Last night as I was preparing to go to bed I decided to leave the television on to check on the progress of the vote in Iraq. I had to sleep in the pink room because my husband is sick with a cold so I was able to sleep for a while and wake and check on the news. Before I went to sleep the election had just begun and Tony Snow was showing the President of Iraq voting but there didn’t seem to be anyone else venturing out that early in the morning in Iraq. It sort of worried me but I went to sleep. I awakened an hour later and there wasn’t much new to report and Fox News was just interviewing various people so I went back to sleep again. Around three A.M. the news seemed a bit more positive. I woke every thirty minutes after that to see the news get better and better. Then around seven A.M. I heard the report that a high number of Iraqis had defied the terror threats and gone out to vote. It is reported that 72 percent of the eligible voters voted. When will the vicious Ted Kennedy eat his despicable words?Posted by Hello