October 2006

31 Oct 2006 05:23 pm

John Kerry’s stabbed the U.S. military in the back again. I find it interesting that the man is now claiming (after first issuing a hate-filled rant refusing to apologize) that his remarks were an awkward attempt to make a joke about President Bush but he left out two words.

I don’t know why anyone would ask for Kerry to apologize for his statement because it would mean nothing.

Kerry ought to resign.

What he said last night was nothing new. He’s accused our troops of being terrorists before. Now he is accusing them of being ignorant, lazy and uneducated.

How does that make the American troops feel? It sure makes me heartsick. But the man is lying about the military. The U.S. military, from PFC to General is full of highly intelligent, very well educated individuals. They truly are the best and brightest of our country and what’s more, they are physically brave. Duty, Honor, Country are more than words to the troops.

I can’t blog anymore about it now because I have to go carve a pumpkin but John Kerry is a despicable man. He should be forced to resign.

I guess men who have no charisma or good looks sometimes get stuck in marriages with rich chicks.

30 Oct 2006 06:31 pm


Supporters of Asa

It won’t be a surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I am an Asa Hutchinson supporter. He is a fine man and will make an outstanding governor.

I support his candidacy wholeheartedly.

David Sanders writes about the qualities of both Hutchinson and Beebe.

30 Oct 2006 08:26 am


We (the family) spent yesterday working on all things spooky. Tonight we have some more pumpkins to transform.

You would think that Halloween is happening on November 7th instead of tomorrow, according to the ghouls salivating over recent polls. Me thinks these punditious peeps are wishing themselves into lala land.

Will the American people vote for the Ghost of Hairy Lips or the Ghost of Dirty Fingers? Are the pollsters telling us what we want to hear or what they want to happen?

Will the American people wake up after their holiday from reality and make the choice to win the war and keep our nation safe from terror?

If not, the word Boo takes on a sinister new meaning.

28 Oct 2006 09:31 pm


We took a trip up to Northwest, Arkansas today. The first stop was Old Main at the University of Arkansas.


The leaves are yelling.


Next we went to the pumpkin patch.

Then we shopped at the newest shopping center and stopped for supper at Copelands. It was an exhilarating day.

27 Oct 2006 11:26 pm


My brothers will be happy. So will my dad. I’m the only member of the family who hasn’t been to a Saint Louis Cardinals game. I remember my late grandfather listening to them play on the radio when I was a kid.

My favorite team has always been the New York Yankees so I didn’t get into the World Series this year. But I’m happy for the Cards and I know my brother in the mideast will be very pleased.

27 Oct 2006 07:52 am


We’ve come a long way from the political ads of the sixties. I always hated political season because in those long ago days there were only three channels on the television and politicians bought up the time for their very lame, home-made commercials. It seemed like a month before the election there was nothing on television but politics.

I cringe when I remember those weeks of exciting programs featuring Orval Faubus and Wilbur Mills. Back then the political campaign advertisements ran for fifteen minutes. (In the sixties Soap Operas were also fifteen minutes long.)

Fifteen minute political pitches followed by more fifteen minute political pitches ensured that kids stayed outside playing and running around. I remember rolling my eyes and gritting my teeth when I changed the channel and it was all there was on television. (No remote controls back then either.)

During the fifties, sixties and seventies Arkansas was a one party state. Everyone was a Democrat including my own father. I remember one of the political rallys Daddy took us to was for Jim Guy Tucker, the disgraced former governor whose criminal behavior was discovered during the Clinton Whitewater investigation.

I remember my maternal grandmother betrayed her disdain by rolling her eyes when she heard about our attending Tucker’s rally. My grandmother was a Republican from a Yankee Republican family and was never swayed by Democrat thought. She was an officer in the local Republican Womens Club and always worked at precincts during elections.

We’ve come a long way from those days but election season still makes me roll my eyes. Politics should illuminate but in many cases it just brings brick bats and mud slinging.

So it’s funny that this fund has fallen short.

25 Oct 2006 09:45 pm

I can’t make it through this day without remembering my best friend, Lis. She died on this day, October 25th, 1995 at the age of 41, a victim of Multiple Sclerosis. Lis and I were college roommates and even after our marriages and my husband’s military career put a distance between us, our friendship continued.

Lis discovered she had MS in her twenties. She and her husband, Gary had one daughter and an adopted son. I’ve read that although MS can be severe it is usually not fatal. But it was with Lis.

I will always miss her.

25 Oct 2006 06:15 pm

Andrew Sullivan - Cry habeas corpus and let slip the dogs of war.

Hugh Hewitt is attempting to interview Andrew Sullivan about his new book, The Conservative Soul. This interview is turning out to be like some kind of weird car chase. I want to listen but find it sort of disturbing. It’s awkward. Andrew Sullivan must be having some kind of panic attack.

It’s pretty clear that Sullivan must have heard about Hugh’s killer reputation as a questioner. (relentless interrogator) He’s loaded for bear and refusing to answer Hugh’s softball questions about his book and instead, is responding to Hugh’s questions with accusations, filibustering with all his might. His behavior is nothing short of bizarre.


Now Sullivan’s complaining about the advertisements on Hugh’s show. He’s trying to draw Hugh into a debate.


Good Lord, Sullivan’s a gasbag. He claims to be happy, then calls Hugh pedantic and pathetic.

Do happy people attack others on nation-wide radio?


Hugh’s playing cheesy, cheerful music to cheer Andrew up. Andrew denies he is unhappy, then insults Hugh again.

When Hugh tells Andrew that his book is an intellectual mess he giggles.


How long is this thing going on?


Now Hugh’s attempting to get Andrew to discuss gay marriage. Andrew is for it of course. He claims the founders intended for courts to dictate to legislatures. He contends it’s a conservative notion to grant marriage rights to gays. He’s lecturing Hugh about the history of gays.

