Betsy Newmark of Betsy’s Page Blog has a brilliant post about President Bush’s heroic, freedom loving ancestors. This is in response to an article in The Guardian about another ancestor of President Bush, Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke - known as Strongbow. According to the Guardian, Strongbow was a land-grabbing warlord who brought generations of grief to Ireland but I’ve been to Dublin, Ireland to Christ Church Cathedral where Strongbow is buried and he is in a place of honor. The fact that Strongbow, along with ArchBishop O’Toole in 1172 initiated the building of the Church is perhaps another strike against him according to The Guardian.

Betsy presents two other ancestors of President Bush besides Strongbow who are of heroic renown, William Marshall and Anne Hutchinson. These two people from different eras stood each in their own way for freedom and honor.

Dr. Samuel Prescott, brother of Lucy Prescott, a direct ancestor of President Bush helped Paul Revere warn the Lincoln minutemen that the British were coming. He actually finished the ride.

There are many more great ancestors in President Bush’s lineage of course, (and plenty of marauding kings) but The Guardian must seize upon the most warlike with their anti-Bush agenda.