September 2007

27 Sep 2007 05:38 pm


Yellow ribbons have been tied on the columns and a new ribbon has been placed on the mailbox. We are getting ready for the return of our son. Today is his birthday but we are going to be celebrating it with him (hopefully) this weekend. Everyone is going to Jonesboro, the home of the 875th and hopefully the demobilization will be over in time for all the troops to return this weekend.


In late October, Charlie Daniels will be appearing in a concert for the 875th.


There will be a lot of partying and laughter on this porch when he is finally home. Of course, his wife and son will get first dibs.

23 Sep 2007 02:06 pm



Back when I was expecting my first born, our son, who at this moment has completed his mission in Iraq, I caught a bad cold. He was three weeks and two days overdue and I was extremely uncomfortable. On that Friday morning in September I went to the doctor and he promised me that if I didn’t have the baby that weekend, he would induce.

My doctor gave me a prescription for some cold medicine and I went to the local pharmacy to pick it up. The pharmacy had a nice line of makeup and cosmetics and on that day they had a makeup artist on the premises, doing facials and makeup.

The makeup artist was a pretty bizarre looking guy with an accent from somewhere else. While I was waiting for my medicine he asked me if I wanted a facial.

I just wanted to have the baby.

Back in the ancient days we didn’t know the sex of babies before they were born. We just guessed. I had no idea of my baby’s sex and naturally, just hoped my child would be healthy. But I did ask my wise mother. She seemed to know everything but she wouldn’t commit. That is, she hadn’t made a prediction until that morning. After going with me to the doctor’s office, when we were stopped at an intersection, a little red headed boy dashed across the road in front of us. Mother laughed and said, “You’re going to have a little red headed boy.”

So there I was at the pharmacy, waiting on some relief and this hippy dippy guy was talking to me. “How far along are you?” he asked. I really didn’t want to engage him in conversation but being polite, I answered, “Nine months.”

“I’m a warlock,” the overly gregarious guy announced, “and I can predict the sex of your baby. You are going to have a girl.” I must have given him a skeptical look because he said, “But if you want a boy, I can change the order.”

A weird experience but soon my prescription was ready and I went on about my business. That night I went into labor and the next afternoon, a Saturday in late September, our strawberry blond, perfect baby boy was born.

I’d never known such joy before and began to realize what my mother meant when she had told me that she and my Dad hadn’t known what real love was until they had had their children.

Everything began to be touched by gold and all my memories of that time are still captured in a special place in my heart. Postpartum depression? You’ve got to be kidding. There were tears shed but they were tears of joy, thankfulness and awe.

When I had my daughters, that maternal love, which can move mountains, grew even deeper and it’s never left me.

The birth of my grandson, my son’s son, was another moment of pure joy. This little guy has been waiting for a year to see his Dad and he and his Mom have kept the home fires burning, blessed now in this day and time, by the internet and frequent phone calls.

My oldest daughter is expecting a child and she and her husband are over the moon about it. My three and a half year old grandson was very excited and told my daughter that she was going to have a “grill” and she should name her “Herman”. So we have been calling the baby “Herman” ever since. Most of the family predicted Kate would have a girl and so in our family poll about the baby’s sex I also voted for a girl. But I wasn’t at all sure, just hoping that the baby would be healthy.

At work the other day, my daughter was in an elevator and a native American man stepped in. He was very tall and had a long black braid. After an uncomfortable silence the man looked at my daughter and said, “You are expecting.” She smiled and said, “Yes.” He said, “You are six months along.” “Give or take a few days,” my daughter responded.

“There will be much pain,” the man said and as Kate stepped out of the elevator he said, “It will be a girl.”

When I heard that story, I knew it would be a boy. I remembered the Warlock and his false story and became sure that the native American man was also wrong.

A few days later I was able to attend the ultrasound which would reveal the baby’s sex. Medical Technology is a wonderful thing but as I was sitting in the dark room, watching the medical technician reveal the heart, kidneys and spine of the child I felt like I was intruding on something very sacred. The baby kept turning and moving and leaping around in my daughter’s womb and I recalled the leap of John the Baptist when his mother, Elizabeth was in the presence of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

The medical technician waited until she had made all of her measurements and then asked Kate and Mike if they wanted to know the sex of the child. Their answer of course, was yes.

“It’s a boy.”

