January 2008

21 Jan 2008 01:44 pm

Mike Huckabee blamed Thompson supporters for his loss to John McCain in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. He also blamed snow.

Huckabee came a close second to McCain in the seven-man Republican presidential line-up, 33-30 percent. But Thompson took third place with 16 percent, and exit polls showed many of Huckabee’s and Thompson’s supporters shared the same priorities on issues like values, immigration and taxes.

“We obviously wanted and we honestly thought we would win. The fact of Fred Thompson’s being in the race took away some votes that we most likely had. I believe every analyst has looked at it that way,”Huckabee said. “The snow pretty much – not only froze the streets of the Greenville-Spartanburg area, but the votes came to a stop when it started snowing. That was an area where we had really looked forward to getting a heavy and significant vote margin.”

Huckabee said he wasn’t trying to make excuses.

Sure, Mike. Every analyst looked at it that way. You’re really in with the analysts aren’t you? Our good old so-called inside the beltway Republican analysts like Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol, are, for some reason, pushing for John McCain to be the nominee. They liked you for a while but you are getting a little too close for comfort for their favorite.

Of course, Bill Kristol’s favorite in the 2000 election was John McCain. He didn’t get his way then, either. The shuck and jive’s getting a little tired, Mike. I don’t remember anyone frying squirrel in their popcorn popper back in their college days in Arkansas either. That’s the kind of stuff we used to tell our Iowa cousins we did when they asked us what it was like to live in “the South.”
But it wasn’t true. We just liked to entertain them.

Arkansans do have the gift of gab though, but that is not to be mistaken for true leadership. Blaming others for one’s inability to win isn’t something a real leader does. My Dad always called whiners, Baby Rays. I think that’s a pretty good designation, Huckabee. So Huckabye, Huckabee.

20 Jan 2008 10:40 pm


I’m making this statement today. It doesn’t matter that McCain won the South Carolina primary or that Huckabee came in second place. Guiliani’s hopes to win in Florida won’t matter. Whether or not Fred Thompson withdraws and throws his support to McCain, it will not matter. At the end of all this confusion, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President.

And what’s more, he will win. Mitt Romney will be our next President.

Now, I am not a pollster or a pundit or a volunteer for any campaign. It’s just my hunch that Romney is going to win in the end.

Hide and watch. I am right.

08 Jan 2008 01:31 am


She really prefers Obama

Poor Hillary. She’s sad because she wants to save America and people just aren’t buying. Hillary was sitting at a lunchroom table in Cafe Espresso in Portsmouth, New Hampshire earlier today with a group of sixteen undecided voters. Then she took an unexpected question from a woman standing in the back.

This particular undecided voter,Marianne Pernold Young of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a freelance photographer. Ms. Young was Jimmy Carter’s Campaign photographer in Washington D.C. “My question is very personal, how do you do it?” Marianne asked. “How do you, how do you keep upbeat and so wonderful?”

That’s all it took.

Hillary vented.

Later, when interviewed by CBS News chief White House correspondent Jim Axelrod, Ms. Young, who had earlier been leaning toward Barack Obama, said that Hillary’s show of emotion had brought her into the Clinton camp.

“She showed emotion. She was there for me.” Young said.

Wow. That’s all it took. A tear, a cracking voice, a moment of frailty, and the woman thinks Hillary’s presidential material.

07 Jan 2008 10:54 am

I haven’t watched many of the Democrat or Republican debates this past fall. I’ve always had something else to do, but I have watched the recaps of some of them. Last night I was putting the Christmas decorations away and had time to watch the Fox News/GOP Debate. One of the nicest things about it was - no Ron Paul. (or his supporters)

Last night I went to dinner with my children at The Olive Garden. I was checking out the menu and noticed my son and daughter-in-law giggling. I asked them what was going on and my son said, “You didn’t see it?” I opened up the menu again and saw a “Ron Paul for President” stamped in red.

That illustrates the irritating annoyance of all things Ron Paul. This past December we went to the annual Christmas parade in Van Buren, Arkansas. It’s always so sweet, full of antique cars and homemade floats and cute kids. Ron Paul’s supporters drove by in a pickup truck with Ron Paul for President signs all over it. No Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Just the ubiquitous Ron Paul.

So this quote by a Republican who attended the ABC Republican debate this past Saturday really hits home with me…..

“Ron Paul starts with seeds of sensibility, and then they blossom into lunacy.”

