We were having a very quiet day today. I have a fresh cold and all the body aches that go with it. When the phone rang I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was my neighbor across the street. She said, “Laura, a woman had a wreck in front of your house and her car is on top of your mailbox.” It took a few seconds for me to understand what she meant but my husband and I took off outside and sure enough, a woman had wrecked her car and it had landed on top of our mailbox. A nice brick mailbox we had built last year when we renovated our house.


The car was sitting on the bottom part of the mailbox. The top part had been knocked across the driveway into the ditch.


The car was totaled and the brick mailbox obliterated. When we went outside there was already a crowd of neighbors and other people that had stopped their cars in order to help. Inside the car, looking dazed, was a tiny, little, white-haired, ninety-five year old woman. She told us that she thought she may have passed out. One of the women attending to her told us that she had been driving behind the lady and had witnessed her slump down in the seat. Then the car careened to the side, taking out the mailbox.


An ambulance had already been called because the airbag had deployed and the lady was complaining of chest pains. She was so sweet and apologetic. What was really sad though, was when we asked her who we should call she told us that her children live far away and she lives all alone. We learned that she was a military widow. She told us that her neighbor tends to her so we called her and she left work right away. We learned that the woman lives very close to us, in her own house, just down the hill.


At first the lady didn’t want to go to the hospital. She had just been there yesterday to get a blood transfusion because she suffers from anemia (which is probably why she fainted before the wreck) but she fainted again and the emergency workers put her on a gurney and took her to the hospital. Then the police blocked the road so the wrecker could do its work. It took forty-five minutes to get the car up and over the mailbox.

Later this evening I called the lady’s neighbor to see how she was doing. The neighbor said that even though she looks very frail she is pretty tough. The doctor reported that the chest pain was probably from the airbag deployment and that her heart seemed okay. They are keeping her overnight for observation. We now have a new friend for which to pray.