August 2008

31 Aug 2008 05:55 pm


Newly elected Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin and daughters check out their new digs.

The varied expressions on the faces of the Palins reveal that personalities are allowed to thrive in that family. Confidence, pride, and wonder are just some of the aspects revealed in this photo. Being a mother of daughters and a son, I can identify with the emotions pictured in the above photo.

Piper, Bristol, and Willow are perhaps, unusual names but this article pretends to frame the name choices of the Palin family as odd. Trig and Track are the names chosen for the Palin sons. They are all dynamic, different and confidently American.


From the looks of this adorable photo it appears that Sarah Palin is not ashamed of her past involvement in beauty pagents. Every little girl loves wearing crowns. When we grow up though, many other crowning achievements beckon us. And boy, did Sarah achieve them.

Getting to know Sarah Palin is turning into quite a Christmas morning. One gift reveals a conservative woman with staunch pro-life values, another, an individual who can hold her own in any situation, still another gift reveals that Palin has quite a fashion sense in her choice of shoes. Under this twinkly Christmas-in-August tree we see an athlete who takes on snow sports with gusto along with her handsome husband.


Another package wrapped up in blue reveals that Democrats are really scared to death of Palin.

Palin is a reader and her favorite reading is Biographical Histories of U.S. Founders.

In the largest package tucked behind the tree, which many Republicans had glimpsed like little children in anticipation and hopes that it would contain something that would dazzle with pure Republican conservative grit, they found that what Senator McCain had promised was, indeed, true!

John Santa McCain delivered a true North Star!

Friday the 29th of August became December 25th to many hopeful Republicans and Americans. Because Hurricane Gustav threatens to out-Katrina Katrina, Senator McCain and running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin are changing the direction of the Republican Convention. It won”'’t be a party, for what American can celebrate when so many people will be impacted by such terrifying weather.

This past Friday’’s fabulous announcement that Sarah Palin was John McCain’’s choice and her ringing acceptance speech and endorsement of him may turn out to be Palin’’s convention speech, but what a speech it was! It dazzled and it rang true of a woman who came up on her own, confronted corruption and beat it, raised children along with her mate and held to her pro-life beliefs when confronted by the news that her baby boy, Trig, would have an impairment.

Sarah Palin understands courage and she enthusiastically endorsed Senator McCain’’s valiant warrior past and gave a testimony of her support for our military. Her own first born, Track is deploying to Iraq on September 11th, in little over a week.

Palin’’s breakthrough knocked the Obama boomlet right out from under him. Sarah Palin facts are popping up, reminiscent of Chuck Norris facts. Here’’s one……

Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin is so HOT that God had to send a hurricane to cool America off.

Of course, it didn'’t take the party (and supporters in the media) of Ebenezer B. Obama long to belittle and slime Sarah Palin but as Rick Moran writes, Democrats do this at their peril.

As a true Christmas should accomplish, the joy is being spread around liberally. Camille Paglia, a Democrat is quoted here saying the following…

We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling,” said Camille Paglia, the cultural critic. “That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails.”

In the same Times Online article I discovered this quote from Sarah Palin…

She hunts, ice-fishes and is a crack shot who knows how to fire an M16 rifle. “I was raised in a family where gender was not going to be an issue,” she said. “The girls did what the boys did. Apparently in Alaska that’s quite commonplace.”

This is why many women will identify with Sarah Palin. Girls can do what boys do.
Sometimes we can do it better. But, unlike many feminists, most of us don'’t try to Lord it over them when we do.

Now that Christmas morning is over we have to take up the gifts that have been given us and support McCain and Palin. My husband and I contributed to the campaign again this past Friday and so did many people! In fact, 4 million dollars were raised through the internet in the first twenty four hours after the veep announcement and 3 million dollars more have been raised since. People do put their money where their mouths are.

Where will we go from here to defeat Obama, the leftist in an empty suit? There are still the stockings hung with care that we haven”'’t even checked out in our happiness over John McCain”’’s selection of Sarah Palin.

So much more to love. So little time.

Merry Christmas in August!

29 Aug 2008 10:38 pm


I spent a sleepless night last night anticipating John McCain’s choice for veep. I don’t know why I was so antsy about it but I was. Watching the pundits at the Democrat Convention, right and left, breathlessly exclaim over Obama’s grecian, formulaic speech made my bad cold symptoms even worse. I sneezed and coughed and looked around for the tissues. I didn’t cry my eyelashes off like Oprah though.