After Saturday night’s Republican debate on ABC, NRO put together a focus group to get a few quick impressions from the people who attended their debate watch-party in New Hampshire.

That choice nugget came from their focus group. You can watch it here.

Later on, when the waitress came to check on us, I told her about the Ron Paul advertisement inside their own menus. She was pretty shocked but checked it out and there it was.

UPDATE: Sean Hannity was harrassed by Ron Paul supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire last night. Kathryn Jean Lopez asks, “Who does that?” Ron Paul loons, that’s who.

So I watched the debate hosted by Chris Wallace on Fox last night and Mitt Romney came off the strongest. It wasn’t Mike Huckabee’s night. He never did explain the half billion dollars of raised taxes while he was governor of Arkansas except to say, the voters wanted better roads and there was a court case. Why he didn’t explain the school court case I don’t know.

I also found it curious that John McCain and Mike Huckabee seemed to be teaming up against Romney. Huckabee explained to Chris Wallace that Mitt Romney had been issuing (so-called) attack ads against both him and McCain. Huckabee got all misty eyed when he spoke of McCain. I kept expecting him to say, “We few, we happy few.”

It was odd, to say the least.

I thought Fred Thompson did pretty well, especially in his defense of keeping Gitmo open and keeping the detainees out of Ft. Leavenworth.

Chris Wallace had Rudy on the defensive with his questions about Bernard Kerik but he was strong in his responses to the other issues.

But the night belonged to Mitt. He seemed both polished and down to earth and extremely knowledgeable about all of the issues, and he came down on the right side of the issues, taxes, immigration and “change.”

Unfortunately, I think “change” is going to be one of the most over-used words in 2008. Mitt Romney made the point last night that the folks who have been sitting in congress for twenty seven years aren’t likely to get the kind of change our country needs. Rudy pointed out that change for change’s sake isn’t what matters, it’s the direction our country goes in and under whose leadership.

05 Jan 2008 06:05 pm

It’s a tense moment and Clinton seems rattled by it.

Jonathan Last was at the New Hampshire Democratic party’s 100 Club dinner in Milford, New Hampshire a day after Obama beat Hillary so resoundingly in the Iowa Caucuses. At the dinner, as Hillary was giving her speech, she was heckled by the Obama supporters and apparently didn’t handle the booing very well. Last’s report gives us the delicious details of that night out with the Democrats. According to Last, Kucinich was nutty, Obama glowed and Hillary was booed. It’s not like she’s never been booed before, but in the past, the media quickly whitewashed the images out of national newsdom, at least up until now.

Before the days of Barack Obama.

But, really, what could one expect of a woman who has been wrapped in the cocoon of media protection all these years? Hillary has never made herself available to a no-holds-barred press conference, her townhalls have been carefully arranged with planted questions, and the one who must be obeyed has reigned over the polls and the docile press.

Until now.

Hillary now has an opponent who gives good speeches, something she has never done. Obama has charm and charisma and has captured the imagination of many democrats and younger voters. Whether Obama will deliver “change” or leave us all with nothing more than loose change in our pockets, right now, he is the road not taken, the way out of the Clinton abyss.

Hillary’s like the once alluring siren who has now been revealed to be a hag. She still believes in her greatly polished image but many people are now seeing through it.

Milford, New Hampshire, the city of my great grandfather’s nativity, was once a Republican stronghold. Now, it’s dominated by Democrats. My great grandfather, William Chase Whitmarsh would be sad to see the city of his birth in the hands of Democrats, but probably wouldn’t be surprised. When he was a youth, his parents moved from Milford, New Hampshire to Denmark, Iowa. His father, William Faxon Whitmarsh, fought for the Union in the Civil War and died of yellow fever in Little Rock, Arkansas during the occupation just after the War ended.

William, his son, traveled from Denmark, Iowa to Little Rock to see his father’s grave at the National Cemetary. He stayed in Arkansas, married the niece of General Zachary Taylor and became a merchant. When Lucy Taylor Whitmarsh died young, he remarried Jemima Haseltine Stiles, my great grandmother.

Just a year before my great grandfather died, he road a bicycle all the way from Arkansas to Massachusetts. (he called the bicycle his wheels) He stayed for six months, visiting Milford, New Hampshire and Braintree, Massachusetts. He supported himself by making hand woven cane chairs. He had stayed in touch with his family in New England and according to letters in my mother’s possession, really enjoyed his visit.

