The news media made a big deal out of Rush’s arrest yesterday. The Radio Equalizer has more on that. My question is why was Rush investigated in the first place? I think we all know why.

Rush Limbaugh quietly turned himself in yesterday for one count of doctor shopping that will be dismissed in eighteen months provided he stick with his drug therapy treatment. It’s ridiculous that he was ever pursued by the Democrat prosecutor in the first place.

What a joke. The thing is, Rush has admitted that he had an addiction to prescription painkillers and was treated for it. It’s definitely a good thing that he’s agreed to continue to “seek drug therapy treatment from the doctor who has been treating him for the past 2 1/2 years.”

So my take on the great and fantastic Rush is it is a blessing that he was pursued by a ravening Democrat prosecutor who was out to crush him because it caused Rush to confront his addiction in front of the whole world and it just may save his life. Rush has accomplished so much in his years of radio broadcasting and every day he gets better at what he does. May he be around until as the great Maha Rushi says, everyone agrees with him.