Summer, a necessary evil

The ninth month of the year, September, brings us relief from Madame Summer, the eccentric and imposing regent of three months of heat.

Leaving the silly, feverish season behind we look forward to cooler evenings and sitting on the porch watching the moon rise. Gathering wood for an impromptu cookout. Sleeping with the windows open.

September means shoe, sweater and coat shopping. Greeting the children as they enter the art room. Savoring a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

The Septembers of my childhood meant school was starting again and my mother was taking me on our annual search for blue shoes. (blue shoes for little girls were hard to find back then.)

We checked out books from the Carnegie Library. I played touch football with my brothers and sister. Our Dad and Mom took us to Razorback games back when they had an honorable team. We visited Aunt Imy and Uncle Eddie and our cousins in Northwest Arkansas. My sister and I sat on the front porch, playing the guitar and singing in harmony.

September 11th, 2001 put an everlasting stain on the month of September and in military families our minds were set on the inevitability of war and separation. But what was lost on that clear, cool Tuesday in September is being redeemed by our brave troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the determined and brilliant surge that has informed our enemies we will not be defeated.

September will bring us the report from General David Petraeus, the inevitable retreat of the Democrats and the attempted suppression of the good news by the MSM.


But best of all, September brings him home. All hail September!