December 2009

30 Dec 2009 11:46 am


26 Dec 2009 09:38 am


On the afternoon of Christmas Eve it was warm enough to sit on the front porch. After everyone got together for our traditional family Christmas eve gathering it started to snow and the roads very quickly got treacherous. Everyone in our family made it safely home and we awoke to a beautiful snow morning.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

20 Dec 2009 11:32 am


What do you do when you receive a gift that is wrapped so exquisitely you are hesitant to open it because you will damage the art?


The joy and ingenuity that went into the wrapping of the gift is quite evident. The message: sweet and touching.

I still haven’t opened the gift because I hate to destroy the wrapping. No staples went into the wrapping of the gift. Just glue. So a sharp letter opener might work and eventually I will open it…. very carefully.

I will.

The child who gave me this gift is one of my art students. Art teachers are not on the top of the list when parents and children buy presents for their teachers. I have never felt entitled to gifts anyway. The joy of teaching the students about art is gift enough for me and when I receive the drawings and artwork that they eagerly bring to me when they come to class it’s like Christmas every day. I keep their art and display it. Then I put it in a student art scrapbook.

None of my students will ever see their artwork cast into the trash. But that’s just me. When I first began to teach art I didn’t like it very much at all. I didn’t have patience and that was a major frustration. But as the years have gone by I have grown into a teacher who appreciates the talents and gifts that each child brings.

The student who gave me the beautifully decorated home made package is a very uniquely talented and whimsical child. I know that the gift inside the package will be as delightful as the packaging.

The anticipation is delicious.


What is the true gift of Christmas? The eternal gift that Jesus gave to all of us.

09 Dec 2009 05:10 am


01 Dec 2009 08:34 am

President Obama will be using the window dressing of the United States Military tonight as he delivers his post dither Afghanistan speech. Ralph Peters writes what I have been thinking.

In the art-auction world, the trick to selling a bad painting is to put it in a terrific frame. That’s the logic behind President Obama’s West Point speech tonight.

Condemned by his own vacillation to sketching a picture repulsive to multiple constituencies, Obama will use the impressive frame of West Point to lend his remarks an illusion of glorious leadership.

The event will be impressive: The US Military Academy does pomp and circumstance well. The cadets will be immaculate and perfectly behaved, applauding on cue (no Joe Wilson “You lie!” shout-outs from this hyper-disciplined bunch).

For Barack Obama to use the hallowed halls of West Point as cover for his political use of the military is disgusting but not surprising considering his long distaste for the military.

Still, he should be careful. Cadets have a very busy life and if Obama’s speech is not sterling and inspiring there could be some heads dropping. Vice President Al Gore delivered a speech at West Point when my son was a cadet. He was seated along with some other cadets in his company directly behind Gore. Right in view of the cameras. Gore put him to sleep. Right in view of the cameras.

The Naval Academy was caught recently choosing diversity over merit when they replaced two white male cadets with two female cadets in a color guard that performed at the World Series. Will West Point follow the diversity rule in placement of the cadets who will sit behind Obama? Or will they even take that chance? Cadets do get sleepy.

Another possible big problem Obama could have at West Point? What will he say about the upcoming Army Navy game? It’s coming up December 12th in Philadelphia. I’m surprised that Obama’s handlers haven’t taken that into consideration. I predict he will be neither for or against Army.

Would Obama ever utter those famous four words: Go Army! Beat Navy!

He can’t be bothered.