April 2010

27 Apr 2010 09:33 pm


This is the actual sign on the new Arkansas DDS building in Little Rock.

14 Apr 2010 11:58 pm

The wisteria is blooming all around. This year it is rampant and glorious.


It blooms where it will, overtaking every hedge, bush and tree by twining their stems either clockwise or counter-clockwise round any available support. Some gardeners consider wisteria an invasive species in certain areas.

But I welcome it.


Our wisteria rings around the yard, encircling the property. All of Nature seems to be singing loudly this Spring, the flowering bushes, the daffodils, the bridal wreath, and the birds in the trees.

But the wisteria is absolutely shouting this year. The year of wisteria…..and tea parties. The Tea Party movement has much in common with wisteria. When wisteria is mature it blooms everywhere, is very hardy and fast growing and will not be stopped unless cut down.


May the Tea Party Movement continue to bloom and grow, to the highest of heights, bringing the people on until they encircle the old diseased woods of socialism and restore our freedom.

04 Apr 2010 09:15 am


Christ the Lord is risen today!

Happy Easter!

It’s a Beautiful Day.

01 Apr 2010 09:55 pm


One of my best friends is a great hunter.


My Dad is such a card. He posted the “wives” photos on our family website several years ago.


An April Fools Joke.


Of course, my Mother is Daddy’s one and only wife.


A funny picture of my cousins.

I pull a prank on my husband almost every April Fools Day by putting pickle juice in his Diet Dr. Pepper. I hadn’t done it in several years but today just seemed the right time to do it. I waited until he left the room and had my little cup of bread and butter pickle juice ready. I poured it into his can of Diet Dr. Pepper and waited.

He came back into the room and started telling me about Google changing its name to Topeka as an April Fools joke. I thought to myself, he knows what today is. He will never fall for my April Fools prank. I kept waiting but he didn’t take a sip. Pretty soon he decided to go fix supper. Yes, I am lucky, my husband likes to cook.

He came back into the room and sat down with supper and pretty soon he drank his Diet Dr. Pepper. I heard a “Yuck.” He ran down stairs and got another can of Diet Dr. Pepper to clean his palate and as always, laughed about being fooled again.

I’m just waiting to see what kind of prank he plays on me.