What to do? We have something on our cable box that allows us to record the shows so I did. I will stay up late to watch Lost with my daughter but already watched the American Idol results show.

I was really sorry to see Lisa Tucker leave. She smiles with her eyes and has a great voice. She really seems unaffected unlike the cloying Paris. Wish it had been Paris who was kicked off the show tonight. She is just too icky sweet for my taste and really not that great a singer. Katharine is okay but something about her irritates me too.

I like Kellie Pickler though. And the glorious Mandisa.

But one of the guys is going to win. Either Chris, Elliot, Bucky or Taylor. I know Simon thinks Bucky is just the opening act but he seems more authentic to me. He reminds me of the late Gentry Douglas, one of my dad’s best friends and the man who taught me how to play the guitar.

I’ll never forget Gentry’s version of White Lightning.

Ace will probably be the next to leave. Last night when he opened his shirt to show his scar it had to be one of the cheesiest moments ever.

This years Idol contestants are really good but it seems to me that there hasn’t been enough focus on the personalities behind the scenes.

Next week is country music week. Here are my song suggestions. I just hope the girls stay away from any and all Faith Hill songs.

Kellie Pickler ought to sing one of Barbara Mandrell’s greatest hits….like I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool, written by the girl who got me through high-school biology, Kye Fleming.

I can really identify with that song because Kye (whose real name is Rhonda Fleming) and I were both into music, both altos and both in Mixed Chorus. We drove our choral director crazy by purposely singing off-key in chorus practice just for the heck of it. Sometimes it was because we didn’t like the music selections. Rhonda’s lyrics are pretty true to her life back when we were young. Even then Rhonda’s chord progressions were amazing. So Kellie should pick something out of Barbara Mandrell’s repertoire.

Mandisa ought to sing a Loretta Lynn song. That would be such a hoot and she could do it. You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man) would be a great choice.

Katharine needs to stop singing anything that makes her sound screechy which is how she sounded last night. She needs something smoother and silkier like a Skeeter Davis song. Maybe The End of the World.

I recommend Patty Loveless and her songs to Paris. Maybe this one…….”To Have You Back Again

This is really off the wall but I think Elliot ought to sing “Detroit City” by Bobby Bare. A long time ago when my sister and I were little and just starting out we shared a stage with Bobby Bare. My sister was so little that she had to stand on a step-stool to reach the microphone and Bobby Bare made us feel better by joking with us about being short himself.

Bucky needs to show his voice range a little more than he has and I would like him to try out something by Randy Travis. Maybe…On the Other Hand.

Taylor should go the Ray Charles country route and sing Born to Lose. I think he could really belt that out.

Chris should go Garth Brooks and sing Friends in Low Places. I would love to hear his rendition of that one. Or maybe White Lightning.

And what about Ace? Maybe a Glenn Campbell classic……I’m thinking ……Galveston.

I’m looking forward to it…if the Hollywood types don’t take over and screw it up.