21 Sep 2007 12:30 pm


Sabby’s doing better. He was quite depressed after our sweet Captain died. For about a week after we lost Captain, Sabby didn’t eat. He wouldn’t go upstairs, choosing to stay down in the den. We started giving him some catnip, held him on our laps and brought him up to the computer room. He is better now. We all still miss Cappy.


Sabby posed quickly for a photo then lost patience and jumped off the cabinet. One of these days soon we are going to allow Asta and Amos the full run of the house. We couldn’t allow them out while Captain was alive because it upset him. Sabby is lonely though and it’s time for the boys to get acquainted.

Be sure to check out the Friday Ark #157, hosted by Modulator.

19 Sep 2007 08:32 pm
There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

The venerable former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld

On this Wednesday evening in September the following known knowns are evident to all.

Known Knowns

O.J. Simpson, double murderer, at the age of sixty, is still a self absorbed thug.

Hillary Clinton is at it again, promising to make healthcare universal. She apparently still loves funny money and really hates cowboys.

Of course some Americans, when it comes to Hillary, have a willful suspension of disbelief.

“If you don’t have dissent at the State Department, there’s probably a Democrat in office.”

If Mothers ruled the world we know everyone would behave themselves. Right? (including the mothers?)
In this perfect maternal world, with no war, children would be welcomed and loved. Right?

On who are the real noncomformists in this day and time, Greg Gutfield of Red Eye said last night, The real rebel doesn’t need tatoos. All he needs is a bumper sticker that says, “I voted for Bush.”

This guy understands reality.

John Murtha is either so corrupt or so full of hate for our nation’s military that he will never acknowlege that he was wrong about Haditha. It’s always an endlessly refractable reality with him.

We know that we don’t know how the War in Iraq will turn out but we know it’s better left in the sturdy and resolute hands of the military than in the grasping hands of the Democrats. I would even go one more….. This I know. We have to win.

To think that a madman like Ahmadinejad would ever be allowed anywhere near the sacred ruins of Ground Zero is unthinkable in the extreme. The request to enter the fenced-in site by Ahmadinejad was rejected because of ongoing construction. Where was the reverence and stout-hearted defense of our American ways in that equivocating, bureaucratic response? Why, when we first heard the report today, before it was announced that Ahmadinejad had been rebuffed, did many of us groan in disgust? I suppose we should thank the lawyers for this one. They know their construction law.

What We All Should Know

The enemy’s strategic campaign plan.

13 Sep 2007 10:35 pm
It is my sad duty to report on the failure of our military intervention for this century. In the first years since the great tragedy that befell us we have seen our country’s leader condone the massive failure of our own military forces. In battle after battle we have lost brave men and yes, women, all to the folly of our president. Therefore, it is with great regret that I recommend the full withdrawal of all military forces back to the United States.

Signed, Harry Reid and the Democrat Party (after their new review of the time traveling machine developed at MIT.) 14, March, 1943.

Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Guadalcanal, Coral Sea, Bataan, Corregidor, Battle of the Atlantic (loss of merchant shipping to U-Boats), Battle of the Java Sea, Kasserine Pass and others. These battles were not defined as defeats but described to the American people as heroic defenses of freedom. Only one of these battles was fought on American soil. The rest were in foreign countries of which the Democrat Party of today would argue were none of our business.

The attacks on Gen. Petraeus as well as the political posturing by these individuals would have resulted in the wholesale surrender of the United States to Japan and Germany in World War ll. The perseverence of our political body back then is a far cry from the total lack of understanding and appreciation in the Democrat Party for the will and courage that is needed for a nation to exist.

There is an old saying, “what goes around, comes around” and if the American people do not wake up to the necessity of maintaining the will to defend our way of life, then that dream that is our country will disappear from the earth.

This is not a threat but a simple prediction based upon the lessons of history. To see this clearly one must only look to the great nations that have gone before. Where are the great pharaohs of Egypt? How did the great Greek experiment in Democracy disappear? What about the Roman Empire? What of the great nations of Europe which settled and colonized the entire globe? Even the Soviet Union which withstood the avalanche of Nazi terror has passed from the annals of history.

All of these empires succumbed to the one great enemy of mankind. This is the great evil of complacency. Someone once said that the sun never set on the British Empire. It does now. Is the sun setting on the great experiment called the United States?