Hugh questions Andrew about the Massachusetts Supreme Court. He asks, “is the court out of control by arrogating to itself the lawmaking power.”

Andrew’s response? More attacks on Hugh.

Haha. Hugh’s losing patience. He closed the segment stating, “We’ll be back with more sophistry.” I like that word…..sophistry.


They’re back. Andrew makes an admission. He’s having fun. He likes debating. (you could have fooled me) Hugh sticks with the interview…..lots of legal questions about legislation. Doesn’t Bush respect the constitution more than the legislature?

Andrew makes a sort of admission that yes he does. But says we have an opportunity to stop the attack on our liberties by voting for Democrats. Keeps asking Hugh if he believes in torture.

He thinks President Bush believes in all monarchical power. Hugh says he’s not much of a monarchist if he steps down after the end of his second term.

Andrew states that Habeas Corpus no longer holds in this country. He claims the executive branch is torturing people for the sake of torturing.

Hugh wants to understand the definition of what a Christianist is? Sullivan answers, saying that Christianists have a faith in ideology instead of Christ and that being a democrat means they cannot be a Christian. Anyone who uses religion to get people to vote.

End of segment.


Hugh asks Andrew if he has any doubt about the benefits of same sex marriage. Andrew seriously doubts that it will do any harm.

He has no doubt that President Bush has suspended Habeas Corpus.

Hugh says the main principle of Sullivan’s book would cause him to flunk any Constitutional Law Class at any Lawschool in the country.

Andrew says the word, Christian is too crude a term.

And with that we end. Andrew Sullivan is a very difficult person.

UPDATE: James Lileks is also giving Hugh a bad time. He claims to be happy too. He’s yelling at Hugh about his meteorological shortcomings and is accusing Hugh of supporting tornadoes.

This is so rich. It tastes even better than supper did tonight. Simply and basically it’s cold in Minnesota and tornadoes could sweep Lileks away to an alternate world where Superman has a beard.

24 Oct 2006 11:50 pm

My all time favorite movie is Gone with the Wind so Living By Scarlett Rules by Lisa Bertagnoli sounds like a book I can really get into.

At age 16, Lisa Bertagnoli read Margaret Mitchell’s classic Gone With the Wind. Scarlett O’Hara, the iconic southern belle, has been Bertagnoli’s muse ever since.

Scarlett Rules, Bertagnoli’s new book, focuses on the heroine’s resourcefulness and ingenuity in offering two dozen lessons for the modern woman. For instance, as the subhead advises, “When Life Gives You Green Velvet Curtains, Make a Green Velvet Dress.”

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the scene in which Mammy fusses at Scarlett about Miss Ellen’s portieres. Scarlett decides she needs to make a new dress using the green velvet curtains and Mammy is suspicious about her motives. (and for good reason.)

For some reason this brings to mind Nancy Pelosi’s plans for measuring the drapes in Congress. It seems the woman has her eyes on Mr. Hastert’s po’teers. President Bush said yesterday she just might get the rug pulled out from under her.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have a clue about Scarlett’s rules. That’s one reason why she’s not going to be the Speaker and her side will not win back the House on November 7th.

24 Oct 2006 09:49 pm


Asa’s got Mike Beebe’s goat.

The new ad put out by Asa Hutchinson’s Campaign is a hoot. Very well done and the reason why it upsets Mike Beebe (Asa’s opponent) is because it hits a nerve. Beebe did have state workers use state computers for campaign purposes. Beebe’s hidden behind kids in his educational ads. He’s a long-time Democrat Good Ole Boy and a well-known flip flopper.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mike Beebe on Monday said Republican Asa Hutchinson should pull a television advertisement that features 15 children calling Beebe a waffler, a back-slapper and a flip-flopper.

The 30-second ad, first aired by Hutchinson during the weekend, begins with one child saying, “When I grow up” and another adding, “I want to be a politician.”

The camera cuts to several different children, who say:

“A waffler.”

“A back slapper.”

“A flip flopper.”

“Pander to special interests.”

The ad ends with a child saying, “Just like Mike Beebe.”

Hutchinson on Monday called the ad light-hearted, but Beebe said he didn’t find anything humorous about the spot.

“It’s a shame that you’d use kids and hide behind kids in that way,” Beebe told reporters at a rally in Little Rock. “If he’s got something to say he needs to say it himself.”

Beebe has been running what Hutchinson calls a “a dark, somber and frightening” ad criticizing Hutchinson’s role as undersecretary at the federal Department of Homeland Security. Beebe’s spot blames Hutchinson for an influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

Hutchinson said he saw no harm in involving children in the ad, even though they have lines rarely heard from the mouths of babes.

“Children enjoy the opportunity to engage in this,” Hutchinson said. “It’s a fair ad.”

The spot is not the first time either nominee has featured children in their television ads, but it’s the first when either has used children to criticize their opponent.

Later in the ad, the children suggest that Beebe - the state’s attorney general - has been campaigning on state time and takes both sides on every issue.

Beebe said using children in a negative ad is different from using them when talking about education or other issues in the campaign. He also disagreed with Hutchinson’s characterization of his ads as dark.

“He’s got a different sense of humor than I’ve got. … So he’s a critic now of ads,” Beebe said. “I don’t think ads with children in it like that is humorous and I think it’s pretty shameful.”

Hutchinson spokesman David Kinkade later said the campaign has no plans to pull the TV ad.

Kinkade would not reveal the children’s ages nor say whether they were found through a talent agency.

“The single most vicious negative attack ad in this campaign has been run by Mike Beebe,” Kinkade said. “For Mike Beebe to suddenly get up in arms over a light-hearted ad that pokes fun at him is the height of hypocrisy.”

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