……Or….whatever.

I wonder if she has hair issues…..

Maybe she has to use Nair on her upper lip.

She doesn’t like Condi Rice or Vice President Cheney, but she loves Demi Moore. And I remember that nasty article she wrote about Katherine Harris four plus years ago. And she coudn’t stand Vogues beautiful photographs of the Bush twins. I just don’t recall Ms Givhan’s writing about the black pantsuit lady.

I don’t care about John Bolton’s hair or his mustache. I care about what is in his mind…..his character. That he is a tough man with convictions and is not vain is what is important to me.

Thank God he is no Gary Shandling.

14 Apr 2005 07:46 pm

Captain Hannity……I caught my cat, Captain watching Hannity tonight.

14 Apr 2005 04:27 pm

John McCain announced on Hairball that he will vote against his party on the filibustering of President Bush’s judicial nominees. John McCain is no friend of the Republican party or of President Bush’s.
McCain is the featured speaker at my daughter’s graduation on May 13th at the University of Oklahoma. I am calling Senator Frist to urge him to bring up the vote right away to get rid of filibusters and I am calling OU to tell the administration that I do not appreciate John McCain speaking at my daughters’ graduation. I am so disgusted with that man.

So what that he served honorably during the Vietnam era! He hasn’t served honorably during his whole tenure as Senator. The man has got to go!

And Rick Santorum! I just listened to him audibly squirming while talking to Hugh Hewitt about when the vote will be brought up. He said in a couple of months. They have been saying that since the election!

What are we paying them for????? And what is in their water???

13 Apr 2005 05:18 pm

I am getting pretty disgusted with the Republicans in the U.S. Senate and have come to the conclusion that the only reason why Bill Frist has not forced a vote to get rid of the filibuster is because he has never had enough support from the frickin Republicans! I want names taken and I want to see some action. What a bunch of Baby Rays!

10 Apr 2005 07:42 am


10 Apr 2005 07:38 am


10 Apr 2005 06:58 am

Our two cats, Captain and Sabby seem to celebrate this non-federal holiday more than once a year…..and they did it again last night.

They were bad! Not just locally bad, or bad enough for the state, they were so bad that they must have been celebrating some kind of national secret feline rite.

The first incident happened at 3:33 A.M. when I awakened with two cats wrestling each other on top of me. I shooed them out of the room and tried to go back to sleep.

The next thing I heard was a whole lot of howling. They were down in the empty, nearly finished kitchen/den, sitting in the curtainless windows hissing and screaming at two other cats outside who were sitting on the window ledges.

The stranger cats were scaring our little indoor kitties.

I ran down the stairs and cleared them out of the den and closed the door and went back to bed…..for a while.

Our stairs are not yet carpeted and the cats seemed to understand that they could make a lot of noise by running up and down them and that is the bad act that followed.

I placed the pillow over my head for a while and thought the noise had stopped until I heard some kind of discordant music. Captain was walking across the piano keys in the living room and kept doing it over and over. I chased him upstairs and put him in another bedroom but I couldn’t find Sabby.

Back to bed I went.

I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to paper rattling.

Sabby had found some printer paper in the computer room and had carried it into the bedroom and was flipping it with his paws.

I jumped out of bed and chased him out of the room and closed the door.

It was six A.M. My husband was sleeping through this! And he was snoring so loudly that I couldn’t go back to sleep so I moved to another bedroom.

I closed the door and went to sleep. For an hour or so.

When I finally got up I checked on Captain and he was sleeping innocently. Sabby was in his spot in the computer room…asleep.

They are still sleeping off their celebration and I need to go get another cup of coffee.

09 Apr 2005 07:39 am

It’s been a pretty stressful two weeks so I have been resting my eyes recently. There was some incredible coverage of Pope John Paul ll’s death and funeral and so much to think about.

Now, today, back to earth.

In 1981 I had three little children and was a stay at home mother (which was always a blessing) and had been to Great Britain several times so I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and the Lady Diana with great excitement. My son, Drew and oldest daughter, (Miss Katydid) held a mock royal wedding and dressed up as a bride and groom at their grandmother’s house.

A few years earlier I had played a role in my own wedding and felt as much a princess as I stood by my military spouse.

Now I am a grandmother of one, trying to get our house arranged now that the renovation is almost over and anticipating my daughters’ graduations from lawschool and college.

I didn’t rise at the crack of dawn to watch all the festivities of Charles and Camilla’s marriage but I did watch when I got up.

Fox News coverage of the wedding is not very impressive. They are all so critical of Camilla especially. Except for the wheat headpiece I thought Camilla looked lovely. She seemed to be in frail health but looked very happy.

I have been enjoying listening to my husband’s comments about the wedding much more than E.D. Hill’s.

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