Somewhere in Missouri, my great grandfather collapsed and his sons went to get him. He died just days after returning to Arkansas.

The road from New Hampshire to Iowa to Arkansas was traveled well by my great grandfather and left his descendants wondering at his energy, love for his family and independance.

Barack Obama has successfully taken the road from Iowa to New Hampshire. Whether he can really unseat the Woman who must be Obeyed is questionable but I, for one, will happily watch him attempt to do it. Not that I would vote for him.

No, I would never vote for Barack Obama. He is a Democrat and I don’t agree with his policies or his politics. But I can admire his gumption and his Humphrey Bogart-like delivery of his speeches. I think he is doing the Democrat Party a favor by helping to unweave the Clinton web over all things Democrat.

Now, if Republicans, Mitt, Rudy or John will finally pop the Huckabubble we might have a real contest.

Welcome Sissy Willis readers!!

05 Jan 2008 02:58 pm

Major Andrew Olmsted has been killed in Iraq.

DENVER (AP) An Army major from Colorado who wrote a blog from Iraq for the Rocky Mountain News was killed during an attack by insurgents.

The News reported the death of Maj. Andrew Olmsted Friday. A Defense Department release confirmed the death, saying Olmsted died Thursday with another soldier, Capt. Thomas J. Casey, 32, of Albuquerque when rebels attacked with small arms near Sadiyah.

Olmsted, who began writing for the News on May 21, asked a friend to post a final posting on his Web site if he died in Iraq. In it, Olmsted, who described himself as a libertarian, warns against making his death an argument for or against the war.

“My life isn’t a chit to be used to bludgeon people to silence on either side…I have my own opinions about what we should do about Iraq, but since I’m not around to expound on them I’d prefer others not try and use me as some kind of moral capital to support a position I probably didn’t support,'’ read the final post on AndrewOlmsted.com.

He also quoted Plato as saying “only the dead have seen the end of war.'’

Olmsted leaves behind his wife of 10 years, Amanda Wilson, of Colorado Springs.

“The news is devastating,'’ News editor John Temple said. “The major was a brave man who obviously thrived on sharing his experiences and thoughts on his blog. He provided a perspective on Iraq that would have been impossible for a journalist. Our thoughts are with his wife, family and unit.'’

May God comfort Major Olmsted’s family and friends. It’s very hard to read news like this.

“Oh and I don’t want to die for you, but if dying’s asked of me;
I’ll bear that cross with honor, ’cause freedom don’t come free.”
American Soldier, Toby Keith

Andrew’s last post is a must read. Tissues are recommended.

Blackfive has more. Of all the bloggers in the blogosphere, milbloggers are the finest and they provide the most intense reads. As I read the blogs of the soldiers in harms’ way, I always say a prayer for their safety. Even though the surge is working, our troops are still out there holding the line against terrorists.

It’s not over.

03 Jan 2008 03:32 am

Hillary Clinton should change her campaign song to Desperado. Anyone who would go to such extremes like sending campaign workers out to shovel snow in order to drag Iowans to the Iowa Caucus, providing babysitters and food from Dairy Queen and whatever else, can’t be too confident that they are going to win.

I was watching Hillary talking to someone in Iowa today on television and instead of the usual look of forced interest on her face, she looked scared.

Tonight Hillary takes on World Wide Pants. That would really be an appropriate name for her campaign organization.

The folks sending Hillary to David Letterman need to face the fact that Hillary’s a stiff. She’s just not funny and her unfunniness becomes more obvious when she tries to do it. She’s like Nixon on Laugh-In.

But Nixon didn’t try to be a comedian, he just played it straight, which is why he was funny.

Oh Iowa.

State of some of my ancestors and present home of my dear Aunt Hetty and cousin, Nancy.

Iowans are hardy people who shovel snow just like they brush their teeth. It’s a daily habit in the winter. Dealing with pushy politicians every four years must get a little annoying.

I wouldn’t put it past some of the Iowans to shovel snow onto their driveways just to see if the Hillaryites actually go to the trouble to move it off.

My cousin, Nancy, is still undecided. She may or may not go to a caucus.

We will see what happens tomorrow. I’m hoping Iowa will come through for me and put Hillary in her place. Third place, that is.

As for Mike Huckabee……

I hope Iowa goes all Project Runway and tells him he is out.

There are plenty of evangelical Arkansans who are not supporting Mike Huckabee. I am one. Here is another.