Cat Survives 80 Feet Fall

A family cat in South Carolina that was stuck in a tree for eight days fell 80 feet to the ground, landed on its feet and then ran away uninjured.

Owners of Piper the cat said their pet scampered up the giant tree outside their Summerville home on March 13 and all efforts to coax it down were unsuccessful.

Piper the cat made an appearance on the Fox News Channel Show Dayside with her family today and seemed fine although nervous. I’m just glad Piper’s okay.

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The late, great C.W.

When I was a kid our family cat, C.W. went up a tree and stayed there for a week because he was afraid of a tough, new cat in the neighborhood. We were able to coax him down with a can on tuna after a week of trying. We took in the new cat, Puddin and he and C.W. made a sort of peace with each other. We just didn’t feed them at the same time or in the same place.