August 2005

30 Aug 2005 05:24 pm

30 Aug 2005 03:42 pm

Our family was stationed at Fort Drum when Hurricane Andrew hit back in 1992. My husband was a battalion commander and his battalion and part of the 10th Mountain Division were deployed to Homestead to help provide relief. That went on for quite some time. They were involved in the emergency, the recovery and the rebuilding…..then one month later, they were sent to Somalia. (By the way, martial law was declared and the military shut down the looters in Operation Andrew Relief very quickly.)

I remember my husband telling me about the devastation but Katrina must be ten times worse due to the fact that it happened on the Gulf Coast. Austin Bay has an interesting post about emergency relief.

Anyway, the bunk that the dems and the liberal media are spouting about having insufficient National Guardsmen to help assist in the Hurricane relief (because they are deployed to Iraq) is just that. Bunk. has more on that I don’t know how much of the Florida National Guard was involved in recovery/ emergency relief during Andrew but the government sent the10th Mountain Division during the waning days of Bush l. (not Clinton)

And the Democrats/left did the same thing to Bush l as they are doing to President George W. Bush now when they say he is not doing enough. Instead of being concerned about the people hurt in a national catastrophe they are mouthing off, blaming Bush. Disgusting.

I know the Navy is sending down a bunch of swiftboats. The Coast Guard is there now. And the state of Arkansas is helping. I have heard that my brother’s guard unit here is getting ready to go. They need some help stopping this obviously.

Maybe they need some Venetian Gondaliers.

30 Aug 2005 03:04 pm

Jim Geraghty has a lot of new information about Able Danger, including two new witnesses.

Update………Well, it’s not so new but still interesting. I hadn’t read about it.

30 Aug 2005 02:37 pm

I don’t know why I even bother to comment on this but Eleanor Clift really revealed her anti-military bias on the McLaughlin Group this past weekend.

She’s insulted the wrong people this time. The United States military. - A group that supports the U.S. military is demanding an apology from Newsweek magazine’s Eleanor Clift, who recently characterized America’s armed forces as a “mercenary Army.

“Her comments — made this past weekend on the syndicated TV program “The McLaughlin Group” — were “unfounded and grossly inappropriate,” said the Freedom Alliance.In an Aug. 30 letter to Clift, Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon asked her to retract her comment and apologize to the armed forces and their families. Clift made the comment during a discussion about military recruiting efforts:

“But I think what we’re coming to grips with is the fact that we actually have a mercenary Army,” Clift said, according to a transcript of “The McLaughlin Group” program.

“And it doesn’t have a nice ring to it. We call it ‘volunteers,’ but we’re basically paying people to serve their country. And if you’re going to pay people and have a mercenary Army, you’re going to have to pay the market rate. And so the bounties are going up — more money for tuition, higher enlistment bonuses — and I think it’s appropriate.”

he Freedom Alliance said it is “wholly inappropriate” to describe America’s military men and women as mercenaries.”It is a vile and thankless description of those who are responsible for defending your life and right to free expression,” Kilgannon wrote in the letter.”A professional wordsmith such as yourself should understand that mercenary troops have no loyalties, no ties and no bonds to any nation. They fight not for duty, flag or country but for selfish gain.

They have no regard for political ideology and no respect for national interests. Often, at the first sign of resistance, mercenary troops turn and run.”Those qualities do not describe U.S. troops, Kilgannon said, adding that Clift should “be ashamed of yourself for suggesting otherwise.”Kilgannon suggests that during her next appearance on “The McLaughlin Group,” Clift should apologize - and retract her description of U.S. troops as “mercenaries.”

“You may also want to search your heart for a little more consideration for those who keep this nation strong and free,” Kilgannon writes.The Freedom Alliance, founded in 1990 by Lt. Col. Oliver North, describes its mission as advancing the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States and promoting a strong national defense.It also exposes anti-military bias in the media.

Clift should apologize but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

30 Aug 2005 08:38 am

I always look forward to his Impromptus and this one doesn’t disappoint.

30 Aug 2005 08:17 am

I heard snippets of this NPR - Cindy Sheehan interview on the Laura Ingraham Show. Cindy was really bad. Her handler must have been on a bathroom break.

30 Aug 2005 06:23 am

Well, it is believable after her days in Crawford. This is definitely not a good idea.

Cindy Sheehan to protest against Blue Angels air show in Maine

What’s next? Will Cindy Sheehan protest against Christmas? The Easter Bunny? The toothfairy?

30 Aug 2005 05:48 am

This is a fine post from a new blog I discovered this morning linked at Riehl World View.

30 Aug 2005 05:39 am

This blogger blogs from the “cradle of civilization.” (hat tip Basil’s Blog)

29 Aug 2005 04:16 pm

Stephen F. Hayes’ article in the Weekly Standard questions why the 911 Commission buried Iraqi ties to 911. I am wondering why too. But I think the answer is in the title.

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