United 93 came in number two at the box office this weekend which I think is quite an achievement since there was such a concerted attempt by the MSM to dampen enthusiasm for it. I think it’s very important that this movie is well attended because unfortunately in these times there is less interest in history or reading of history books. Too many people get whatever understanding they have of history through movies.

And if that is the case United 93 needs to be the ultimate history book for the American people. It tells the story that is now somewhat dim in many people’s minds. Time has a way of lessening pain but it also softens the memory. Children who are in elementary school in some cases were toddlers and babies on September 11th, 2001 and don’t even have a memory of that day at all.

One of the arguments against the movie was that it was too soon after 911. I don’t recall hearing that contention in 2004 when Hollywood awarded an Oscar to Michael Moore for his so-called documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

United 93 should be seen by all the Americans who went on living their lives in the days after 911 soothed by the knowledge that there’ve been no more attacks on our soil. Even though that is true it unfortunately doesn’t lessen the danger for any of us. The jihadists still hate us and want us dead and they now have allies in the Cindy Sheehans of our own country.