As I thought over the past few days of Democrat politicking it’s no wonder I had such a trying time. First, the insistance that Hillary bow and scrape to Obama at the Democrat National Convention. It bothered me that so many Democrat (and some Republican) pundits insisted that both she and Bill had to endorse Obama. Why?

Then, Jimmy Carter made an outrageous attack on John McCain’s comments about his five years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton and just like a pet poodle the New York Times and the leftist media filled the blogosphere with articles castigating McCain for “milking” his service to the country. I’ve rarely heard McCain speak of his days as a POW in Vietnam and he certainly doesn’t refer to his military service as incessantly as did John F. Kerry during his presidential run in 2004.

Barack Obama’s angry speech last night made me think of Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Barack doesn’t seem to see much that he likes in this country even though no country in the world would have seen him elevated to such heights. Cameron spent a whole day in Chicago with Ferris and Sloane playing hooky from school but still the uptight Cameron Frye hadn’t seen anything good.

- Ferris: Cameron, what have you seen today?
Cameron: Nothing good.
Ferris: Nothing - wha - what do you mean nothing good? We’ve seen everything good. We’ve seen the whole city! We went to a museum, we saw priceless works of art! We ate pancreas!

This morning, John McCain was better than Ferris Bueller.

I really feel like he’s gotten me out of summer school.

I was hoping that Mitt Romney would be McCain’s pick for vice president but when I kept hearing that Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska might in actuality be Senator McCain’s selection I was surprised and kind of excited so I started looking for articles about her. But I had to go to work so I was held in suspense until lunch. I was home just in time to watch Senator McCain introduce Sarah Palin as his vice presidential pick. I saw Gov. Palin deliver her exuberant speech and felt the excitement growing.

Transcript here

Now the Democrats are searching for a hook on which to hang Gov. Sarah and after all the misogynistic statements which have come from Barack Obama, his campaign and many of his fellow Democrat male and sadly, female supporters, I begin to wonder just what is the hangup Obama has with women?

Will Democrat women vote for McCain with Sarah Palin as his running mate? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t. It wasn’t enough that the liberal doods took out Hillary during the primary. The male sexists are now going after Palin with a vengeance.

But for antsy but hopeful Republicans like me, it’s been a great day. John McCain made an excellent selection in Governor Sarah Palin. She’s real, she’s a conservative, a reformer, a pork buster, a Governor, a former mayor, pro-life, a wife and mother of five and she’s not too vain to be seen in glasses!

See what I mean?

Did Obama give a speech last night?

29 Aug 2008 07:09 am

Up early. Checking for news about McCain’s veep choice. Nothing concrete at all but according to Kathryn Jean Lopez, Mitt Romney will be in Dayton today.

According to Lopez, Pawlenty is out.

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska has flown to Dayton.

My pick has always been Mitt Romney.

Sarah Palin has a great resume and my husband says McCain should select a woman if she has the right credentials.

I’m still pulling for Mitt.

Happy Birthday John McCain!


Fox News’ Carl Cameron is reporting that Romney is out.

28 Aug 2008 01:56 pm


After D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths by Laura Lee Donoho

Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech at Invesco Field tonight flanked by Doric Greek Imagery.
Greek mythology, architecture, poetry and drama is fascinating but the use of it in modern times can lead some to flights of fancy.

Interesting that Barack Obama’s set designer is also Britney Spear’s.

Is the Obama campaign’s choice to move the site of the speech from the Pepsi Center to Invesco Field really an effort to include more people or could it be a mere change of clothes, as in a fashion choice. Could it be that Obama wanted to rise above the lesser gods of Democrat mythology, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Kerrys, and the Carters to a more Olympian Field?

A clean slate after the Clintons bowed to their forced choice?


No matter, the speech is set for tonight at Invesco Field, Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. This rock star setting is said to worry some Democrat strategists. Will it rain or will Zeus hurl a few bolts of lightning? What will Barack Obama feast on before the speech, his beloved arugula or ambrosia and nectar?

Much of the convention so far has been set up to let the lessers tell their stories of pathos, and overcoming adversity in order to lead up to the celebration of the mythological story of the man, abandoned by the father, then the mother and finally taken up by Saul Alinsky to Olympian heights of glory?

Joe Biden, (whose Dad fell on hard times) may possibly have put his aged mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden in danger of a visit from social services as he revealed last night that when he was a boy and knocked down by toughs in his neighborhood, his mother sent him back outside to give the bullies bloody noses. Heavens, that is a no-no today.

But it was a direct appeal to Catholics no doubt.

