January 2006

29 Jan 2006 08:44 pm

It’s All About Him
Dr. Helen posted about an article that I ignored this morning on MSN because the photo of the woman in the advertisment of said article put me off. The woman looked so “hip” for an obviously over the hill female and I thought, “Oh, another one of those.” I was right. I am glad I didn’t waste my time on it earlier anyway because I was busy with my son, daughter-in-law, daughter, husband and GRANDSON.

I assume these grandmothers in name only are members of the ME generation….baby boomers. The hip members of the Post World War ll generation that became hippies in the sixties and protested the war in Vietnam. They are the particular sector of the generation the MSN is always touting as the real baby boomer generation.

Except I don’t know any of these people. I knew older guys who went to the war and had brothers who joined the military during that time period. When our college professors tried to get us to protest the war we refused. We didn’t become hippies, we grew up, married, and had children of our own.

Women my age that I know who have grandchildren are proud of them and spend as much time as they are allowed to spend with them.

Not so this reporter whose article was featured on MSN. Her grandchildren have to make appointments to spend time with her. Career, travel and just about anything else is more important to the woman. And she seems proud of her selfishness. I can’t identify with a person like that.

I am constantly writing about memories I have about my grandmothers who both had jobs. It’s true that they were each one half of a Mom and Pop business which required their presences but they always had time for all of their grandchildren and others.

The time they spent with us are what helped us to etch out a history for ourselves. The stories told, the kindnesses given, and the values our grandmothers (and our grandfathers) taught us were important parts of our upbringing.

Life is about family not careers or jobs or property. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child but grandmothers and grandfathers are certainly assets to parents and should be blessings to their grandchildren.

Now I have to go pick up all the stickers off the den floor because we all played with them tonight. With my grandson. He doesn’t call me grandma. He calls me “MeeMee.” And he can call me anytime he wants to.

29 Jan 2006 11:42 am

Three of the five beautiful windows designed by Marc Chagall in the Fraumünster Church in Zurich, Switzerland.

Go to Zurich and see the majestic triumph of Marc Chagall’s long and amazing life - The Windows. I saw them in Zurich, Switzerland in 1978 at the Fraumunster Church and the tour guide on that visit told us that Chagall was still at work on them. When I returned several years ago I was awed again by the power of Chagall’s work. The windows were exquisite.

Of the church spires that characterise Zurich’s skyline, the thin blue spire of Fraumünster is the most graceful. Overlooking the historic old square of Münsterhof, the former pig market, the church was founded in 853 and its convent inhabited by German noblewomen until the 13th century. Important architectural features include the Romanesque choir and the enormous elaborate organ, but its chief attractions are the five beautiful stained glass windows designed by the 83-year-old Marc Chagall in 1970.

And then there are the windows Marc Chagall created for the Synagogue of the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Breathtaking.

To fully understand the significance of the Windows they must be viewed against Chagall’s deep sense of identification with the whole of the Jewish history, its tragedies and victories, as well as his own personal background in the shtetl of Vitebsk, where he was born and grew up. “All the time I was working,” he said, “I felt my father and my mother were looking over my shoulder, and behind them were Jews, millions of other vanished Jews of yesterday and a thousand years ago.”

Chagall came to stained glass work relatively late in his long career.” But one might say his work was divinely inspired in its beauty.

Chagall’s America Windows have been temporarily removed from the Chicago Art Institute until 2009 when construction of a new wing is complete.

So the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland was dominated by the We Are the World Crowd. People like Bill Clinton and John Kerry. Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie.(Snort) No art or culture there.

And as Michelle Malkin reports it was a Global Bloviate-O-Fest. Bill Clinton was the big star with the star-struck media gushing in their reports of him. He wore a multi-colored African style bracelet! The world is saved!

I’m thinking we should let Clinton bloviate, for that is what he does best. His bloviation is like Chinese food with it’s inability to make one feel satisfied and truly fed. What were Clinton’s words worth really? Not much. He made a tacky joke taking advantage of John McCain’s presence in the audience…Clinton alluded to a same-sex marriage between the two of them playing off the possible candidacies of both McCain and Hillary in 2008.

The Miss America Pageant was a few weeks ago and Miss Oklahoma won but Bill Clinton apparently is still in the running…………

“people basically want to know that we’re on their side, that we wish them well, that we want the best for them, that we’re pulling for them.”

Forget Clinton…both of the Clintons. Something tells me that they will be bloviating forever (or as long as one or the other has some kind of political power) but I have faith that there are enough people who understand them for who and what they are and will not be electing Hillary president in 2008. They won’t be electing John McCain either. It’s just a hunch.

28 Jan 2006 10:36 pm

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles posted this Blue Star Family banner on her blog. It indicates that someone in the home where it is displayed is proudly serving in the United States Armed Forces. I’m going to try to put it on my sidebar because we do have a member of our immediate family serving….our son. My brothers are also serving and my husband served for thirty years before he retired a little over a year ago.

28 Jan 2006 09:03 pm

This French cat played tour guide to us in Riquewihr, France, and was a much friendlier example of French hospitality than most of the French people.

This London cat greeted us at the Tower of London. She was much more agreeable than most of the Londoners. (except the cabbies) But for us there’s no place like home. Our own cats at home. Our Sabby, Captain, Asta and Amos - the kitties at home.

At the end of a hard day having the cats greet us or ignore us (depending on their moods) is better than any soothing cup of tea. They like to partake of the day with us - for example - Sabby likes to share our blogging duties.

Here’s Asta balancing on the computer chair in the Charlotte wing of the house. He’s always up for exhibiting unexpected behavior.

