July 2005

27 Jul 2005 04:42 am

Susan Torres’ baby has recently passed the 24th week which is a milestone and hopefully if she can hold on for a few weeks longer the baby can be born safely. Here is an update from the Washington Post.

27 Jul 2005 04:00 am

The Washington Post’s Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei playing Chopsticks again…….

Wonder who the stranger is? Homeless person? Tourist? Betty Crocker? Sally Quinn?

In a strange twist in the investigation, the grand jury — acting on a tip from Wilson — has questioned a person who approached Novak on Pennsylvania Avenue on July 8, 2003, six days before his column appeared in The Post and other publications, Wilson said in an interview.

The person, whom Wilson declined to identify to The Post, asked Novak about the “yellow cake” uranium matter and then about Wilson, Wilson said. He first revealed that conversation in a book he wrote last year. In the book, he said that he tried to reach Novak on July 8, and that they finally connected on July 10. In that conversation, Wilson said that he did not confirm his wife worked for the CIA but that Novak told him he had obtained the information from a “CIA source.”

27 Jul 2005 03:27 am

According to the Washington Prowler there is at least one Democrat congressional member who is doubtful that the “Get Karl Rove” campaign will help the dems in 2006.

“I haven’t seen a single, serious poll beyond the media’s that attacking Rove helps us one bit with the voters,” says a Democratic House member. “No one can show me numbers. This is all the fringe people like MoveOn and even Howard Dean. It’s all about not getting past 2000 and 2004. And I really fear we’re going to pay for it down the road.”

27 Jul 2005 03:16 am

The New York Times produces a nothing-burger article every day in an attempt to “keep the drumbeat going” on Karl Rove. This article tells us nothing new except for the nice photo of Ari Fleischer. Why, Ari is on the “periphery of [the] leak inquiry!”

27 Jul 2005 02:57 am

Why am I awake? Something woke me up. I think someone was walking up the creaky stairs. By the time I got up to investigate they were already tucked into their rooms. It could have either been my niece who is staying with us this summer, or one of my two daughters and my son-in-law who are visiting. Or the cats. Whatever.

I won’t post about everytime that I find myself not sleeping through the night because that would be too often. I refuse to take meds for it though. Would rather fix the creaky stairs.

26 Jul 2005 08:25 am

These women really do need to take up knitting. Here is the article…….


A group of grannies have appeared in court charged with criminal trespass after attempting to sign up for military service in Iraq. The campaigning US women belong to a group called The Raging Grannies of Tuscon, which has protested against the war every week for three years.

The five pensioners entered a military recruitment centre in Arizona singing anti-war songs and claiming they wanted to join the army. Pat Birnie, the group’s spokeswoman, said: “We were told protesters weren’t allowed on the premises but we said we were there to enlist.

“We would rather offer ourselves up and have our grandchildren brought home out of harm’s way.”
The women made it through just two of their protest songs before police arrived. Mrs Birnie, 75, added: “We want all the young men and women in service to return home.

“They had no business being there to begin with and are in harm’s way and causing harm to innocent people. We believe diplomacy should be used rather than violence.”

The women in their 60s and 70s, and four journalists, were told to return to court for a pre-trial hearing on August 19.

I note that four journalists were also among those arrested. This is just annoying.

26 Jul 2005 07:13 am

I never could understand the appeal of Oprah and am happy to read someone else has reservations about her too.

26 Jul 2005 06:03 am

I just heard Tony Blair state, “September 11 for me was a wake-up call - a lot of the world woke up for a short time, then turned over and went back to sleep again”. More here.

26 Jul 2005 05:53 am

Jane Fonda really doesn’t know when to retire. She doesn’t have any common sense either. Her anti-war activism during the Vietnam War was disgusting but this time around it seems just pathetic. Apparently she’s planning a Retour through her old glory days to see if she still has it but instead of Barefoot in the Park she’s taking a bus. Not just any kind of bus but a bus running on vegetable oil. Boy that will smell good.

“The last time she got deeply involved in talking about a war, things didn’t turn out so well.
But that apparently won’t stop Atlanta actor-activist Jane Fonda from coming out against the war in Iraq.

This time, instead of posing on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, she’ll be rolling across the United States, one daughter in tow, in a bus powered by vegetable oil.”

But wait! If that is not enough, here’s more!

“I’ve decided I’m coming out,” she said.Hundreds of people in the audience cheered loudly when Fonda announced her intentions to join the anti-Iraq war movement.

“I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam,” she said. “I carry a lot of baggage from that.”


It would take a convoy of forty big Mac trucks to carry your baggage I-D-I-O-T!

25 Jul 2005 08:31 am

Byron York writes about the Karl Rove perjury allegations the leftist press is breathlessly, hopefully, Truly, Madly, Deeply promoting in an attempt at the very least to slime the Bush administration and make Karl Rove Die Hard as Something the Lord Made but will most likely turn into a Snow Cake blowing back on ole Blow Dry Joseph Wilson who took An Awfully Big Adventure to taste mint tea in Africa and considers himself a Revolutionary Witness but is in reality a Rasputin more interested in self promotion than even Love Actually as he leaked his wife’s spy status thus he couldn’t be that interested in her covertness and especially not in any Sense and Sensibility. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has more truth to tell than old Joe Wilson who isn’t my idea of The Winter Guest I would be interested in hosting. I’m thinking that Joe could have played Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Well, whatever, Bryon York nails it and deserves my Golden Hammer Award. This ever shrinking story makes me want to Close My Eyes.

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