April 2007

30 Apr 2007 09:16 pm

It happened in Iraq. Balad, actually.

4/26/2007 - BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq – After five weeks of intense competition sponsored by the 332nd Expeditionary Services Squadron, the audience chose from the last six remaining contestants for the coveted title of “Balad Idol” at the H-6 Recreational Center April 24.


Senior Airman Elizabeth Milliken, a munitions systems journeyman with the 332nd Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron, received a thunderous round of applause and standing ovation from the huge crowd after performing Dusty Springfield’s 1968 classic song “Son of a Preacher Man.”

“I was very excited to win the contest,” said the new “Balad Idol,” who deployed here from the 31st Maintenance Squadron, Aviano AB, Italy. “It was like being able to put a valuable gift to good use,” she said.

Airman Milliken said she’s been singing since she was four years old, and her mother always put her and her siblings in plays and let them sing in church.

“Patsy Cline was the greatest influence on my desire to sing once I got older,” said the Kona, Hawaii native.

The field of contestants during the AEF 5-6 “Balad Idol” competition began with 26 people competing for the honor five weeks ago and was trimmed down each week by a panel of three judges including 2nd Lt. Tiffany Castleberry, Chief Master Sgt. Richard Lander, and Master Sgt. Kevin Dooms.

How lush and cozy, contestants, Lakisha, Melinda et al have it in Hollywood in comparison to our idols in Iraq.

After a brief break in the action due to an indirect fire attack, Mr. Michael Franklin, a contractor on LSA Anaconda, sang the popular Luther Vandross hit “Never Too Much,” which was also quite well received by the judges.


Closing out the opening round of performances was Army Specialist Joe Bateman, from the 875th Engineering Battalion, who played the guitar as he sang Toby Keith’s “American Soldier,” which provided a patriotic tug to the heartstrings of the audience.

There is more at Camels, Sand and Stuff.

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30 Apr 2007 07:42 am

The Yankees have had an awful April and Derek Jeter, the captain of the Yankees defended the coach, Joe Torre, blaming the Yank’s dismal performance on the pitching, hitting and fielding. In other words, he took responsibility. Good on Derek Jeter. He’s a standup guy.

George Steinbrenner stayed silent about Joe Torre’s job status following the Yankees’ latest loss, a 7-4 wipeout Sunday against the Boston Red Sox that completed an awful April for New York. Not so, said Derek Jeter, who delivered a stirring defense of his manager.

Steinbrenner is said to be angry with the Yankees’ 9-14 start, which left them last in the AL East. He considered firing Torre after last year’s first-round playoff loss to Detroit and could be thinking about making a change now, with New York heading on the road after losing eight of nine.

Surrounded by reporters, standing in front of his locker in the quiet clubhouse, the Yankees’ captain insisted criticism of the manager was unwarranted.

“It’s unfair,” Jeter said. “There’s no way he’s responsible for us performing. He’s not hitting for us. He’s not pitching for us. He puts the best players out there on the field, gives us an opportunity to win. We’re just not doing the job. That’s unfair, and it should stop. … He’s doing a great job this year. We just haven’t done the job on the field. That’s the bottom line.”

I am sending good wishes The Anchoress’s way, with hope that she recovers soon from her illness and will be able to add some thoughts about her favorite player, Derek Jeter.

She’s back!

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29 Apr 2007 01:30 pm


Gateway Pundit has the post of the weekend. His reader, Cornhusker came up with the idea of sending a postcard to all the surrendercrats who voted for the war surrender bill.

He wrote…

Here is my final idea! I think that mailing postcards will be more effective than sending feathers or e-mailing these idiots…BESIDES I am sick to death of them ignoring me! So I will snail-mail them postcards that others can see and that will put it right out front how we feel. A letter arrives in a sealed envelope which gets immediately thrown away or ignored. This we can send to all kinds of people in the media, on the internet…etc etc! Sound good?

By the way, if you look closely after the words “SURRENDER BILL” at the bottom of the postcard, you will see a worm. I can’t think of anything more appropriate to send to these people, can you?

This is the best idea. Sending a white feather alone to the surrendercrats might put the sender in jeopardy because of postal concerns in the recent past with envelopes of white powder mailed by cranks.

We don’t want to be listed in that odious category but we do want them to get our message.

A postcard with a white feather pictured on it will get the message across.

I’m going to order some postcards to send to all the politicians who voted for the shameful bill, in particular our states two democrat senators, Lincoln and Pryor.

Blanche Lincoln has always been a Hillary clone and Mark Pryor was elected on the premise that he was a conservative. Hogwash. Pryor is up for election in 0-8 and his vote of shame will not be forgotten by those of us in Arkansas who support the troops.

Many Arkansans are in Iraq right now, fighting for our country while their senators and representatives have been voting against their victory. Readers who don’t know the history of the sending of white feathers to cowards can go here to read about it.

Cafe Press is selling a package of eight postcards for $6.95.

I suggested sending white feathers to our white knuckled, round heeled politicians, both Democrat and Republican back on January 26th. This is an idea whose time has come.