The lesser god, William Jefferson Clinton appeared at the Pepsico Center last night claiming that he really believes that Barack Obama will be a great Commander in Chief. He said this without a wink or a nod. Can we expect more eruptions before election day?

Barack is said to be planning to deliver a workman-like speech tonight, no doubt in response to the criticism after the Victory Column speech in Berlin. But the setting of a Greek Temple is intended to place Obama into a Golden Section, a perfect rectangular form which according to Leonard da Vinci also included human proportions.

It seems fitting that the man who believes he is the one who can lower the seas would demand such perfection on his acceptance day. It’s a way of escape from the imagery of the loathed American flag pin to something more international.

Greek mythology instructed human beings about the three elements of life: the Earth, Mount Olympus and Hades. Will Americans, after viewing the spectacle at Mile High Stadium tonight choose to believe that Obama offers us the life of the gods, with all of its free healthcare, taxes only on the rich, no war, and broadly shared prosperity? Will they choose to pay Charon’s wages?

It’s Greek to me.

22 Aug 2008 11:44 pm

It’s Friday night, I’m tired and have been taking in some passive entertainment, watching Monk, Psych, House and a DVR of Burn Notice. I changed the channel after Burn Notice was over and on Fox, reporters were camping out at Joe Biden’s house. Why? He may be Barack Obama’s pick for veep.

I changed the channel quickly. It’s good that I am back at work because the silly season is really upon us. Barack O. has been bad-mouthing John McCain because he didn’t know how many houses he owns. Well, if McCain were really into real estate that’s something he would know. He lets his wife take care of that. I like that really. John McCain has confidence that his wife will take care of things at home and at home and at home.

Obama’s snarky ad in response to McCain’s honest slip is way over the top. McCain lived for five years in the Hanoi Hotel. At the very least he deserves more respect from Mr. Goose Egg for his service and sacrifice to our nation.

I think most Americans would like a second home or a third and fourth.

I’m more into cars and would like the new Corvette.

I still think Obama has selected Hillary but I am the world’s worst at making predictions.


As expected, I was wrong.

Joe Biden is Obama’s pick for veep. Neal Cavuto was a hoot this morning on Fox News’ Business Block. He kept referring to Biden’s “compound” and spoke proudly of Fox’s aerial view of the elegant and expensive, Biden home in Delaware. Apparently Biden was late taking off for his rendezvous with Obama in the Land of Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois.

12 Aug 2008 10:23 pm

Under a tree, one day when I was in the third grade, my best friend, Susan whispered to me that she knew that she would die young. We were playing jacks during recess and talking about matters that concerned third graders. Apparently, life and death was an important topic to us.

I know it was to me. I was a relatively happy child, born first in a two parent family with two brothers and a sister. But I was afraid to go to sleep at night because I thought I would never wake up. Being a newspaper reader from the time I learned to read I had read a letter in Ann Landers about a child who had died in her sleep. I had told my parents when I was very young that I would die young. I knew about the comings and goings of life from the time I was very young when my great grandfather died. Although I was a talkative child I tended to keep my fears to myself so they had a tendency to grow to enormous proportions.

So when Susan confessed to me under the tree that she knew her life would end early, I understood what she meant and her secret seemed to connect us. We talked about our belief in God and eternity. We were already fast friends but sharing a secret like that was a serious burden we both agreed to keep. I did keep it.

Susan was the daughter of an anesthesiologist and a stay-at-home Mom. (all of our Moms stayed at home back then) She had a younger brother, Buzzy and two older sisters, Nancy and Linda. Susan and I spent time together playing, talking, singing and dreaming.

We had sleepovers at each others’ house. The first time I spent the night at Susan’s house she was so excited at having company that she was sick to her stomach. I remember her jolly, Dad, looking after her and making pancakes afterwards. I had never had breakfast for supper.

One day we talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I told Susan I wanted to win the Miss America competition. On the weekend when I spent the night at Susan’s house, her older sister, Nancy was home and they had made me a crown of aluminum foil. Nancy brushed my hair into curls and the sisters took me out on the balcony of their home and crowned me “Miss America.”

Susan never told me what she wanted to be when she grew up but she and her sister had given me something very special when they acknowledged my wish on that balcony.

Susan was a very sensitive, caring young girl. She had chestnut brown hair she wore in braids freckles, and twinkly brown eyes. Susan was only at my school during our third grade year and then her family moved. She had to attend another elementary school in our city but we kept in touch with each other. I remember being invited to a big slumber party at Susan’s house and I discovered that although she had loads of friends, I was still her favorite and while the other girls slept all over the house, Susan and I and her little brother, Buzzy slept in her room.

