September 2006

23 Sep 2006 03:10 pm


Jacques Chirac clings to the idea bin Laden still lives but he wouldn’t understand how sick one can get fighting Typhoid Fever with no antibiotics while hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan if he caught it on his pinky toe.

Chirac says no evidence bin Laden has died

French newspaper published details of alleged intelligence memo

PARIS - President Jacques Chirac said Saturday that information contained in a leaked intelligence document raising the possibility that Osama bin Laden may have died of typhoid in Pakistan last month is “in no way whatsoever confirmed.”

Chirac said he was “a bit surprised” at the leak and has asked Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie to probe how a document from a French foreign intelligence service was published in the French press.

The regional newspaper l’Est Republicain on Saturday printed what it described as a copy of a confidential document from the DGSE intelligence service citing an uncorroborated report from Saudi secret services that the leader of the al-Qaida terror network had died.

Silly Fwenchman Jacques Chirac is more concerned about who leaked the news than the actual content. Other than that, he has no comment.

What is today anyway? September 23rd? Thirty days hath September. One week left until the October surprise. Daily Kos and friends must be frantic.

I have had my doubts that bin Laden was still alive ever since the invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001. After all, he hasn’t been seen on video. How can we be sure that it is really his voice in all the recordings?

Typhoid Fever is no longer a big problem in America because our caring civilization requires that children be immunized. We care about life. If Osama did indeed die of Typhoid Fever that’s amusing to me. He deserved it and so much more.

Maybe this is why Pakistan’s Musharrif called off the dogs.

Or maybe we are trying to get a reaction from him.

Could this be the reason why Bill Clinton went batty with Chris Wallace?

ALLAHPUNDIT slept in today but still has an interesting post on the news with loads of great links and trackbacks.

Ace thinks it may be legit.

The Median Sib has the photo we all hope will soon be bin Laden’s new lodgings.

Blue Star Chronicles has more links.

Flap has much more.

The Anchoress provides some analysis.

22 Sep 2006 08:14 pm

Hope she recovers completely.

Astronaut Collapses During Ceremony

An astronaut collapsed twice Friday, a day after she returned to Earth in the shuttle Atlantis, and officials attributed her wobbles to the adjustment from 12 days at zero gravity.

Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper left the welcome-home ceremony at the hangar at Ellington Field but was not taken to a hospital. Officials said she was doing fine.

Piper, the fifth of the six astronauts to speak, appeared to be confused before her legs buckled during her address. NASA officials and crew members braced her and lowered her to the ground. She stood up again, and the crowd applauded.

“Boy, if that’s not a little embarrassing,” she said.

More here……

I hope the NASA doctors follow Stefanyshyn-Piper’s health closely. We met the late James Irwin when he came to speak at the Post Chapel at Fort Monroe, VA in 1988 or 89. He spoke about his ministry and experiences as an astronaut. He wrote in his book, To Rule the Night I felt the power of God as I’d never felt it before.”

He also talked frankly about the heart problems he developed after his trip to the moon at the age of 43. Irwin felt that his heart had been weakened by space travel. James Irwin died only a few years after we met him of a heart attack at the age of 61.

22 Sep 2006 05:51 pm


What did mild mannered Chris Wallace say to make Bill Clinton so mad?

I want you to listen to me. I didn’t have {*} with that terrorist….bin Laden. But I tried.”

The bulging eyes and pointing finger are a riot. Clinton looks apoplectic. The internal polling must be really bad.

22 Sep 2006 12:11 pm


Looking out the window.

Our son left yesterday for Camp McCoy. In a few days he will be leaving for Kuwait and then on to Iraq.


He was home for five days. We celebrated his birthday early with a family football tournament. He spent time with his wife, son and all of us. The time went by too fast.

Now he’s ready to go. His unit is well trained and he is hoping they will be able to contribute to protecting the troops and winning the war.

