The Anchoress writes about the new CNN/USA Today poll on Hillary Clinton’s name. Apparently she polls better when using her maiden name along with her married name. In other words people still think the name Clinton stinks. The Anchoress writes as she always does, with so much profundity…..

Especially when the candidate involved is married to someone who once polled where they should go on vacation. Polling on the name…that’s beautiful. That’s what we want in charge, someone who won’t even tell you a name until it’s been focus-grouped and submitted for popular approval. In a serious and troubling age, we should elect that president. Al Qaeda will love that president.

Why would CNN/USA Today commission a poll on the strength of Hillary Clinton’s name, married or single? Why is it important? Why does this make me think of the old but obviously still true term, The Clinton News Network?

That’s just a weird way to run a life, a campaign, a marriage. When my husband and I got married I was asked by a few people if I was going to keep my maiden name. I guess I was living in the past back then when I was living in the past because my immediate reaction was why would I do that? I was proud of marrying my husband and glad to take his name. I still get a thrill sometimes when I am called Mrs. Donoho. I am proud of being my father’s daughter of course and my maiden name, Fletcher has a nice meaning, Arrow Maker but when I married I became Laura Lee Donoho.

But, of course, I was serious about my new role in life and except when studying the genealogical and historical aspects of my maiden name I never use it anymore. I am a Donoho. I would be whether I ever decided to run for office or not. (banish that thought)

Hillary Clinton could call herself Hillary Reagan Bush Clinton and I still wouldn’t vote for that self-centered, lying, rotten, commie, fascist, rat.

There, now I’m going to go see United 93. (for some reason I can’t enter the link to the movie site) Sissy Willis went today and has a great review.