It never mattered to Susan that her father was a doctor and my Dad was not. The differences in our family wealth mattered not at all to us.

By the time we were in the seventh grade Susan and I discovered that we were in the same junior high school. We only had one class together: P.E. One of Susan’s friends was a snob and one day she made fun of me. Susan came to my defense. She was always like that.

The summer before our tenth grade year Susan and her sister, Nancy were killed in a plane crash in Omaha, Nebraska. They had flown there to visit their older, newly married, sister, Linda.

Yesterday I was privileged to attend a presentation by Craig Scott, brother of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim of the Columbine killers.

I remember that day, April 20th, 1998 when my family and I watched in shock as the horrible events took place at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

Rachel’s family discovered her last journal in the backpack she was carrying when she was murdered. (after it was released by the police) From her writings, it is obvious that Rachel Scott had a deep understanding of life and the kindness and compassion that make it worth living. In the last entry about an hour before Rachel was killed she drew an illustration of a rose watered with thirteen tears. She had revealed earlier to her family that she knew she was going to die young.

In an essay Rachel wrote she described her theory that if just one person does an act of kindness it will cause a chain reaction.

In Rachel’s own words, I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same. - Rachel Scott

As her brother, Craig Scott described his sister and her many acts of kindness the memory of my friend, Susan became vivid. Susan was a dark eyed beauty like Rachel and lived out her brief life by caring for others.

Rachel’s Challenge is a program founded by her family that carries her message of kindness and compassion to students, teachers and school administrators all over the U.S.

It might seem obvious that kindness and compassion are what the world needs but Rachel’s Challenge works to inspire students to change the climate and culture of their school. With so many negative cultural influences on students today a simple challenge to be kind to one another might seem a weak response but having seen the presentation by Craig Scott, the brother of Rachel I have no doubt that it will have an impact.

Susan, my friend, her sister, Nancy and Rachel Scott did die very young but their legacies in this world are sweet and inspiring. I was blessed to have had such a friend. Hatred killed Rachel, the Braniff airline plane that took Susan and Nancy’s lives went down in a bad storm.

Susan’s family moved away some years later. Her father, Dr. Chamblin never seemed to get over his daughters’ deaths. I know life goes on but in the deepest part of memory of precious days past Susan will always be remembered.

05 Aug 2008 11:35 pm


It’s been a year since we said our last farewell to Captain the Wonder Cat. On August 6th, 2007 our Cappy died.


I was going through some old boxes of memorabilia and found the ad I made and put up around Fort Drum after we found Captain on that cold night in January, 1994

I had to advertise that we had found him but I was hoping no one would claim him. We had already named him within a few days after finding him. I was thankful no one ever claimed him because he was already an important part of our family.

It’s been a year but I still miss Captain and so does my husband and the rest of our family.

Captain was the best.

03 Aug 2008 01:24 pm


Maureen Dowd of the New York Times reveals a soft spot for Barack Obama in this piece in which she compares him to Mr. Darcy, romantic lead in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Ms. Dowd would have us believe that the skinny Mr. Obama, prideful man that he is, is a victim of white prejudice. We are all Miss Elizabeth Bennets, according to Ms. Dowd, typical white people who instantly turn up our noses when we come across people of color.

Of course, Dowd makes no mention of the scornful, biased comments Mr. Obama made of the “bitter people who live in Pennsylvania, clinging to their religion and guns.” That doesn’t fit her template.

The odd thing is that Obama bears a distinct resemblance to the most cherished hero in chick-lit history. The senator is a modern incarnation of the clever, haughty, reserved and fastidious Mr. Darcy.

Like the leading man of Jane Austen and Bridget Jones, Obama can, as Austen wrote, draw “the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien. …he was looked at with great admiration for about half the evening, till his manners gave a disgust which turned the tide of his popularity; for he was discovered to be proud, to be above his company, and above being pleased.”

The master of Pemberley “had yet to learn to be laught at,” and this sometimes caused “a deeper shade of hauteur” to “overspread his features.”

The New Hampshire debate incident in which Obama condescendingly said, “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” was reminiscent of that early scene in “Pride and Prejudice” when Darcy coldly refuses to dance with Elizabeth Bennet, noting, “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me.”