I would even like to see some Minnie Pearl-like hats, decorated with white feathers and the ubiquitous price tag that reads “$1.98″ hanging off the side, sent to the defeatocrats.

This, of course, means no disrespect to the immortal Minnie Pearl. I saw her perform live when I was a kid and there is not another more authentic, unique and funny female comic living today.

Gateway Pundit has posted an address list for your White Feather postcards.

Michelle Malkin has more.

Lorie Byrd also endorses the campaign.

Jules Crittenden documents the March of the Morons. A Golden Hammer award to the great Jules.

We live in a time of great moronitude. Morons, everywhere, rising from their morasses, massing and moving forward. In their multitudes, the morons march inexorably to the moronocy. The road is not easy. Some will fall by the way. Others, struggling moronically, will rise to blithering new heights of moronality.

28 Apr 2007 10:29 am

Watch this. It’s a beautiful, pure moment of life. So here you all go, I hope it makes you smile. I just picture my daughter saying her favorite line. “But it doesn’t MEAN anything!”

Seriously, it works.

Coincidentally, Julie Andrews Edwards has a new book out with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, Thanks to You: Wisdom from Mother & Child.

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Julie Andrews Edwards yesterday at the Los Angelos Festival of Books.


Several years ago we were walking the same hills where Julie Andrews walked.

27 Apr 2007 05:18 pm



Smokey the cat peers over part of the engine on Frisco 4003 Thursday at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum. The cat lives on the engine and has been around the museum for about four years, according to Bradley Martin, general manager. Smokey has his food and bed inside the engine were she hangs out.

This is the train that my great grandfather drove. He told my dad that he put a million miles on it.

Catymology is hosting this weeks’ Carnival of Cats #162.

27 Apr 2007 12:14 pm


Captain greets his Papa after he comes home. Captain was waiting loyally in his very own computer chair.


Happy Cappy.


Meanwhile, Sabby is busy grooming.

The Friday Ark #136 at the Modulator have many wonderful cats waiting loyally for a visit. Go see!

Catymology is hosting this weeks’ Carnival of the Cats #162.

26 Apr 2007 05:42 pm

House and Senate Democrats are claiming “mission accomplished” on their surrender bill 218-208, which passed last night (and this afternoon) that includes an Iraq pullout timeline. Even though the Dems didn’t get enough votes to override a promised veto from President Bush, Don Quixote-like, they are continuing in their mission to tilt at windmills in their attempt to defeat the President and the troops in this war.

The House voted for surrender last night.

A sharply divided House brushed aside a veto threat Wednesday and passed legislation that would order President Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq by Oct. 1.

The 218-208 vote came as the top U.S. commander in Iraq told lawmakers the country remained gripped by violence but was showing some signs of improvement.

Passage puts the bill on track to clear Congress by week’s end and arrive on the president’s desk in coming days as the first binding congressional challenge to Bush’s handling of the conflict now in its fifth year.

“Our troops are mired in a civil war with no clear enemy and no clear strategy for success,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.


The Senate voted for surrender this afternoon.

WASHINGTON — A defiant Democratic-controlled Senate passed legislation Thursday that would require the start of U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq by Oct. 1, propelling Congress toward a historic veto showdown with President Bush on the war.

At the White House, the president immediately promised a veto.

“It is amazing that legislation urgently needed to fund our troops took 80 days to make its way around the Capitol. But that’s where we are,” said deputy press secretary Dana Perino.

The 51-46 vote was largely along party lines, and like House passage of the same bill a day earlier, fell far short of the two-thirds margin needed to overturn the president’s threatened veto. Nevertheless, the legislation is the first binding challenge on the war that Democrats have managed to send to Bush since they reclaimed control of both houses of Congress in January.

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain didn’t even bother to show up to vote.

So what’s the point defeatocrats? President Bush is going to take out his veto pen as soon as the bill reaches the White House. The past three months of Democrat control of the House and Senate have brought the American people nothing but legislative hissy-fits.

Senator Lieberman tried to speak truth to power….

My colleague from Nevada, in other words, is suggesting that the insurgency is being provoked by the very presence of American troops. By diminishing that presence, then, he believes the insurgency will diminish.
But I ask my colleagues—where is the evidence to support this theory? Since 2003, and before General Petraeus took command, U.S. forces were ordered on several occasions to pull back from Iraqi cities and regions, including Mosul and Fallujah and Tel’Afar and Baghdad. And what happened in these places? Did they stabilize when American troops left? Did the insurgency go away?
On the contrary—in each of these places where U.S. forces pulled back, Al Qaeda rushed in. Rather than becoming islands of peace, they became safe havens for terrorists, islands of fear and violence.
So I ask advocates of withdrawal: on what evidence, on what data, have you concluded that pulling U.S. troops out will weaken the insurgency, when every single experience we have had since 2003 suggests that this legislation will strengthen it?

Harry Sacho Panza Reid, deluded traitor that he is, will keep riding his surrender mule, following the lead of the Nutroot windmill chasers until the Democrat party is no more.

Which would be fine with me if it were just the loss of the Democrat party but it won’t be. These defeatocrats, in their attempts to play Commander in Chief, are going to lose the war, cause more death to our military, and multitudes of the Iraqi people and weaken our nations’ resolve until it can no longer defend itself.

