I confess…

I have no green thumbs or even green fingers so when I came home yesterday and found these flowers were delivered to me my first reaction was why? It wasn’t my birthday, nor was it any special day in my life except the first day of Spring Break. I looked at the card and realized that they were from my daughter and son-in-law and they were sent to me “just because.”

Which is very cool. But after I opened the box and took the flowers out I wondered if they were defective in some way because they were closed tightly and showed no sign of blooming.

I found a vase, filled it with water, placed the flowers in it and set it on the table. Then I went about my rat killing. Later, last night I checked the flowers and there was still no change. They looked like slim green fingers with purple fingernails. They were still closed with no sign of opening. But they made me think of something.


I called my daughter to tell her that while the buds were pretty they might not be flowers in full. It worried me that they might have spent money on something worthless. My daughter asked me if I had cut the stems diagonally and placed the flower food in the water. No I hadn’t, I told her. But after we hung up I set about doing it and turned the light on above the flowers to see if a little light might help.


This morning when I came downstairs I discovered that one of the flowers was showing signs of development. It filled me with wonder at the magic of nature, how something seemingly defective can actually grow and thrive. It made me think of the One who cares about more than just the flowers of the field.


By this afternoon most of the flowers are starting to open up.

Which brings me to the War on Terror…

in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel and elsewhere.

We were told by the left that since there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq that President Bush lied. The left refused to believe that their favorite dictator, Saddam Hussein, could have a relationship with that Osama.

We have since been served up a whole passel of lies by the antique media including the New York Times.

Because of the insurgency in Iraq, the abuse at Abu Ghraib and a host of other real (and imagined) struggles to lift the Iraqis into freedom the left has jeered at every attempt by the newly elected Iraqi government to get up and running.

The bud’s been left with little water except that poured on by the true gardeners of freedom, the American military and by the careful clipping of the stalks by those of good will who would see a strong, healthy democracy grow in the Middle East.

The troops continue to fight for Iraq, weeding out the terrorists, homegrown and other and now, new developments are blooming out all over while other entities are withering on the vine.

Some are remembering those who were lost on the day that spurred all the heroic efforts to save civilization while others have been digging for the truth. And it’s busting out all over.

Still, the scarecrows in the media tell us don’t believe in that truth, it’s not important anyway.

And now, for some reason, even the weeds are tiring of themselves. They aren’t growing as much this season. Too much exposure to the light of the blogosphere?

UPDATE: They are blooming.

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