It seems Ms. Dowd’s pretenses belie her idealogical prejudices in this piece. Barack Obama is no Mr. Darcy. Wickham, the perfidious prat who dealt in lies in order to advance himself is the character in the book to whom I would compare Barack Obama. The comparison of Wickham to John McCain is without logic. There is nothing similar in their characters except that it fits the plot of Ms. Dowd. Thank heavens Jane Austen had more understanding of human nature than Ms. Dowd who, in her liberal state of delusion views the presidential election as nothing more than a soap opera.

Great literature does teach moral lessons and Jane Austen’s study of young women and their lives does tend to lend itself to metaphorical comparisons.

Several days ago in this post I wrote about some conservatives who still look back with longing to the great Ronald Reagan and cannot accept the reality that our Republican nominee needs our support in order to defeat Barack Obama whether he espouses enough conservative policies or not. The alternative, Barack Obama promotes himself as a man of hope and change but his past and his policies are more attune to Jimmy Carter, the man from Plains.

Like Maureen Dowd, I employed some Jane Austin allusions:

No, John McCain is not Ronald Reagan, neither is he George W. Bush.

He is the Republicans’ nominee for President. By any understanding that we have John McCain is the only choice a serious American can make for President. It’s becoming apparent more every day that Barack Obama believes our country is deeply flawed and has plans to acknowledge that wrong by confiscatory methods…that is, he is a socialist with aspirations to remake our nation by taxation and government infringement on our rights and privacy. It’s becoming obvious that the Obama campaign believes that Americans who plan to vote for McCain instead of Obama are downright racists.

So do I love John McCain? Not in the romantic way but perhaps in Elinor Dashwood’s way before her sense gave way to sensibility….

I do not attempt to deny that I think very highly of him. That I …… greatly esteem him. That I like him.” Elinor said to her sister, Marianne.

The Marianne media is choosing sensibility over sense. Obama is their own John Willoughby.

I am hoping conservatives will come around this November. Hopefully they will choose to vote for John McCain, if not for love, at least for esteem and respect.

The bottom line is, John McCain is definitely not Barack Obama.

I doubt the haughty Ms. Dowd reads the humble Wide Awake Cafe but I believe my metaphorical comparisons using the literature of Jane Austen are more apt.

01 Aug 2008 03:50 pm

The great Rush Limbaugh celebrates twenty years of broadcast excellence today. We are all much richer for this wonderful man and his monumental, golden voice expressing conservative, honest, original views.

I discovered Rush in early 1993 while our family was stationed at Fort Drum. My husband was deployed to Somalia at the time and we were deep into winter in the north country. Bill Clinton had just taken over the White House and I felt pretty lonely in my winter of discontent. Although I was disappointed that Bill Clinton had been elected I did not at any time feel ashamed of my country. I was an Army wife and had at that point, along with my family, seen a lot of our country and had lived overseas.

What I saw in our country was good but you would never know it if you listened to NPR or watched the three television networks and CNN.

So when I discovered a voice on the radio that expressed my views with humor and exuberance I made sure to find out who he was and began to listen everyday.

Until that time there was no reason to listen to A.M. radio. Since our family traveled a great deal and sometimes late into the night we were always looking for something interesting to listen to. The kids of course wanted to listen to rock music but if I had the wheel of the car I wanted to listen to news and talk. National Public Radio was usually the only choice I had but I was constantly disgusted with the liberal tone expressed.

After discovering Rush I made sure to listen for the full three hours but when we were stationed in Heidelberg, Germany Rush’s show was only carried for one hour on Armed Forces Radio. We discovered that we could listen for the full three hours on the internet. What a blessing. All the Armed Forces Television Network offered us at the time was network broadcasting. Katie Couric’s morning show and The View were broadcast several times a day. Then there was CNN International, an outright anti-American outfit.

One March my husband and I were down in the computer room with my brother who was visiting. He had come over to Germany with his fellow active duty National Guardsmen to train in the Warfighter exercize and was able to spend a few days with us. My brother, husband and I were sitting down in the basement (which is where our computers were) and were listening to Rush. He said, “It’s Lucy from Fort Smith, Arkansas.” My brother and I looked at each other and smiled. It was our sister calling Rush. She asked him if she could say hello to her brother, sister, and her sister’s husband who were in Germany. Of course Rush said yes.

That’s one of the aspects of the magic of Rush Limbaugh. Rush’s broadcast touched four Americans very specially on that day and he continues to inform educate, entertain, and express conservative outlooks on political and cultural issues.

Thank goodness for Rush. May he continue to rule the radio airwaves until, as he says, everyone agrees with him.