Matt in New York City. He called this photo, “The Sky is the Limit.”

My nephew Matt died on Tuesday and we are completely devastated and don’t know what happened. We are still waiting on the medical report. He was never physically strong having been born with muscles that never developed so he was very slim. But other than that he was energetic, optimistic and joyful. Wonderful. If I ever can type a sentence without breaking down I will write about him.

This young man was a Florida State grad and working with his dad in their real estate and building corporation. He was living in an apartment jointly owned by him and his dad and recently had his life threatened by some residents he had to evict. He was concerned enough about it to come over and talk to my husband about it and they talked about getting him a gun but didn’t get around to it. We just don’t know what happened.

By the way the Northwest Arkansas Times got three important facts wrong in the article I linked. Matt was 26 years old, not 25. He was found by his own father on Wednesday morning not by an acquaintance on Thursday. The paper has been contacted and said that they got the news off of the police dispatch and are going to make corrections. It may seem minor but the facts are facts and when it comes to Matt they better get it right.

I can’t blog about anything else for now. Just don’t have the heart to do it.

UPDATE: Our hometown newspaper doesn’t do any news over the weekend but the Tallahassee, Florida online newspaper does. Matt’s obit is here. He went to Florida State University. (and was very proud to have graduated from there)