April 2006

27 Apr 2006 10:52 am

Everyday it gets more difficult to understand how anyone could believe any utterance John Kerry makes. I don’t think he even believes himself. Ellen Goodman has always been a reliable lib but she seems to be falling away from the church of Kerry. Goodman probably fears that Kerry will get in the way of Hillary who seems to be every mans’ solution to insomnia.

John Kerry strikes me as sort of a sissy. Not a manly man at all. I don’t think he ever gets his hands dirty.

27 Apr 2006 08:43 am


Jacks is the pretty black and white kitty and Andy is the yellow. My sister and her family lost Jacks this weekend. A parasite attacked his red blood cells and by the time they noticed something was wrong it was already too late. Jacks was such a great cat.

My sister’s other kitties are now being treated by a thirty day round of antibiotics.

26 Apr 2006 05:53 pm

I watched American Idol….kinda sorta…..out of the corner of my ear last night. My family was over for dinner and after that I played with my grandson. But I did stop everything to listen to the two contestants who ought to be in the finals, Elliot and Chris. They were both wonderful last night.

Katharine was annoying, Kellie in way over her head, Paris was pitiful and Taylor just so-so. I predict that Paris leaves tonight. I do that every week because I am hopeful that the American people will finally come to their senses about her.

She just doesn’t have the stuff. Kellie will probably get a country music contract, Katharine will probably move in with some music exec and Taylor will do just fine too. Elliot is my personal favorite but I thought Chris’ rendition of “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman.” was really beautiful.

Not surprisingly, Ann Althouse and The Anchoress are also singing in key with me.

Lorie Byrd also Idol blogged last night too. She disagrees with the judges about Kellie Pickler and others but also loved Chris.

25 Apr 2006 10:20 pm


Not worrying about the world tonight. I’ve been busy playing with my grandson. I cut out and drew a wide awake cat for him. And then we made many more. We just kept playing until his parents took him home.


Then I drew the kitty asleep on the reverse side. He loved it and we had great fun. He was busy with crayons and paper and I created the features, stripes and spots on the kitties. When it was time to go home he picked out two of the cut-out cats. He left me with the other paper kitties.


Here they are awake.


And here they are sleeping. That’s a good idea right now. Going to sleep. Think I will.

25 Apr 2006 06:18 pm

The lefties are salivating at the prospect of Tony Snow replacing Scott McClellen as the new White House Press Secretary but if I were them (banish the thought) I wouldn’t be quite so excited. Tony’s (shock) criticized President Bush. A lefty think tank’s dug up some quotes. At first glance they seem quite constructive and nothing worse than what many conservative pundits (and bloggers) have written. Unlike the left most conservatives have differences of opinion in many varied areas and don’t feel the need to walk in lock step.

It wouldn’t be so bad to have an honest, engaging, quick-on-his-feet press secretary for the president and if Tony Snow’s family and doctors clear it I am all for him doing the job.

Just because Tony’s good natured, kindly and long suffering doesn’t mean he will be a marshmallow as a press secretary. In fact, I predict that if Tony does take the job it’s going to bring up President Bush’s approval ratings.

UPDATE: Great! Fox News is reporting that Tony’s taking the job. That is truly wonderful news.

One day a couple of years ago before my husband retired from active duty he returned home from TDY. I had to go out just after he got home to run some errands so after I got on the road I turned the radio on tuning it to the Tony Snow show even though it was a channel from another city. The reception was pretty good so I was enjoying the show. As I was listening a familiar voice began to speak.

This person was talking to Tony about the weapons of mass destruction that hadn’t turned up in Iraq and explaining to him that while he had been stationed in Europe he had been on the V CORPS Headquarters staff and had seen a great deal of classified information that had convinced him that Saddam was a threat whether or not the WMD were ever found. Tony engaged him in conversation for quite some time and as I listened I realized that it was my husband Tony was speaking to.

A strange moment indeed because I had just left the house and my husband at that moment had been unpacking the car. I realized later that the radio show was taped delayed and my husband had been listening to Tony while he was traveling and was motivated to call in to let him know an officers viewpoint.

That’s another thing that’s tremendous about Tony’s becoming the White House Press Secretary. The man has spoken to so many Americans through his many broadcasts on the Fox News Channel and Radio Network. He understands our viewpoints and possesses similar opinions. He will represent us to the Bush administration and to the national media better than any elected official ever could.

May God bless Tony Snow and his family.

sisu has the best headline of the day.

24 Apr 2006 06:21 pm

It’s starting to dawn on me. The MSM has no defense for the leaking of Mary McCarthy so they are throwing murk bombs. Newsweeks adding much to the murk in the following article.