I’ve dealt with the deployments of my brothers and my husband but this is the first deployment of my son to a war zone and as his mother it’s difficult for me. (all of us really) I believe in his mission and am praying he will come home safely.

Pray for all our troops in harms way.

We have to win. There is no other choice for our civilization.

15 Sep 2006 12:40 am


Our son is coming home for a few days before he deploys to Iraq. When he was a little boy we wouldn’t allow him to leave the backyard to roam around the neighborhood. One day he said to me, “Mom, how can I be a hero when I can’t even get out of my own backyard?”

I still wish I could keep him in our backyard. But even then, he managed to do some pretty heroic things confined to his own home and yard. He rescued a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. He caught his baby sister when she started to fall down the stairs. He alerted me to a fire on our stove. He took care of our cats and dogs.

He’s coming home this weekend and the blogging will cease while he is here. Keep us all in your prayers please.

14 Sep 2006 11:05 am


AdWeek wrote in September, 2005 about the new Jimmy Dean character, Daddy Sun in the Jimmy Dean sausage commercials. I blogged about it last year. Jimmy Dean has a new series of ads out, still featuring Daddy Sun and they are still really entertaining.

Even better is the Jimmy Dean series about the sun-as-suburban-dad, trying to manage his duties to light and heat the earth while also fulfilling his roles as father and husband. His wilted rays perk up only after he’s had his Jimmy Dean breakfast. And once he’s had his fill, he participates in family fun, like teasing the local rooster before he’s officially out the door. In the spot “Why,” he makes breakfast using Jimmy Dean’s Skillets while trying to explain to his young daughter why he doesn’t have time to chop up the vegetables himself-”Because I have to be at work early to light and heat the earth.”

Last September the Chicago Sun Times panned the commercial. I totally disagree with their take…….

Sun fails to shine on Jimmy Dean

Here is an excerpt……

TBWA’s latest stab at trying to get it right introduces us to “The Sun.” Yes, you read it right. The agency has created a new brand icon by taking that dramatic golden orb and making it a sweetly paternal doofus in a sun costume that looks to be a sorry reject from some grade-school theatrical production mounted on a very, very low budget.

In each of four 30-second spots, we see The Sun getting up in his suburban bungalow, and interacting with his wife or children and eating breakfast. The conversation is hardly what we’d call smart or memorable. In one commercial presumably intended to promote a quick and easy Jimmy Dean skillet breakfast product, The Sun informs his daughter he has to get to work early to “light and heat the earth.” No kidding. Or is he? Tone is a real problem in these executions.

We felt truly sorry for the Jimmy Dean employees last year. This time our sincerest sympathies go out to the poor actor whose job it is to bring this Sun convincingly to life.

The writer, Lewis Lazare and the Chicago Sun Times were wrong. Tone was perfect in the ads. The Sun carried the commercials with his wry, quiet, amusing presence. He was just a dad going out to do his job which incidently, was to bring sunshine to the earth. He did it for me everytime I saw the commercial and I’m sure he appealed to a lot of suburban Moms (and Dads) getting their families ready for work and school.

Now we see Daddy Sun in his work situation dealing with cranky fellow employees. It’s hilarious.

It’s unusual in this day and time to see commercials and advertisements that are not making men look like fools. The Jimmy Dean Daddy Sun commercials make Dads seem protective and optimistic.

Another blogger, Anywhere but Here also likes the commercial.

MSNBC has more….

14 Sep 2006 09:09 am

This fun video featuring Michelle Malkin and Mary Katharine Ham featured the young women at the kitchen table having coffee. Martha Stewart would have approved of the niceties.

Michelle and Mary Katharine vented about clueless Rosie O’Donnell, replacement for Meredith Vierra on The View, who, on the day after the fifth anniversary of September 11th, had the gall to compare “radical Christians” to Islamic terrorists.

Because, you know, these crazed Christian fundamentalists run around the world with boxcutters and hatchets, threatening to cut off the heads of people uninterested in salvation.

