October 2005

28 Oct 2005 09:43 am

Just Fitzween…….


WASHINGTON (AP) - Karl Rove escaped indictment Friday in the CIA leak case but remained under investigation. The embattled White House braced for charges against Vice President Dick Cheney’s top adviser, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Karl Rove put on his Jason mask and slipped out the back door.

Trying to put a brave face on one of the darkest days of his presidency, Bush traveled to Norfolk, Va., to deliver a speech on terrorism. “Thanks for the chance to get out of Washington,” he said.

Oh, the darkest, blackest, bleakest of days……..

Rove’s lawyer said he was told by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s office that investigators would continue their probe into the aide’s conduct. Fitzgerald’s office said Rove would not be indicted Friday, said people close to the Republican strategist, speaking only on condition of anonymity because of grand jury secrecy. Rove is deputy White House chief of staff and Bush’s closest adviser.

Can you believe lawyers are leaking from an investigation of a leak?

The news was far less favorable for Cheney’s chief of staff. White House colleagues expected an indictment charging Libby with false statements in the probe.

There’s more……

WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis “Scooter’ Libby Jr. was indicted Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak case.

Throwing the book at him to try to get at Cheney.

Karl Rove, President Bush’s closest adviser, escaped indictment Friday but remained under investigation, his legal status a looming political problem for the White House.

In this article he escaped again. And there is a looming problem for the White House.

The indictments stem from a two-year investigation by special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald into whether Rove, Libby or any other administration officials knowingly revealed the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame or lied about their involvement to investigators.

Two years it took to indict one person. Where are the others Fitzmas celebrants were crowing about?

The five-count indictment accuses Libby of lying about how and when he learned about CIA official Valerie Plane’s identity in 2003 and then told reporters about it. The information was classified.

But was Valerie Plame undercover?

Any trial would shine a spotlight on the secret deliberations of Bush and his team as they built the case for war against Iraq.

It could shine a light on the mechanizations of the media too.

Bush ordered U.S. troops to war in March 2003, saying Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program posed a grave and immediate threat to the United States. No such weapons were found. The U.S. military death toll climbed past 2,000 this week.

2000 huh? Haven’t heard that before.

Moments before the indictments were released, Bush stepped off Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House after a brief trip to Norfolk, Va. As the documents were released, Cheney was giving a speech in Georgia.

Just a little filler here.

Libby, 55, is considered Cheney’s alter ego, a chief architect of the war with Iraq. A trial would give the public a rare glimpse into Cheney’s influential role in the West Wing and his behind-the-scenes lobbying for war.

Now it’s back to Cheney’s the guy in control huh?

Though Libby has worked in relative obscurity, he is one of the administration’s influential advisers because of his proximity to Cheney, one of the most powerful vice presidents in history.

He’s big alright.

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UPDATE: There is now a listing for Fitzmas and Fitzween on Wikipedia.

This blogger is maintaining his sense of humor about Plamegate. (But since Libby wasn’t charged for that alleged crime it needs a new name)

Check out the LlamaButchers for an interesting take on Scooter.

Musing Minds muse about Fitzgerald’s take on subpoenaing journalists.

Here is another serious consideration of the charges against Libby from Powerline.

27 Oct 2005 10:24 pm

GrannyTiger has a brilliant post noting the spin the MSN put on the Miers Withdrawal today.

27 Oct 2005 08:48 pm

“Let’s move on,” said Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi.

“In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?”


27 Oct 2005 06:38 am

Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. Who are the losers? Any attorney who has real world experience and hasn’t served as a judge. Any judge who is not approved by the NRO crowd. Any non Ivy League lawschool graduate.

I think it’s a sad day and I feel badly for Harriet Miers and President Bush. This is no victory for the “rightwing” although some in the conservative blogosphere are popping corks.

This conservative insurrection couldn’t have come at a worse time for President Bush. An Army who fights battles need strong and committed privates as well as generals and the next few years are going to require some stolid and tough conservatives in the Republican base who will hang tough with President Bush.

Republicans in the Senate haven’t done themselves proud either and that’s the biggest weakness in getting a strong conservative originalist on the Supreme Court.

After Bork was….well…… Borked we eventually got Anthony Kennedy. I am not optimistic about whoever the next nominee will be.

On the other hand there is a strong bench available to President Bush for nomination and my own preference is Michael McConnell. We can hope.

The Martini Pundit suggests that President Bush nominate Harriet Miers to a district court in the future.

Welcome Musing Minds , The Anchoress , PoliPundit and Michelle Malkin readers!

26 Oct 2005 08:25 pm

Jeesh! This is getting really counterproductive. But after hearing David Frum on Hugh Hewitt’s show tonight I am starting to wonder if Dafydd ab Hugh may be right in his suspicion there could be a conservative Anita Hill turning up soon to try to low-Bork Harriet Miers. Similar to Clarence Thomas’ high-tech lynching ordeal there’s been a lot of smearing going on against Harriet Miers. I have been seeing a great deal of “anonymous quotes” critical of Miers which has added some bitterness to this “debate.”

Something similar has been going on with those who are against Harriet Miers and it’s not the far-left smearing her, it’s our own fellow conservatives.

26 Oct 2005 07:36 pm

I hope this is not all that is done.

House Armed Services Chairman Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) has asked the Pentagon’s inspector general to investigate why the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) revoked the top security clearance of a whistle-blower involved in a classified intelligence cell that may have identified the Sept. 11 terrorists a year before the attacks.

Army Reserve Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, who has said that a military unit called Able Danger identified four Sept. 11 hijackers before the 2001 attacks, is facing Pentagon accusations that he broke military rules.

None of the charges — which range from misuse of government property to flashing military identification while intoxicated — are related to his claims about Able Danger. His clearance, however, was revoked a day before he was supposed to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the intelligence cell’s findings.

Good thing it’s the Pentagon Inspector General doing the investigating. The Army Inspector General is more interested in the weight of Inspector Generals in the Army than their ability to get things done.

26 Oct 2005 04:39 pm

But always Christmas

26 Oct 2005 02:18 pm

Why is federal prosecuter, Patrick Fitzgerald being praised and saluted by the MSM? Why aren’t we getting non-photoshopped photos of him taking out his trash?

And what does it mean that he met with the chief judge of the federal district court in the nation’s capital, Judge Thomas Hogan during the lunch hour today?

I know the answers to the first and second questions but not the answer to the third.


Tina Brown has now fallen for Patrick Fitzgerald.

26 Oct 2005 05:07 am

The AFP posted this photo of President Bush. It’s not hard to find these photos. Couldn’t find anything like that of Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Malkin links to FromthePen which has a USA Today doctored photo of Condi Rice. If the media can’t find a bad photo of people in President Bush’s administration they will make one.

This is outrageous!

And checkout this photo of Vice President Cheney on Yahoo. I doubt that was the only photo snapped of him so why display it?


Caught red-handed they claimed that it was an accidental doctoring. Sure. Right. Yeah, I believe that. Uh huh.

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