Newsweek interviews a number of former CIA officials in this article and most if not all are defenders of Mary McCarthy who is now denying through a “friend” that she leaked classified information to Dana Priest for her Pulitzer Prize winning article about secret prisons overseas. If McCarthy is not the leaker why was she fired? Will she be prosecuted? Newsweek obviously hopes she won’t be.

This article does nothing to clarify what is known about the leaking of Mary McCarthy. It wanders all over the place quoting this former CIA official and that former CIA official. I note this little nugget……..

Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, sent the CIA two letters seeking a public disclosure of the inspector general’s findings—one only a few weeks ago—but has yet to get a response.

Yes, sure. Wyden just wants to know what the CIA knows about the leakers. Could there also be congressional leakers? Does Jay Rockefeller or Dick Durbin have anything to worry about?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary gave money to Weldon (Able Danger) Foe.

Hat tip: Macksmind

A.J. Strata at the The Strata Sphere writes this….

Well, the typical answer is the media is wrong. Could be McCarthy is part of other high profile leaks, and some we don’t know about. There are some excuses being floated someone with more knowledge will need to knock down:

Tom Maguire notes more murk from Walter Pincus.

23 Apr 2006 11:29 am


Captain pauses for a photo.


Then he rolls over.


And rolls over again.


Then Cappy takes another turn around the room.


He pauses on the coffee table.


All while Sabby watches.

Many cats watch while others take action. See them all at the 109th Carnival of the Cats hosted by Animal Family. (They’ve suffered a shocking and sad loss we’ve very sorry to learn)

23 Apr 2006 10:45 am

This Washington Post article is accompanied by an actual photo of Mary McCarthy alongside it. Not Scooter Libby. (a slight improvement) It’s not a flattering photo though.

The rare firing last week of a CIA officer accused of leaking information to the news media stems both from the sensitivity of the subjects she allegedly discussed and the Bush administration’s forceful efforts to block national security disclosures that have proved embarrassing or caused operational problems, according to current and former intelligence officials.

The use of polygraphs to force out the CIA officer, a historian and specialist on Africa named Mary McCarthy who lately has been working for the agency’s internal inspector, comes amid longstanding administration suspicions that employees of the spy agency have not sufficiently toed the policy line set by the White House on matters such as the fight against terrorism and the war in Iraq.

You’re damned straight they haven’t toed the policy line. CIA officials are employed by the United States government and required to take an oath to support and defend our country. I know when I was a Department of Defense Dependents Schools teacher I had to take that oath in front of an American flag. It was a requirement not a suggestion.

If the writers of this article don’t understand that fact they are quite ignorant. Employees of the CIA and every other entity in our government should and do understand. Some just haven’t chosen to keep that oath.

22 Apr 2006 02:54 pm

John Gibson is the only other writer to have noted yesterday that the leaker could have just as easily been a woman. But he notices what really matters and the money quote of the article follows….

All reporters would love to win a Pulitzer. Few know how it feels. Fewer still know how it feels to win one of the top prizes in the profession, while somebody goes off the prison so you could win your prize.

It would be quite nice to picture Mary McCarthy in an orange jumpsuit being frogmarched to prison where she might get to know her inner-bitch better but something tells me that the left considers the leak and the Pulitzer a win-win for all involved. (who really matters to the MSM? - the MSM and the left) After all, Dana Priest has her Pulitzer and all the support she could ever hope for from her boss, Leonard Downie Jr. at the Washington Post. He thinks her reporting is nifty. Mary McCarthy will have just as much support from the rest of the MSM and it’s already started. And, of course the New York Times wants to be the first in line to support the blabbing woman.

One would think that some honest news reporters would have second thoughts about calling the likes of Mary McCarthy a “whistleblower.” But one would be wrong.

For more interesting analysis read this.

There’s a virtual blogswarm here.

And more at Kitty Litter.

21 Apr 2006 11:24 pm

Uh. I was right to suspect it was a WOMAN who leaked classified information to Dana Priest. I’d say it’s about time Mary McCarthy got her butt kicked down the road. But she better the hell get worse than that. This woman is treacherous and for her treachery McCarthy should be hauled into court to face real justice. (not the Sandy Berger kind)

Wouldn’t you know Mary McCarthy was a Clintonite. Now, just hide and watch. The Democrats and feminists are going to be crawling out of their holes in defense of this leaker of national security secrets. The real culture of corruption in Washington D.C.? The Bush hating vipers entrenched in the CIA, Pentagon and the State Department.

Flopping Aces has much more including this confirmation……. McCarthy’s a Democrat. She gave $2000 to Kerry and $5000 to the Democrats of Ohio.

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