Amos always finds the most luxurious and comfortable bed in the house and those who sit with him will be asleep before they know it.

Captain takes up everyone’s side of the bed. But he’s the kind of cat that can get away with it. You give him the room. He’s earned it. Both Captain and Amos have traveled internationally - they’ve flown in carriers under the plane or under the cabin seats and they’ve lived overseas. So now they deserve all the room on the beds in the house.

For more examples of great American and International cats check out the 97th Carnival of Cats hosted by This Blog is Full of Crap.

28 Jan 2006 08:53 pm

Architecture and Morality is a fascinating blog.

Here is their take on the Hamas Party’s win in the Palestinian elections this week.

This post is about the Contemporary Christian Music Movement and why it has a corrupting effect on churches.

And here is corbusier’s post on Louisiana architecture.

Give them a read. The blog is chock-full of great posts on architecture and morality.

28 Jan 2006 06:22 pm

From Mark Tapscott’s blog we have this news about the probe of the “suicide by bomb” of University of OKlahoma student,Joel Hinrichs last September.

Justice Department Denies Hinrichs FOIA, Says Probe is “Ongoing” in Non-Terrorist-Related Suicide.

Hmm. Mark Tapscott’s FOIA request was denied?

It’s now the end of January, virtually four months after Hinrichs was declared a suicide with no terrorist ties. Yet in a Jan. 25, 2006, letter denying my Freedom of Information Act request for all documents referencing Hinrichs, a Justice Department official says the requested documents cannot be released because the government’s investigation is still open and “release of this information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

Interfere with enforcement proceedings? Hmm. Enforcement of what or whom?

I think this tells us something. What it’s tells us I don’t know. The investigation continues I think. Mark Tapscott is bothered that the government won’t release the information but there has to be a reason. It could be benign but I doubt it. I think there are enough hints in the denial letter.

28 Jan 2006 07:09 am

I’ve been putting it off but today’s the day. I’m going to the grocery store. I’ve been making a mental list as I’ve been perusing the news and some favorite blogs. My late mother-in-law, Martha Ann called grocery shopping and running errands “rat-killing” and that’s what it really is. So before I go do that tiresome but important task I am indulging myself by checking out new or interesting posts and making up the grocery list as I read.

Numero Uno on my list today is Danish butter. (Lurpak) We became addicted to it when we lived in Germany and it was cheaper to buy than margarine at the commissary. (and so much better) hat tip: Glenn Reynolds

We need eggs. hat tip: Ann Althouse

I am going to make brunch tomorrow so need some ham and bacon. hat tip: Kathryn J. Lopez

Need to get some sausage too because my two year old grandson prefers it.

I’m craving some fruit but is this fruit in season?

I want some pears so I can make some Pears Helene. That was one of our favorite treats when we lived in Augsburg, Germany. A wonderful restaurant served it. Poached pears, chocolate whipped cream and some kind of liqueur made it such a treat.

My husband always asks me to get some nuts but I’ll pass on this.

For dessert I am planning on making my chocolate cherry cake so will need to get some chocolate and cherries. hat tip: Lucianne

I think I will buy enough chocolate to make this recipe for my husband’s birthday party in a few weeks.

I’m going to try this baked potatoes with brie recipe but don’t know whether I need skim brie or the regular.

Must get potatoes.

Bread. hat tip: Dr. Sanity

We need some protein. The freezer is empty.

Chicken. I want to try that new recipe, Chicken Paprikash (say it like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally) my daughter posted on our family website. Merri at Merri Musings is really into Rachel Ray and I await Merri’s review of Rachel’s new book.

Ugh. My husband asked me to get him some cigars while I am out. I quit smoking several months ago and try to avoid convenience stores where I might be tempted. But so far so good.

My husband wants me to get some more cereal and this looks interesting. Oh. Forget it. The New York Yankees are the official team of this blog. hat tip: Mr. Snitch

We need some vegetables and salad stuff.

I want to make some Zucchini bread. hat tip: Sundries Shack

Need some oil for the baking.

Captain and Sabby are reminding me that they need their Fancy Feast fix.

Paper products and miscellaneous items. I like Conservative Musings for that.

Mustn’t forget LIGHT BULBS! (I just love Lilaks)

I’m out of toilet cleaning items hat tip: Black Five

Other cleaning items

On the way to the grocery store I will stop by Starbucks to get some yummy coffee. My usual is Cafe Mocha but I think I’ll try my daughter’s favorite, Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

Where am I going to shop? Not at the grocery store nearest me because it doesn’t have all the items I need. I’m going to Walmart. hat tip: Betsy’s Page

While at Walmart I need to get some photos developed. hat tip: Villainous Company

Good grief! I almost forgot soap. Really need soap.hat tip: Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

And one thing I plan to do on this day even though it’s gloomy outside is look around me to see the beauty. Right Mom did and she saw and heard it.

27 Jan 2006 11:08 pm

Sabby likes to help fold the laundry when he’s not helping me blog. If you look very closely you will see his right paw smoothing out the wrinkle on the comforter.

27 Jan 2006 10:53 pm

Michelle Malkin has Maureen Dowd’s latest outrageous statements. Get a load of that screen catch. Is the woman’s mouth morphing into Helen Thomas’s? (I know that’s mean but I will not ever go as far as Ann Coulter did recently. That was uncalled for.

27 Jan 2006 09:22 pm

Skitters the expert window watcher and a very special kitty. Skitters is my daughter and son-in-law’s cat and recently was diagnosed with kidney failure. The doctor is working to help him and he is home now doing well.

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