Does the Democrat Party and the obviously erroneous media, now speak for the will of the American people? According to polls they do. When something is hard, America used to take it as a challenge, not just quit. Now, people see and hear that less than four thousand soldiers are killed and believe that it is too high a price to pay. Nor do they recognize the value of these soldiers’ sacrifice.

Back in 2003 our Congress was presented with both our own and foreign intelligence reports which described a threat which was believed by all concerned, but when faced with an enemy who refused to give us absolute proof to back up this intelligence we are now the first ones to condemn ourselves for having the guts to act on a proven outlaw regime.

These are facts reported in the media; We found three trailers that the German engineers who built them told me in a briefing in Germany could only be used for biological weapons. These trailers were constructed to destroy any evidence contained in them with the push of a button. We found warehouses full of insecticides which when combined with a catalyst would become a toxic nerve gas. Over five hundred shells with chemical warheads have been discovered. The head of the nuclear project for Saddam Hussein admitted in media reports that he was lying to his boss by telling him that they were on the verge of being able to make nuclear weapons.

Democrats and their allies in the media responded that the trailers could have been used for carrying vaccinations to outlying villages. No one commented on the massive amounts of insecticide that were discovered. (the Germans used an insecticide called Zyclone B. to kill the Jews and others in the concentration camps), There was no comment about the artillery shells that were discovered except to say that they were old and five hundred was not a large enough number.

The Democrats were simply ridiculous in their roles of denying the ongoing capability of Saddam Hussein to utilyze what we call today weapons of mass destruction. Yet, according to everyone none of these finds can point to the basic concern we had about WMDs.

This condemnation of the use of military force in Iraq by the Democrats is a farce of the greatest scale. But, the acquiescence by the American public in believing this farce is an indication of a total lack of an acceptance of reality bordering on suicidal.

Basic logic dictates that the argument of the Democrats right now in Congress are baseless and indefensible. THEY gave the go ahead to go to Iraq, then tried to use it as a political bat to beat their opposition instead of educating their constituents about why they approved it in the first place. (If they were fooled into going into Iraq, do you really trust them to now be smart enough to know the “right thing to do” now?) THEY accepted Petraeus’s military plan for Iraq then condemned it before even listening to his report! Are they prescient? (well then why did they approve it in the first place?) Now, THEY want to tell the American people what to do.

If someone was wrong as many times as the Democrat Party in Congress is why would anyone ever listen to them again?

Remember, What goes around, Comes around.

Our second president, John Adams in one of his multitude of letters wrote the following about America as the Constitution was being written,

“The people in America, have now the best opportunity and the greatest trust in their hands that Providence ever committed to so small a number since the transgression of the first pair; if they betray their trust, their guilt will merit even greater punishment than other nations have suffered and the indignation of Heaven.”

R.R. Donoho

13 Sep 2007 02:15 am


These past few days have revealed the darkness in the heart of the Democrat Party. The soul of the party is now wholly bought and paid for by The Democrat base, leadership and its felonious fundraisers are, in a word, base.

Not one Democrat presidential candidate has disavowed the contemptible and vicious attack ad against General David Petraeus in the New York Times. I’ve witnessed the Democrats’ attempt to roast an army officer on a spit before. During the Iran-Contra hearings Lt. Col. Oliver North withstood their attack, ensuring the election of President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Why do I believe that? I remember watching the hearings. I recall the Olliemania. I remember the disgust of the American people. Perhaps the people of our country perceived that the “crimes” President Reagan and Oliver North were accused of committing were essentially an attempt to help the people of Nicaragua achieve freedom from the communists.

We are a freedom loving people, after all. Or we were at one time.

As I watched the impotent attacks by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Barack Obama on General Petraeus (and the rage of the Code Pinkers) I couldn’t help but think of his wife and family. Dave married an Army brat, the daughter of the Superintendent of West Point and she has been a tremendous Army wife, following him throughout the past thirty three years, moving every one or two years, rejoicing in the good times and being steady in the bad. As an Army wife, we are our husband’s biggest supporters. We grow stronger throughout the years, through deployments, moves and the responsibilities of being both mother and father when left alone. Our love of country becomes entwined with our love and pride in our husband.

General Petraeus has done a magnificent job in Iraq, throughout his years, not only in this recent deployment. He’s been in harms’ way just like the rest of our troops. To watch a beloved husband treated like a common criminal on a witness stand by his Democrat inquisitors had to make Mrs. Petraeus sick at heart. I remember what the Democrats did to Judge Alito’s wife.