Hotair has more.

25 Apr 2007 09:21 pm

Watching Idol is a hoot tonight. I just discovered Il Divo. Good Lord, they were good! Very cute too. I loved the Jack Black bit as well.

I’m glad that Melinda and Blake are safe.

Rascal Flatts makes me want to sing or at least contribute some harmony. I love harmonious music. I’m loving a lot tonight. Usually I’m too negative but not tonight.

Good. Phil’s safe. That leaves Jordan, Chris and Lakisha sort of unsafe.

Tonight’s Idol reminds me of the great musical variety shows I grew up on, like The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Hootenanny, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Smothers Brothers, and Your Hit Parade. (when I was really little)

Petula Clark was my favorite female singer. My sister and I gathered around the television when she came on. I really don’t have any favorite female singers anymore. I prefer the male voice but I reckon that’s because Petula is not recording anymore. We loved Skeeter Davis too.


Josh Groban. Just Josh Groban. He is fricken wonderful. I think for those of us who love music, Heaven is going to be a wonderful musical experience. The music will not only fill our ears but every cell of our bodies and souls.

Lakisha is safe! Jordan and Chris are in the bottom two.

Celine Dion with Elvis? That was Elvis. But with Celine Dion?

Annie Lennox appears looking like herself. Annie is on my list of great performers. I like Annie. Walking on Broken Glass is one of my favorite songs.

Both Chris and Jordan get a reprieve until next week. That is how it should be but it could possibly be disappointing to hardcore viewers. But not to me.

25 Apr 2007 05:05 pm

Rosie’s leaving the View. (not that I ever watched that ridiculous show)

If I wanted to listen to inane, unthinking sophistry, all I’d need to do is hang out in a teachers’ lounge, go to the beauty shop or sip coffee at Starbucks. Listening to a bunch of ignorant, politically correct women blabbing on television is not my cup of Irish Coffee.

I’ve very rarely blogged about Rosie (if ever) and don’t plan to anymore. In a perfect world the View would be canceled and Baba Wawa, Joy, Rosie and meek little Elizabeth would be run out of town on a rail.

I know some bloggers, like Allah love the Rosie but it was getting old. As predictable as the sun coming up every morning, Volcano Rosie errupted.

In related news, a pregnant cow runs wild

24 Apr 2007 08:06 pm

It’s storming outside so I might not get to see the whole show or blog about it but I’m going to try.

Chris Richardson began with Change My World or something like that. I liked him a lot. I liked his suit and his delivery. He was worth watching. The judges liked him too. They seem relieved that Sanjaya is gonya.

Phone’s ringing. Hang on.

Melinda’s next. She’s got a powerful voice and looks so good tonight. Her hair looks great. I’m not so crazy about the song but Melinda is wonderful in her delivery.

Randy says “Melinda is here.” Paula says, “Magical.” Simon loved it because it wasn’t a copycat performance. “A vocal masterclass.”

Commercial time. Checking the weather. It’s raining and the thunder is booming.

Back to the show. Blake Lewis is up next. He’s singing John Lennon’s Imagine. Not a favorite song of mine.

Just so-so Blake. Instead of John, sing, Paul or George, or even Ringo. Randy says it’s just okay for him. Paula says she likes how sensitive the performance was. Simon says one of the biggest songs of all time is always tricky. He liked Blake’s sincerity.

Lakisha is next. She’s singing, I Believe by Fantasia? Lakisha looks glamorous and she’s in great voice. I liked it. Randy, says, “Yo.Yo.” He doesn’t think it was her best. Paula says she’s a powerhouse as a vocalist but she disses Lakisha. Simon says that Paula preferred Fantasia’s version. He doesn’t like the shouting. Simon tells the booing audience to shut up. Lakisha was in the bottom three last week. Will she be there again?

Phil is next. He’s singing The Change by Garth Brooks. I’m so glad he’s not wearing one of those stupid caps. It would be okay if he wore a hat more like my Humphrey Bogart like father-in-law, C.C. wore in his younger days.

Great performance. Phil has a powerful, emotional voice. Randy says it was a strong performance. Paula says it was his best. Simon says he really likes Phil. He advises Phil to get that country tone back in his voice.

Jordan is next. Pretty and tall Jordan.

Uh oh. Weather alert. Off to the south and southeast there are several severe thunderstorm warnings. It is past us. Good.

Jordan is singing, You’ll Never Walk Alone. We sang that song in junior high choir. Jordan looks great in that mauvish grey. She’s kind of shaky. She’s got her fanclub in the audience. I don’t think that was her best. A little screechy. Randy says he thinks that is one of the best vocals, the hottest tonight. Paula says it’s a haunting song. She says it’s lovely and glorious. Simon thinks she was fantastic.

They like her. That’s obvious. I like Melinda better. But I don’t think Jordan will end up in the bottom three.

Predictions for the bottom three? Lakisha, Blake and Chris.

Well, we made it through the storm so far. So I will hit publish.

UPDATE: Dean Barnett has some Idol commentary and some predictions.

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