September 2010

11 Sep 2010 02:16 pm


September 11th, 2001 our American world changed. It’s still changing, but one wonders if it is for the better.

President Bush became a war-time President from September 11th on for his entire eight years at the helm. He led our war efforts despite the opposition of the Democrats, the judiciary, and the media. When he was reelected in 2004 he still had most of the American people’s support.

Fast forward a few years and multiple hits in the media the American support for President Bush and his war effort was waning.

Then, came the surge which brought more opposition in Congress but the president persevered, along with the support of John McCain and the brilliant leadership of General David Petraeus. As the 2008 election was looming the success of the surge was becoming obvious.

But the damage had been done and the American electorate believed the snake oil that Barrack Obama was selling.

Our Global War on Terror became an overseas contingency operation and the phrase caused many misgivings, to say the least.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch wrote the following…

And so now we are engaged in a great Overseas Contingency Operation, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. And be assured: if the Overseas Contingency Operatives succeed in pulling off another Contingency Operation on American soil on the scale of 9/11, or more than one, we will indeed be sorely tested — and utterly unprepared to meet the multifaceted cultural, military, political, and spiritual challenge the enemy presents.”

Following the name change came the odd spell cast on Homeland Security which seemed to be sleepwalking while Jihadist attacks were attempted (with some carried out successfully) on our own soil.

Barrack Obama’s support for the building of the Cordoba Mosque in the shadows of Ground Zero bodes ill for our country.

I will never forget September 11th, 2001, but remembering is not enough.

As Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air,

So what do we do now? What do the next nine years look like from this vantage point? Terrorism has ceased being the top priority of Americans, who are more worried now about the economy and jobs — as it should be. We should go about our business, but with the clarity that while we don’t want to arrange our public lives around terrorism forever, we need to keep the danger in mind as we conduct that business. Recent attack attempts remind us of the potential cost of complacency, but we no longer have the luxury of indulging in sheer ignorance as we did through September 10th, 2001.

Nine years gone, a new generation of Americans are growing up with no memory of September 11th, except for what they learn at school, see on the media or are informed by family.

09 Sep 2010 11:29 pm


Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been very outspoken since the beginning of the Obama administration, defending against the Obama administration’s attacks on the Bush administration’s conduct of the War against Islamic terrorists.

More power to him. While the phony search has gone on since January 20th, 2009 by the media for a new and approved-by-the-media Republican Leader, ( one preferably like Colin Powell) Vice President Cheney has bravely stood against the media and the lefts’ political onslaughts, offering wise commentary and criticism of the Obama administration.

Throughout the eight years of the Bush administration, Dick Cheney, was dauntless in his stand against the left’s criticisms of all things Bush. He was treated by the media and the left as if he were the dark and evil Lord Sauron when in reality, all along, Dick Cheney was the wise and cool head.

In short, Dick Cheney is Gandalf the Grey. Dick Cheney has always demonstrated wisdom and insight, from his tenure as Secretary of Defense under the first Bush administration to his role as Vice President in the Bush administration.

Some may have expected him to quietly retire to fishing in Wyoming when the Obama regime came in. I, for one, am glad he didn’t take the easier road. Vice President Cheney understands the stakes our nation faces.

We haven’t heard from him in a while, as he has been recovering from heart surgery. I look forward to his return and pray for his health.


05 Sep 2010 11:18 pm


This was the Frisco Train my great grandfather drove back when he was an engineer.

In this post I compare the nations’ electorate to a fifteen year old girl.

When I was a young teenager I spent a lot of time at the baseball fields. My brother played baseball and my Dad played fast-pitch softball. Our family was at the ballparks all summer long. That was convenient for me because I had a crush on a baseball player who played on one of my brother’s opposing teams. One summer night when I was fifteen my brother’s team was playing against my crush’s team. Several of my friends had come to the game with me. We were going between the ballparks to see the games. My Dad was also playing and the fast-pitch ball field was located at the end of the ballpark. Running through the ball fields was a train track which separated the field my brother was playing on from all the others.

The train was required to only go fifteen miles per hour through the ballparks and it was also required to blow its horn as a warning.

I’ve always loved trains, my great grandfather was an engineer for Frisco and always had a special whistle for my great grandmother to let her know when he was back in town. Hanging on the wall in my great grandparents bedroom was a certificate given to my great grandfather from the late President Truman and my great grandmother told me that it was awarded to my great grandfather because he had been the engineer who drove President Truman on his Whistle Stop tour.

When my siblings and I were little one of our biggest thrills was getting to ride on the miniature steam engine in Creekmore Park.

Hearing all the lore from my great grandmother and listening to the whistle of the train late at night in the summer when our windows were open made trains a fascinating and exotic mode of transportation for me.

So this particular night when I was fifteen I was watching my brother’s ballgame with my friends and I decided to go back to my Dad’s game to see how things were going. As my friends and I were climbing up the hill to the track I heard a cheer and turned around to see what was happening at my brother’s game. Apparently, I stopped right on the train track because all of a sudden there was a light in my face, stunning me. I couldn’t move. My friends had gone on across the track and must not have seen me standing there on the track with a train bearing down on me.

It happened pretty fast although to me it seemed to go on for quite some time. I don’t remember breathing or even thinking. Mind you, I was a very responsible young lady. I was the oldest child in my family and I felt a deep responsibility for my younger siblings. I was an in demand babysitter and yet, there I was, standing in the middle of a train track with a train heading right at me.

I couldn’t move.

Thankfully, the train stopped a few feet away from me. The engineer got off the train to check to see if I was okay.

I was okay. I looked down at the ball field and the game had stopped and everyone was looking at me.


I remember feeling relieved but very embarrassed. I never wanted the spotlight and there it was shining on me, simply because I was not paying attention to what I was doing. I had been too distracted by boys and friends and baseball. I was very lucky I was not killed.

Is that how Obama slipped into the White House?

Were Americans so busy with their lives that they only heard Obama’s message of Hope and Change subliminally? Could it be possible that working Americans, distracted with their busy lives and jobs depended on the news media to inform them about the Senator from Illinois and when nothing surfaced that made them change their minds the nations’ electorate made the easier choice, the media approved selection. That way, 52% of America’s voters could do something historical, and popular and feel good about themselves, thereby ignoring the rumble in the distance.

Many of us were alarmed by the man who revealed nothing about himself during the Presidential campaign and we tried to warn America, but to no avail.

I’m no longer a teenager and I react when I see danger coming my way so I will just say it like this:

America, a train has been blazing down the track against all things American’s treasure since January 20th, 2009. The engineer is Barack Obama, the conductors: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Will Americans keep standing on the track looking transfixed at the light or will they get off the track and do what they can to derail the devastation that has been wrought on our economy, our national security, and our standing in the world?

I’ve been hearing the rumble underfoot for months now.