Michelle and Mary Katharine were engaging, and funny as they (acting like perfect ladies) easily tore Rosie’s loony ideas apart.

The Rosie O’Donnells of the world are not serious thinkers. Rosie was funny long ago but in a kind of September 10th kind of way.

14 Sep 2006 12:12 am

Rich Lowry and William Kristol wrote an article urging the Pentagon to increase the U.S. military presence in and around Baghdad so we can once and for all secure it.

They present strong arguments.

Rich Lowry’s been getting emails pro and con on the issue and he got an email today from a military guy who was attempting to set him straight or at least give him some of the military’s thinking…..

He writes like my brother talks.

These readers just don’t get soldiers or soldiering. If we need to provide more rifles to the front, no problem: Gen’s just need to say ‘make it so’. Poof, the Pentagon and the beltway will hate the intrusion against their carefully laid 14 year plans and their legislative strategies. But they’ll direct and support and a solid professional unit will go do.

Most artilleryman travel in Hummers. And they fight as infantry, their cannons left in the states. Lots more folks are acting as MPs that aren’t MPs. And when they have to they fight as infantry.

We fall in on equipment left by the last unit and refurbed with the latest gadgetry. Great stuff (I know, how will we EVER afford to replace it in 10 years, the usage rates weren’t programmed, the investment accounts are already bare, yada, yada, yada).

Stryker versus Heavy vs Light infantry versus SOF could lock an entire Leavenworth class in debate well past graduation. A strawman never fully developed such that a talking head or non-responsible gov’t official can later claim title as Cassandra—the strawman knocked or embraced whichever way the news takes it that day.

So what.

Sucks that I’ve been to Iraq twice, Afghan once, but – ya know- it aint breakin anything but paradigms in the Pentagon and in Newspapers and even in VFW halls. Folks just can’t help but fear the Army stretching thin and then cracking or snapping or failing in some structural manner— its just not neat and ideal and budgetable and program-able-.

Hey— Need Iran done? —the major combat ops won’t take much more than a month, then we can leave or dilly daddle around with democratizing the joint for a few years. Or not. Besides, lots of us haven’t been there yet! Just kidding about that last, there…

Enlistments are fine, and the massive reenlistments still baffle people who don’t get soldiers or soldiering.

We’re good at war. Very good. Our mission is important, personal for many of us, even profound for most. We’re ready to do more.

Posted at 5:42 PM

What was it Bill Safire said a long time ago about West Pointers?

“What does the taxpayer get for this?” Safire asked. “He gets a young man who is proud to be held to higher standards than other men of his age. Such a man is more likely than most to lead his fellow Americans – in a life-and-death situation – with honor.”

That is true and it’s also true in general about all of our military leaders……officers and NCOs.

13 Sep 2006 07:38 am

Waking early to good coffee and enough time to peruse the news brings some disappointment, no surprises but some relief.

Relief that nothing worse happened on this flight except another unruly passenger got beat up by the passengers. Annoyed that the FBI spokeswoman immediately claimed it had nothing to do with terrorism. UPDATE: A more detailed article here.

Disappointment that Republican conservative, Steve Laffey didn’t beat RINO Lincoln Chaffee in the Rhode Island Republican Primary.

A shrug of the shoulders to Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats who (unsuprisingly) had nothing constructive to say in response to President Bush’s statesmanlike speech on September 11th, 2006. But still, this leaves me a little unsettled that there are so many mentally ill people walking around

Disappointed to read that the Minnesota 5th District Democrats elected fringe Muslim candidate Keith Ellison as their nominee for the November general election. I’ve been reading about this shady character for quite a while at Powerline.

Tony Snow said “Ixnay for a day” on Fox and Friends.

Matt Lauer sees blurred lines….and President Bush sets him straight. This makes my day.

12 Sep 2006 12:11 am


The class crest for the Class of 2007, West Point, New York.

Hat tip:



My son graduated from West Point in 1998.

The class of 1998’s crest is: Duty Will Not Wait.

And how about that Army football team!

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