The only word in Duty, Honor, Country the Democrat Party understands is duty. They believe it is their duty to rule. It’s not. After this week’s disgusting display I suspect the Democrats will be set aside like a potted plant.

11 Sep 2007 12:14 pm


Remembering the day six years ago when I knew we would be in a fight for our lives. I knew that the sons and daughters and husbands and wives of dear friends would soon be saying their goodbyes and packing their gear to go to war.

Before this is over many more families will be joining this war. Some of us will soon be welcoming our loved ones home. But the war will go on as long as we have stout-hearted Americans who know we have to win.

Some aren’t in for the fight but we still have to win.

Check out Michelle Malkin for many important links and photos.

10 Sep 2007 10:31 pm


General David Petraeus couldn’t be surprised by the nasty ad placed by in the New York Times which accused him of cooking the books for the White House, or by the attacks by Democrat Representatives, Bob Wexler and Loretta Sanchez at the Joint House hearing today.

These nitwits are essentially the same people who protested the Vietnam War when Petraeus was a cadet at West Point.

Back in 1970 when any event at West Point was open to the public, hippie females from local womens colleges (Vassar) were there to protest the war. My husband, Bob, as I have mentioned before, was a classmate of Dave Petraeus.

As the cadets were outside their halls going to class the female protesters handed them flowers in protest of the war. Then they spit on them, calling them baby killers. One Army football player took a flower offered to him and proceeded to eat it.

That caused a big stir and a news reporter who just happened to be on the scene asked the West Point liaison officer if the act of eating the flower was meant to be symbolic and the officer answered, “No. He was probably just hungry.”

The girls school protesters were infuriated but the cadets couldn’t have cared less about what they thought.

So that sorry, shameful season is back upon us. But yesterday’s flower children are today’s Code Pink.

Confederate Yankee reports that the New York Times possibly gave a special rate for their ad.

I wouldn’t put it past them.

Those who learn nothing from history are damned to repeat it.

Unfortunately, those who learned something from history are damned to be assailed by those who never learned a damn thing.

07 Sep 2007 12:34 pm


My birthday was yesterday.


I received these beautiful flowers at work from my children yesterday. The ladies in the office were oohing and ahhing. What a nice treat. My daughter knows I love blue, white and yellow flowers so that is what she ordered. They are exquisite. Other than the daisies I don’t know the identity of the other flowers but I love them.

We had delicious Italian food last night. I received some wonderful gifts.

September is a big enter and exit month for our family. I was born on my second great grandmother’s birthday. My son’s birthday occurs on the day before he arrives home from Iraq. This month. I usually don’t even like to celebrate my birthday because I don’t like being the center of attention but this birthday seems so much more joyful because we are anticipating the return of our son.

The cake was luscious. (actually I was given three cakes but will not attempt to eat all of them)

The best part of this birthday month is that our son will come home from Iraq.

03 Sep 2007 10:35 pm


Grins as big as Texas

President Bush made a surprise visit to the Anbar region of Iraq today.

AL-ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq — During a surprise visit to Iraq, President Bush on Monday addressed an animated military base in what was once a Sunni insurgent stronghold and said it would be possible to reduce troops in Iraq if progress being made there continues.

Bush gave the troops a Labor Day greeting, thanking them for their hard, and often deadly work there. He also sought to assure them that he will be listening to military commanders, not Washington officials, when it comes to decide when to withdraw troops.

“Every day you are successful here in Iraq draws nearer to the day when America can begin calling you and your fellow servicemen home,” Bush said.

Bush received a “hoorah” when he said he would not base his deployment decision on “nervous reaction by Washington politicians to poll results in the media.”

“When we begin to draw down troops from Iraq, it will be from a position of strength and success, not from a position of fear and failure. To do so otherwise would embolden our enemies and make it more likely that they would attack us at home,” Bush said.

Such a nice labor day surprise for the true laborers of freedom. And yet, the pool reporter who was lucky enough to make the trip couldn’t put his snippiness away, not even for a day.

The troops were thrilled to be in the presence of their Commander in Chief.

Frederick W. Kagan writes, “We should all understand the significance of the president’s presence in Anbar.”

There’s much more at Mudville Gazette.

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